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The Price Of Loyalty - FC Business January 2011
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The Price Of Loyalty - FC Business January 2011


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Football Fans Census survey findings published in the January 2011 edition of FC Business Magazine.

Football Fans Census survey findings published in the January 2011 edition of FC Business Magazine.

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  • 1. Research 73The Price of Loyalty BY JON BUSKP rinciples are only principles if they cost you money, so the saying goes. If this is true, then footballfans are indeed men of principle,according a nationwide survey of 1. If you had to pick one from the following options - what is (what do you think would be) your biggest motivation for buying a season-ticket? Price 27%supporters. Teams performance 10%The survey, conducted by the Football Fans Ease of payment (e.g. monthly payments) 4%Census amongst over one thousands fans up Security of always having a seat 21%and down the league pyramid paints a Loyalty 38%revealing picture of the match-going supporter.The bedrock of any club, this merry band of foot 2. Of the following options, which one do you think would be thesoldiers is defined first and foremost, by their best way to increase the level of attendances at your clubs games?loyalty. Asked if they would still go with the Price, make it cheaper 51%same regularity if their club was relegated, 60% Improve the quality of football 32%of those polled said they would. Everyone hasthere price though and a further 35% said they Make the atmosphere better, so its an exciting place to be 10%would keep going depending on the price. Only Make the stadia facilities better 7%2% said they would definitely decrease theirattendance in the event of relegation, and the 3. If your club was relegated this season (or in future seasons),figures will be a fillip for football clubs in these would you still go and watch with the same regularity the followingstraightened times. season in a lower division?As Tim Gentles, MD of the Football Fans Yes, irrelevant of price 60%Census, observes, "Our professional leagues Yes, depending on price 35%are amongst the most watched in the world, No, irrelevant of price 2%and the foundation of this is clearly loyal Dont know 3%support. Come rain or shine, for good or worse,deserting a club when the chips are down is notan option for the vast majority of the payingpublic." 1.Unsurprisingly, loyalty and price were again the 2.main drivers of season ticket purchases,according to the survey. Asked to pick theirbiggest motivation for buying a season ticket,38% of fans in the poll picked the option ofloyalty, while 27% picked price.Only 10% actually picked the teamsperformance - on the face of it a staggeringlylow statistic, this side of a Hereford Seasonticket holder. Gentles is more reflective however"if you think about it, of the 92 clubs in theEnglish leagues, not much more than 10% will 3.go up or finish champions, so fans are clearlyrealistic about the importance of success as adriver to purchase."Rather than success then, it seems that thequality of entertainment on the pitch is closer tothe heart of a terrace regular. Asked to pickwhich factors would increase attendancefigures, 32% of fans polled said the improvingthe quality of football, topped only by price at51%.Nevertheless, in a world increasingly obsessedby fads, celebrities and transient fancies, the Football Fans Census. The Media Centre, 19 Bolsover Street, London, W1W 5NAsurvey shows that football fans are Contact: Tim Gentlesoverwhelmingly constant in their devotion to Email: tim@footballfanscensus.comclubs. Providing clubs strive to play good Phone +44 (0) 207 665 4127football on the pitch, and keep prices fair off it,it is a loyalty that seems pretty unshakable. Web