Entrepreneurs bootcamp2013


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Guide to starting a tech. company for first time entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs bootcamp2013

  1. 1. Startup Capital Ventures ©2013 Page 1Tim DickMake It Happen(Confessions Of A SerialEntrepreneur Turned VC)
  2. 2. Startup Capital Ventures ©2013 Page 2• First date...• IPO...• Global trust standard (non-profit)• Eight years too early - that recently exited!• One “controversy”• One turnaround• $300 million raised• $1.2 billion exit valuationsSerial Entrepreneur...WorldPages
  3. 3. Startup Capital Ventures ©2013 Page 3The Best Of Times...• Living the dream• Building a team you love to work with• Building a culture with values that are important to you• Doing things you never imagined...• You love your company like a child - no matter what it does...
  4. 4. Startup Capital Ventures ©2013 Page 4The Worst Of Times...• Founders often have to finance their dreams• Insanely great companies take insanely hard work...• Having to fire people• Not all companies make it =:-(• The hottest fire forges the strongest steel
  5. 5. Startup Capital Ventures ©2013 Page 5Living The Dream• Find your passion - a belief that you are doingsomething greater than just building a company ormaking money• Find ways to give back** Only OCD entrepreneurs found nonprofits...
  6. 6. Startup Capital Ventures ©2013 Page 6Being CEO!Company(No Pressure...)Competitors CustomersCEOBoard Of Directors$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Investors
  7. 7. Startup Capital Ventures ©2013 Page 7Team (Those People You Will BeWorking With 6 x 18...)• Value integrity above all else• Hire only the best people (or go without untilyou find „em)• Working with friends can be tough (rememberthe firing bit...)
  8. 8. Startup Capital Ventures ©2013 Page 8Find Your Company Mantra...• 5 words max.• Tells the world (and most importantly your team)• 1,000 songs in your pocket• Ultimate Driving Machine• Hawaii‟s Interisland Highway
  9. 9. Startup Capital Ventures ©2013 Page 9Are You Game-Changing?• Not “it‟s like X but better...”• Break barriers!• First online dating site• First white & yellow pages• First online trust & privacy standard• First online advocacy engine• Bring your car• World‟s only 2G / 3G / 4G / XG cellular amplifier• Will someone (not everyone...) love (REALLY LOVE) yourproduct?
  10. 10. Startup Capital Ventures ©2013 Page 10Do One Thing... GREAT
  11. 11. Startup Capital Ventures ©2013 Page 11Who Is Your Customer?• Is it you?• If it‟s not you...• How do you know that your customers• deeply• passionately• want your product so much• (more than any of your competitors)• they are willing to pay you more for it than it costs you to make
  12. 12. Startup Capital Ventures ©2013 Page 12Balanced Development...SecondFirstFinancingSeedFounderDevelopersCEOCore TeamFull TeamProductMarketTeamProductionFirst productPatent(s)DemonstrationConceptRepeatBuysPaidCustomersBetasitesPotentialpartnersSize/Segments
  13. 13. Startup Capital Ventures ©2013 Page 13Your Ecosystem (What‟s OutsideYour Habitrail)• It‟s hard to see the picture from inside the frame• Eugene Kleiner• Build a GREAT board for “the voice of experience” and to helpopen doors• The right law firm...• Will help you incorporate and develop governance• Will help with contracts & financing• File patents and copyrights• (Got the message?)• Get a real accountant or bookkeeper (really)• EF Hawaii
  14. 14. Startup Capital Ventures ©2013 Page 14Rules To Live By• You can only lose your integrity once: nevercompromise on finding the best partners, employees& investors• Build partnerships with all stakeholders• Resist “CEO-itis”• Have a life• Never, Never, Never Give Up• Winston Churchill (1941)
  15. 15. 15The Difference Between VisionariesAnd Dreamers......Visionaries Make It HappenTimothy Dicktdick@startupcv.comStartup Capital Ventures ©2013