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Mobilising Brands Properly! - PREZENCE DIGITAL
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Mobilising Brands Properly! - PREZENCE DIGITAL



In a landrush to go mobi... It is essential Brands and publishers are aware of the challenges and the very different approach they must take to mobilise their brands properly within Africa. We look at ...

In a landrush to go mobi... It is essential Brands and publishers are aware of the challenges and the very different approach they must take to mobilise their brands properly within Africa. We look at who is doing it well and who could do better.

The Prezence Digital approach addresses our extensive technology built for handset adaptation as well as the most important elements of mobie design - User Experience and the Context of the mobile user (Context before Content).

Prezence Digital - Mobile for the (African) masses!



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  • Click to call marketing is huge and accountable... Google are expanding it, and have recently added it to their content network. In South Africa, this translates into opportunities... ....MASSIVE ones! Currently mobile is cheap...

Mobilising Brands Properly! - PREZENCE DIGITAL Mobilising Brands Properly! - PREZENCE DIGITAL Presentation Transcript

  • timprezence Tim Bishop tim@prezence.co.za
  • Only a 2 million cross-over = 10 million more people 12 million on mobile web 6 million on desktop web
  • has spoken! ...the numbers say it all
  • 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 Weekdays Weekend Mobile Search Web Search 60% of all Google Searches are done from a mobile device during the weekend in South Africa! Mobile Search - rapid growth in SA mobile 25% mobile desktopdesktop 60%
  • So who are these mobile web users in SA?
  • 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% LSM 1 -3 LSM 4 LSM 5 LSM 6 LSM 7 LSM 8 LSM 9 LSM 10 * Source Admob July 2010 South African Mobile Web users LSM LSM 6 Black mid 20’s, Slight Male skew
  • What exactly is a ‘Mobi’ device anyway?
  • 6000+ of these things! A non-desktop device, that due to its size and context of use, needs to be treated differently
  • Mobi building is complex It is not the same as web!
  • Bliss! - The luxury of web design! Lots of space, a few browsers and easy input controls
  • F*%k - The problems of mobi design No space, 6000 devices(more variants) crude input controls
  • The first considerations (especially in SA) Speed and cost
  • CONSIDERATIONS CONNECTION SPEED A variety of connection speeds, handset capabilities and network coverage issues. 3G users could also be out of range! OPTIMISE MOBI TO THE MAX! Maximum mobi page target size of 35 Kilobytes 15 secs 6 secs 3 secs >2 secs +
  • CONSIDERATIONS DATA COSTS A Pay as You Go society in SA means your mobi site costs users VERY VISIBLE Rands and Cents R2.00 per Mb for most Pay as You Go customers Lower rates are available for bundles or contract customers Only deliver the content they need or ask for!
  • Size, length and width IS important!
  • No really.... with mobile size IS important!
  • Unlike web: One size does not fit all! If you build your mobi to cater for small phones... Samsung E250 - 128 pixels wide
  • One size does not fit all! It is unusable on larger ones! Blackberry 9000 - 480 pixels wide ? ?
  • One size does not fit all! If you build for larger phones... Blackberry 9000 - 480 pixels wide
  • One size does not fit all! It will be very difficult to use on the smaller ones! Samsung E250 - 128 pixels wide Wow! I can see a cloud!
  • If you design for the average sized phone... One size does not fit all! LG K360 - 240 pixels wide
  • One size does not fit all! It won’t be an ideal experience for anyone else!
  • One very important thing that is always overlooked
  • TOUCH The rules change yet again... Fingers are not matchsticks So leave room!
  • TOUCH What to give your users... Menu space clickable areas large buttons more links
  • There are many challenges when building for mobile
  • So many devices So many screen sizes So many browser types So many file formats So many device manufacturers So many connection speeds So many platforms and op systems Touch or cursor inputs... So much to deal with before we even start considering the design!
  • Mobilising the masses... We start with technology
  • 6000+ different devices = HCA Handset Content Adaptation 6000 mobi sites
  • Some real world examples Who could do better?
  • Real world examples supersport.mobi No device resizing (HCA) No touch provision 44kb No images 8.6c 44kb No images 8.6c
  • Real world examples mweb.mobi No device resizing (HCA) Only for larger phones 101kb 20c 101kb 20c
  • Real world examples 24.mobi Limited device resizing No touch space 25kb 4.9c 34kb 6.8c
  • Real world examples Device resizing No touch space 24kb No images 4.7c 19kb 3.7c m.iol.co.za
  • Real world examples ewn.mobi 14kb With images 2.7c 24kb With images 4.7c Device resizing (Full HCA) Touch provision
  • Real world examples timeslive.mobi 27kb With images 5.4c 52.2kb With images 10.4c Device resizing (HCA) No touch space
  • Real world examples Device resizing Touch provision entertainmentafrica.mobi 29kb With images 5.6c 19kb With images 3.7c
  • So, to mobilise properly... Let the tech do some work
  • Handset downscale and upscaling Perfect rendering to all handsets Touch aware and layout adaption Dynamic image resizing/optimising Handles compatible file delivery HCA
  • Deliver perfect experiences ...regardless of handset
  • Multimedia VIDEO Easy, small and low quality... NO! The ideal experience SK (2) We are encoding 20 variants per trailer for perfect experience!
  • Future proofing with HCA NEW Blackberry TOUCH NEW Samsung WAVE NEW ANYTHING!
  • So that’s some technology ...what else is there?
  • Consider your user... Always design for the lowest common denominator and enhance upwards for the most content hungry users Consider those who have limited mobile experience - education Consider those who have lower literacy capabilities - intuitive Consider those who want the basic information – FAST - snack Consider those who are experts and want everything - expand everyone!
  • (Content) CONTEXT is KING They may be on the loo!
  • ‘MOBILE’ also describes the user... A MOBILE user’s circumstances and situation vary. Content becomes less relevant if we ignore the CONTEXT of the viewer!
  • CONTEXT first: then relevant content • Browsing one handed (coffee) • In a queue and wants to jump it • On the loo with time to kill • Lost and needing fast directions • Needs traffic / weather info • Product research and comparison • Want to engage with your brand • WANT TO SOCIALISE AND CHAT! CONSIDER WHERE AND WHY!
  • Mobile design approach... ...its a little cramped!
  • Mobi design = organising a tiny desk Place the most important things close by and work outwards
  • User’s need FAST snacky info + Nav Remember CONTEXT - Make it OBVIOUS AND EASY...
  • Make a click meaningful ...use Action Areas
  • Where am I? I am sure I just clicked! Build information ‘above the fold’ to make sure the user knows where they are... Show change to the user in ‘Action Areas’ (Visible Screen) No obvious change Cursor Nightmare! Top menus Each click shows a clear change on each page refresh
  • Enhancing upwards... unlock device capabilities For the minorities (but future majorities)
  • Enriched functions & UX for handsets Optimise video & rich content for enhanced handsets Custom mobi interfacesGPS integration for mapping and geo-location Mobi can access advanced handset features such as geo-location for mapping and geo-targeted content. Custom mobi interfaces can be aimed at handsets
  • Easy mobi publishing... Use a single cms platform
  • Single content upload.. Multiple automated deployments Sterkinekor.com mobile.Sterkinekor.com
  • Computicket.mobi launching in October 2010 Computicket.com Computicket.mobi
  • Poor student to flush student.. ...in 10 minutes! Mystudentloan. standardbank.co.za
  • • Mobile can be beautiful! • Fully integrated into Predator web publishing CMS system • Customised CMS modules to expand mobi capabilities • Phased approach to full deployment • User generated imagery • Competition management • UGC ENGINE Seventeen.mobi
  • • Fully integrated into existing CMS system • Video management • Content feed aggregation • User generated feedback • Premium content integration • User comments engine • Multimedia downloads • SMS alert system EWN.mobi Eye Witness News
  • EntertainmentAfrica.mobi EntertainmentAfrica.com
  • EMI.co.za • Dual Web / Mobile deployment • Fully integrated into customised publishing CMS system • Multimedia management • Content feed aggregation • Buy-Now outbound links • Genre / label based search • Category sorting and listing • Competition management
  • Mobi is a brand touchpoint It should look the part!
  • Mobi should leave a great impression When built properly, your mobi site will be a perfect brand ambassador
  • So why are great brands getting it so wrong?
  • CocoPops did everything right.... Does this mobisite do a great brand (targeting kids) justice? WHY NOT? except the mobisite! Great engagement opportunity lost?
  • Personalisation helps UX Know who your users are!
  • If you know who is visiting.... Pre-select favourite cinema, regions, events or genres to make UX better! You can personalise!MSISDN + PROFILING
  • Application v Mobi? In Africa – spend carefully!
  • Don’t believe the hype... South Africa is very different! App v Mobi - We are not the US! US DATA – NOT SA DATA Less important
  • Think of the SA market... only 100k iPhones in SA! (20% active app users = 20,000 + 27 iPads!)
  • 39.8% 29.9% 7.7% 5.9% 4.6% 3.0% 2.0% 0.9% 0.8% 0.4% 0.0% 5.0% 10.0% 15.0% 20.0% 25.0% 30.0% 35.0% 40.0% 45.0% Nokia Samsung SonyEricsson LG RIM Motorola Apple HTC Openwave MAUI * Source Admob July 2010 South African handset penetration Smartfone = 6% Samsung 29.9% Nokia 39.8%
  • 20 Million Nokia handsets in SA.... 100+ Devices
  • NOKIA Ovi – EntertainmentAfrica.com
  • (Social) power to the people! Giving the nation a voice
  • 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 page views per unique browser page views per session Power of social interaction: Stickiness
  • Getting it right in Africa: That’s AYOBA Context Content UGC Voting polls Commentary Sticky Social “Is the Tswana Derby better to watch than the Soweto derby these days?”
  • • My profile • My inbox • My friends • My wall • My albums • My picture • My photos The language of Africa: That’s AYOBA
  • Location location location Proximity brings relevance (Where I am and where my friends are is important)
  • Location based social – network + hardware Mobile social networks can add more relevance by using location as hooks. Find and interact with friends while skiing!Augmented reality location SM apps
  • Grow a social network... Just add water $50!
  • Mobile Social Media in a box: Motribe “When you can’t always speak to your brand fans... Let them speak to each other!”
  • Mobile Social Media in a box: Motribe “Gather your brand fans together to engage with you and socialise with each other!”
  • and perform beautifully regardless of the device Your mobi must be a great user and brand experience
  • Be relevant and give users a reason to come back You must focus on ‘context’ before considering content
  • Mobilise properly... Just making it smaller is not enough!
  • timprezence Tim Bishop tim@prezence.co.za