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Job readiness final Job readiness final Presentation Transcript

  • “A” “B” “C2” TO JOB READINESS
  • “A” “B” “C2” TO JOB READINESS “A” = ATTITUDE “B” = BEHAVIOUR “C”= CHARACTER GROWTH “C”= CULTIVATION OF LIFE SKILLS  Self-evaluation and Goal Setting  Problem Resolving  Self Discipline  Career Management  Customer Service  Value-added Employee Contribution  Stress Management
  • “A” = ATTITUDE  Being positive or assertive is expressing one’s needs, desires and feelings in a manner that is honest, open, appropriate and direct. POSITIVE ATTITUDE Attitude can make all the difference to a successful and fulfilling career and life! Attitude breeds self-esteem and confidence! Attitude determines our approach to our careers and life! Attitude allows anyone to steer a ship but it takes a Visionary to chart the course! Attitude determines our relationship with the key to understanding people! Attitude is often the difference between success and failure! Attitude drives activity which does not always equal accomplishment! Attitude towards a task can affect a successful outcome! Attitude can turn problems into Blessings! Attitude can reward us with a Pronounced Positive Perspective! People who compromise their values compromise their goals! View slide
  • “A” = ATTITUDE People naturally follow others stronger than themselves! People see what people do! The measure of a person is what they do with their power! Stay focused with your mission and stay flexible with your methods! Remember you will Bruise before you Cruise! Never prioritise your schedule – rather schedule your priorities! Ignore previous trophies, just focus on future goals! Plan Ahead and Stay Positive:P = Predetermine course of action A = Allow time for acceptanceL = Lay out goals. H = Head into actionA = Adjust priorities. E = Expect problemsN = Notify people in your life A = Always re-visit successes D = Review progress daily View slide
  • “A” = ATTITUDE Self-motivation minus Organization = Frustration! Play to your Strengths (70%), Areas of improvement (25%), and only 5% to Areas of weaknesses! Positive people See it, Say it and Show it before they Seize it! Remain positive as this allows us to do what is right even if difficult! Positive people exhibit: Passion plus clear Vision = Focused Action! Positive people exhibit Confidence, Conviction, Connection and Compassion! Positive people see the glass as being half Full, not half Empty! What the mind of man can Conceive and Believe it can Achieve! We are as Powerful as our Thoughts allow us to be!
  • “A” = ATTITUDE HUMBLE ATTITUDE“Begins with Knowledge, moves to Understanding but results inApplication” When we remain humble we can always learn to progress anddevelop. Cure any reluctance to learn – stop Training and your Development Reverses. “Trade in your pride” and just admit you do not know everything! Remain open and ‘teachable’ as this stimulates us to grow andachieve more. Character begins at Home then goes Public. Outward Public reform begins with Inward personal renewal! Control your tongue, listen and you will control your life! Do not ‘go’ until you know – Listening always precedes Speaking! To connect with hearts – use your ears. Firstly learn it, then live it and finally, loan it!
  • “A” = ATTITUDE HUMBLE ATTITUDE Successful people remain “teachable” – But choose their counsellorswisely! “Travel on the inside first”! Success only comes after being a good follower! Only with humility can we serve others – No task is too small and wenever stop learning! “You can be robbed of your possessions, but never of your Knowledge”! “A hunger for knowledge is a pre-requisite for success”! To admit that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge!
  • “A” = ATTITUDE PASSIONATE ATTITUDE Develop a sense of Destiny, Family Responsibility and Determination to pay the price to get the job done! Touch a Heart before asking for a Hand! Passion accelerates our achievements and as it increases willpower, changes us and makes the impossible happen! The process of passion :  Perceive a need!  Possess a gift!  Parade your passion!  Pursue your passion!  Persuade others with emotion! When your Passion helps you Connect with Individuals you Gain the attention of the Crowd! Passionate people share their Hearts, Wisdom and Resources.
  • B = BEHAVIOUR ASSERTIVE/OBJECTIVE BEHAVIOUR “Assertive Behaviour Respects the Rights and Values of Others Without Sacrificing one’s own Rights in Return” A bright and promising future motivates us faster than a fond and memorable past! Testing times always precede promotion and promotion demandssacrifice! Sacrifice = we give up to get it right! The truth of our Commitment is Action! Most people need a catalyst before they do anything risky! Self-motivation comes before Mobilisation! The greater the Preparation, the easier the Motivation andachievement of your goal! Commitment separates “the doers” from “the dreamers”!
  • B = BEHAVIOUR ASSERTIVE/OBJECTIVE BEHAVIOUR People who think big include others in the mix! Vision is essential – You can’t Seize what you can’t See! People only do what you Inspect not what you Expect! People prefer to See than just to Hear – Actions speak louder than words! Objective people are not satisfied with today’s results and keep on improving! Achievers do not allow compromise to dilute their cause! Perseverance is essential to finish well! An early “fall-out” often occurs before the real battle begins! Achievers know it is easier to drift when there is economic stability! Ignore “short cuts” – everything valuable has a price! The law of legacy: Success without a successor means failure! Partnerships allow us to achieve much more! Ambitious people evaluate quickly, realise possible solutions to achieve buy-in andthen implement change! The measure of our Commitment is Action! Freedom lies in being Bold! Assertive people are Committed not just Involved. Remember eggs and bacon (The chicken was just involved but the pig was definitely committed).
  • “C” = CHARACTER CHARACTER : (Develops daily, not just in a day) C “How we deal successfully with life circumstances as we grow and develop” The Pillars of a Good Character:  Handles adversity head-on with Courage! C  Contributes much more than ‘talk’ through effective Communication!  Talent is a gift remember!  Evolves as a Choice!  Enjoys lasting success with people via Influence! I  Lasting commitment to Friends Healthy and Proven Beliefs!  Follows moral and ethical lifestyle – compliant with Truth and Regulations!  Earns Creditability!  Harbours Respect!  Earns trust through sharing risks!  Creates Consistency and Provision for others!  Depth of character determines level of Ambition and Success!  Recognised as a Solid Citizen and Provider
  • “C” = CHARACTER COURAGE Courage and Cowardice are both contagious! Without Courage it does not matter how good your intentions are! Only Courage will allow you to do what you are afraid of doing. Courage makes people uphold justice not distort it. Without Courage we are slaves to our own Insecurity and possessiveness. Courage elicits commitment. People lacking Courage will always struggle to find friends with commitment. People lacking Courage will never let go of “the familiar”. A lack of Courage will eventually sabotage your progress. Courage is required when there is something:- * To prevent * To perceive * To rescue * To portray Remember one person with Courage makes a Majority! Courage strengthens us to do what is right even when it is difficult. Courage enables us to survive a tough today knowing there is a terrifictomorrow coming! Keep your fears to yourself but share your Courage with others!
  • EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION“Communication is the Sending of a Message which is Received and Understood and which then leads to Action and Change” To connect with hearts – use your ears! Effective communicators are Effective Listeners! Only effective communication may seem silent, subtle or even absentbut still ensures completion of the task. Basic Communication Problems arise with :-  Insufficient understanding of the recipients language ability!  Differences in Educational levels cause misinterpretation of the “Message”  Distraction or noise within our environment.  Selective hearing – only what we want to hear rather than what is actually being said.  Our own self-esteem influences us to interpret the “Message” as either positive or negative.
  • EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION• How to make our Communication more Effective:-  KISS = Keep it simple with straightforward language!  Keep looking for feedback and ask yourself is the “Message” still clear!  Body Language and dress code of the other person!  Allow other person to speak before we respond!  Never judge another until you have walked in their shoes!  See the situation from their point of view!  Demonstrate willingness to understand that you appreciate that the other person’s opinion may be different from your own!  Don’t just hear, listen intently as this results in the “Message” being properly understood, correctly interpreted and appropriately acted upon!  Interpret images and tone of voice of other person as these create perceptions in the minds of other people!  Demonstrate empathy which is the ability to understand how another person feels!  Look for opportunity to encourage rather than criticise others!
  • CHOICE“There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way”•Choice supplies us with principles which:-  Direct our Decisions  Build and maintain our Character  Correct our Lifestyles  Gives us the guidelines to guard and gauge the real Progress of our lives • Success is a matter of Choice. • Success means the reaching of pre-set Goals. So start the journey! • Sound planning counts the cost and then determines the Direction!
  • INFLUENCE• Effective Influence is coupled with Competence, Character, and Communication!• Only when we develop and share Respect with others can we win their fierce loyalty!• Beneficial Influence flows when people are not manipulated forpersonal gain, but are motivated for mutual advantage!• Influential people provide “Handles” for others to grab hold of their Plan/vision!• Determines the Direction!
  • RELATIONSHIPS AND CONNECTIVITY •“To get ahead, put others first as the people around us willmake or break us” •“When you connect with an Individual you gain the Attention of the Crowd” •A Relationship that is not based on open, honest, appropriate, and direct communication lacks trust and commitment! •Relationships are about sharing: * Hard things * Easy things * Urgent things * Fun things •People will like and co-operate with us to the extent they find us likeable and trustworthy!
  • RELATIONSHIPS AND CONNECTIVITY • Pre-requisites to Building Sound Relationships :-  Take Initiative  Acknowledgement  Quick wit  Selfless Attitude  Emotional security  Understanding Problems  Eternal Perspective  Generous Spirit  Genuine Humility  Coping with Difficult people  Kind Infirmity  Forthright Approach  Personal responsibility  Demand Accountability  Timeous  Patience and Perseverance  Honesty• Objects of Sound Interpersonal Skills:-  What type of person are we?  What kind of person do we interact with?  Can we predict the likely behaviour of others and adapt?  Can we develop the flexibility to deal with others more effectively
  • RELATIONSHIPS AND CONNECTIVITY• By finding the good within people we will be rewarded by them behaving more positively toward us!• “Behaviour breeds Behaviour” – Have you checked that youyourself are not aggressive, hostile, unfriendly, unkind and rude!• An understanding of People is much more important to Success than an understanding of things!• Sound Interpersonal skills begin with the Ability to Read people and change our behaviour in such a way as to get the most out of others!
  • TRUST “Trust does not arrive overnight”• Trust involves taking a risk:-  R = Responsibility and sense to step out  I = Initiative to act when no one goes before  S = Sacrifices must be made to make things work/happen  K = Knowledge is possessing enough information to accept and trust a decision.• Integrity occurs when Words and Actions match!
  • CREDIBILITY• “Never bought, must be earned – Foundation must be Integrity, Trust and Justice”• Credibility arrives when somebody else lends you some of theirs• Can only be earned from the life you live and the example you lead.• Credibility is associated with people who get the job done.• Can be a fore-runner to Total Trust.• Normally gained from being Calm, Confident, Competent, Clear andwith no Compromise!• Person plus Hypocrisy = Person minus Credibility!• Honesty is not what people see on the Outside, it begins on the Inside!
  • RESPECT“People naturally follow people stronger than themselves!”• Respect is only earned over a period of time:  R = Respect yourself 1st plus those you work with!  E = Exceed the expectations of others!  S = Stand firm on your convictions!  P = Possess Seasoned Peace and Maturity!  E = Experience of Past Personal success and achievement!  C = Contribute to the success of others!  T = Think and anticipate ahead of the needs of others.!
  • RESPECT• Respectful Behaviour involves:-  Building Trust  Taking Initiatives  Acquiring Sound Judgement  Speaking with Authority and Credibility  Being Optimistic and Confident  Giving Encouragement  Being Honest  Not Compromising on Absolutes  Remaining Focused  Leading by Example  Ultimately Succeeding “Respect encourages Understanding and Empathy without which it is not possible to Communicate Adequately.”
  • GENEROSITY - PROVIDER“To empower others with Security, Identity and Empathy together with a Strong Sense of Purpose and Perspective”• Essentials :-  P = Purposeful To add value to others  R = Relational With warmth to sustain relationships  O = Objective In assessment of strengths / weaknesses  V = Vulnerable By being honest and open  I = Identifiable Example of what they teach  D = Dependable Consistent and keep promises  E = Empowering To facilitate growth in others  R = Resourceful Use every tool to grow people• Providers Develop others instead of Destroying them by publicly confirming and acknowledging others.• “If Colleagues give their Perspiration - Genuine Friends give theirInspiration” A Candle loses nothing by Lighting another!
  • GOAL SETTING“What is the use of running when you are on the wrong road?”“What is the use of running when you are going the wrong way?”• Successful people have goals in writing with completion deadlinesensuring change and achievement!• We need to clearly understand that we get what we set goals!• Anything the mind can Conceive and Believe you can Achieve!• These 4 Goals must be Specific, Visible and Measurable. Health, Career, Family and Spiritual – but in balance!• Motivate ourselves and move toward Action!• “We should all be concerned about the Future because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there”
  • STRESS LEVEL MANAGEMENT “Do not put off until tomorrow what can be enjoyed today”• Stress can be any event that puts a demand on your system thatcauses severe mental/physical changes:- * Cost of Living * No Relaxation * Crime & Violence * Parenting• Stress leaves us unable to cope with any Crisis due to Pressure,Chaos, Tension, exhaustion, illness and a low Self-Esteem!• Balance your lifestyle – Stress at home will affect your Performance at Work, Absenteeism, Conflict and Negative Criticism!• A person with a Positive Attitude can turn stress into Promotion, Friendship, Progress, Achievement and Beneficial Relationships!• Stress will eventually cause Burnout which is a condition wherethere is an Imbalance between Effort and Performance. We denythese signs of Fatigue and Exhaustion!
  • SELF- DESCIPLINE (Travel on the Inside first)• “Discipline is the Soul of an Army. It makes numbers Formidable, Procures Success to the Work and Esteem to All”!• People are demanding – Instant Coffee! Instant Soup and InstantGratification, but are seldom prepared to put in the work to achieve the desiredresult. Self-discipline puts off Instant Gratification and waits for what isReally Important!• Self-discipline is to teach and mould ourselves by constantly learningNew and Better ways of Coping with situations to Achieve better Results!• Develop and follow your Priorities, Core Values and Beliefs!• Adopt a Disciplined Lifestyle as a goal (Not a 1 time event), by nurturingRoutines and Systems which are crucial to your own long-term Growth andSuccess!• Challenge you Successes – These could be Barriers to future Success!• Remove Rewards until you Finish the Job. Be a Worker not a Shirker!• Stay Focused on Goals – As this helps remove difficulties and substitutesencouragement!
  • SELF- DISCIPLINE• Self-discipline is the ability to do what you know you should – Manage our time by Managing our Behaviours!• A waste of time is doing something Less important when you could be doing something More important!• We need to substitute old thoughts and habits and pay theprice to create our own luck and Pro-actively Chase Success!• Are you being controlled by others or have you taken charge of your own life?
  • SELF- DISCIPLINE• Steps to Achieve Self-discipline:-  What do we want to Achieve?  Set Priorities and Deadlines to Achieve Purpose!  What can distract us from the job?  Time span when this activity must be completed?  Break job into segments!  Start and focus the full force of your creative input!  Intellectual and Emotional Power on a problem/opportunity!“Disciplined people remain focused, a forest of chocolate bars is ignoredas they keep focused on pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”
  • PROBLEM SOLVING• Problem Solving: Healthy Confrontation and Resolution!• Do not let emotion lead – wait until you can be objective!• Conflict can intensify if we focus on personalities as opposed to the problem!• Initiate the contact after contemplation!• Begin with Affirmation – Encourage first and receive permission to talkopenly!• Admit you have a problem. Don’t say it’s the other person’s problem!• Bring up the issue and explain you don’t understand and wish just toclarify!• Let the person respond from his or her angle and point of view!• Narrow the focus- Identify and prioritise differences one at a time!• Self-forgiveness and apologise if needed!• Compromise on opinions not on principles – “Stand for something or you willfall for anything”!• Affirm conclusion and be optimistic with closure and remedy!• Problem resolving is a decisive catalyst for change!• With conflict learn to act decisively!
  • PERSONAL GROWTH “Success is not a destination, but a continual process”•Change is the first step towards growth!•Growth Requires the following:-  Building = Utilise past success example that worked  Accountability = Growth accelerates when someone is watching  Gratitude = Acknowledge input  Stretching = Reach out of comfort Zones.  Application = Solidifies when you practice what you know.  Focus = No distraction or drifting  Understand = Comprehend before moving on.  Labour = Work at your goals.  Learning = Knowledge is acquired – we are never too old.  Self-discipline = Battle starts in the mind. “Never pay the price twice for the same mistake, but growth means you will make mistakes but you must learn from each one of them.”
  • PERSONAL GROWTH• Make yourself the Example not the Exception!• A person’s real growth potential will be accelerated by those closest tothem. Influences = Attractions Intuitive = Trusting Instincts Networking = Circle of friends Responsible = Ball Carrier Nurturing = Caring Competent = Excellent persuasive Empowering = Sharing Loyal = Trustworthy Resourceful = Adding Value Energetic = Tenacity & Focus• People tend to be promoted until they reach their level of Incompetenceunless they seek/demand additional and appropriate training to continuallydevelop! Conclusion: We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; but the real tragedy of life is when adults are afraid of the light.
  • DISCERNMENT• Read the people then act having eliminated personal agendas, true motives and priorities!• Discernment goes deeper than knowledge, resembling intuition at times, a gift and at other times resulting from much painfulexperience!• Discernment always precedes decisions – analysis always precedes action. Upholds justice and does not distort it!• Discernment brings a profound perception of what is occurring on the outside or the inside of a person!• Discernment breeds through crisis management, adversity andsometimes there can be no compromise!• Sound discernment will always be driven by values and not public opinion!• “Wisdom is not limited to evaluation of other’s behaviour - that’s judgement”