#MWA2011 Mobile - its really important you get it right! We do! Be a MobileSlut not a MobiDicks


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#MWA2011 Mobile - its really important you get it right! We do! Be a MobileSlut not a MobiDicks

  1. 1. Which  one  are  you?   or   Tim  Bishop   @"mprezence  
  2. 2. The  mobile  user...  meet  him!   (or  her)   On  the  move,  demanding,  always  on,  mul8-­‐tasker,  mul8-­‐persona,  he  is  the  same  as  you!  (assume  nothing...  he  may  also  have  a  crap  phone)   @"mprezence  
  3. 3. He  booked  for  Coldplay  with  his  mobile  and  took  it  with  him  (along  with  50,000  others!)  ...always  with  him,  always  on  and  does  everything   @"mprezence  
  4. 4. Your  Target  Audience?   Everyone!   Consider  those  who  have  limited  mobile  experience  -­‐  educa"on   Consider  those  who  have  lower  literacy  capabili"es  -­‐  intui"ve   Consider  those  who  want  the  basic  informa"on  –  FAST  -­‐  snack   Consider  those  who  are  demanding  and  want  loads  -­‐  expand   @"mprezence  
  5. 5. Remember context? I’m mobile! •   Browsing  one  handed  (coffee)   •   In  a  queue  and  wants  to  jump  it   •   On  the  loo  with  "me  to  kill   •   Lost  and  needing  fast  direc"ons   •   Want  to  find  cool  stuff  near  me   •   Product  research  and  comparison   •   Want  to  engage  with  your  brand     •   WANT  TO  SHARE  AND  TALK!      CONSIDER  WHERE  AND  WHY!   @"mprezence  
  6. 6. User  Mobile  Experience   Just  a  few  8ps     (and  a  couple  of  rants)     (Oh  no,  here  he  goes  again!)   6 @"mprezence  
  7. 7. TOUCH  :  Us  posh  people  have  fingers  Fingers  are  not  matchs8cks  So  leave  room!   @"mprezence  
  8. 8. Where  am  I?  I  am  sure  I  just  clicked!   Build  informa8on    ‘above  the  fold’  to  make  sure  the  user  knows  where   they  are...    Show  change  to  the  user  in  ‘Ac8on  Areas’  (Visible  Screen)   Top  menus   No  obvious  change   Each  click  shows  a  clear  change  on  each  page  refresh   Cursor  Nightmare!  @"mprezence  
  9. 9. If  you  know  what  makes  me  8ck...   MSISDN + PROFILING You  can  personalise   USSD and  be  RELEVANT   XXXXX  MOBi:   Hi  Subusiso   Select  Op"ons   Hi  Subusiso   SMS 1  –  Register   The  latest  XXX   2  –  News  Alerts   newsleXer  is   3  –  Compe""ons   Out!  Click  HERE   4  –  Refer  Friend   -­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐ or  reply  and   Reply   you  could  win  a   R500  voucher   @"mprezence  
  10. 10. Ease  of  Use?  Apps  should  be  good!  Dear  customer,  here  is  an  iPhone  app  for  the  chosen  few,  the  other  10m  of  you  can  F&^%  off  and  buy  a  computer!   Illegible  text  for  cri8cal  info  that  I  really  need  to  know  even  on   one    of  the  easiest  pla[orms  to  develop  and  design  on!     No  common  usability  /  flow   (some  clickable  some  not)     Too  many  clicks  to  get  where   I  need  to  go  (up  to  5)     Core  func8onality  links  to   website  –  No  MOBi!..  WTF!!     Why  do  premium  SA  brands   think  this  is  acceptable?     SA  is  a  mobile  leader.  Really?  @"mprezence    
  11. 11. Mobi  should  not  look  crap....   Who  is  this  aimed  at?   Would  they  treat  print  ads  like  this?   Dear  CocoPops,  If  you  don’t  care   about  your  brand,  why  should  I?  @"mprezence  
  12. 12. Usefulness....?  Why bother?     Check-­‐in  process  –  That  looks  promising!   Paperless  Ticket  –  to  my  mobile?  NOPE!   Change  my  booking  -­‐  I  am  late  dammit!   WEATHER?     I’m  mobile...     I  can  LOOK  UP!  @"mprezence  
  13. 13. Great  brands...  Lazy  or  misinformed?   VALIDATION?     WHY?    (tell  me  1st)   NOT  MORE...   IDs  are  tricky  to  type   My  rules  not  yours   Crappy  apps!   @"mprezence  
  14. 14. What  do  people  (you)  need?   It’s  not  rocket  science!     RELEVANCE To  my  life,  where  I  am,  who  I  am  and  what  I  might  want  to  do   EASE OF USE I  am  a  normal  human,  don’t  be  a  smartarse  and  over-­‐complicate  things   USEFULNESS Give  me  something  I  want  to  use  and  that  will  add  value  to  my  life   ACCESSIBILITY I  want  to  use  it  when  it  suits  me  from  any  device  I  choose,  24/7     But  you  also  need  to  know  what  they  are  using!   14 @"mprezence  
  15. 15. REALITY:  Who  is  buying  what  in  SA   47%   17%   14%   13%  OTHER  OTHER  OTHER  OTHER  OTHER  OTHER  OTHER  OTHER   8%   Less  than  1%   All  Device  Types  (June  11)   @"mprezence  
  16. 16. Who  owns  what  in  SA?    45,0%   SMARTPHONE    40,0%   39,8%    12%  (5  million)      35,0%       29,9%  30,0%        25,0%    20,0%   Samsung  29.9%   Blackberry   represents  half  of     Nokia    3  9.8%          5m  E250s!!!!                                            15,0%   all  SmartPhones     5m  Nokia  M.E   (+-­‐  2.5m)  10,0%   7,7%   5,9%   4,6%   5,0%   3,0%   2,0%   0,9%   0,8%   0,4%   0,0%   Nokia   Samsung   SonyEricsson   LG   RIM   Motorola   Apple   HTC   Openwave   MAUI   * Source Admob July 2010 @"mprezence  
  17. 17. So  why  are  brands  always   thinking  Smart-­‐Apps  first?     SA  is  a  Mobi  First  country   (unless  you  want  to  make  Angry  Birds)     Here  are  10  things  you  may  not  have  realised  about  Mobi…   17 @"mprezence  
  18. 18. Mobi reaches the masses -14m now! (33m) Featurephones, SmartPhones and Tablets… Android, Symbian, iOs, BB, WM… we don’t care… Mobi services them all!14m+ (33m capable) 5m (+23m similar) 300k 2.5m 50k tablets @timprezence  
  19. 19. Spread the message easily, find it easilyONE URL - One message!TV, radio, print, QR, SMS,NFC, Outdoor and…Google finds and indexes! Visit our SMS mobisite at http:// sterkineko r.mobiPromote your‘Apps’ from your mobi site 19 @timprezence
  20. 20. Instant Gratification – get there in seconds Instantly available everywhere Engagement to action is seamless Mobi is always on… for all! @timprezence
  21. 21. Seamless Customer Experience Instant upgrades and evolution 5 minutes ago 4 minutes ago No pissing about with upgrades and downloads, it’s instant! @timprezence
  22. 22. Share-ability and Communities Sharing is about everyone being able to see it True communities and ‘Word of Click’ should involve everyone. Mobi is for everyone to share @timprezence
  23. 23. Time and Cost to Market – Much better!One central deployment and infrastructure (5 for SmartPhones)Apps can be built on top of core mobi services laterLess cost, short time to market & infinitely scalable @timprezence
  24. 24. Longevity: Mobi is available 24/7 - Forever 20% of apps used next day with average shelf life of 30 days. Would you ever reinstall it? Mobi is there when you need it from any device you need it from… 24 /7. …and mobi can also have a launch icon on the user’s device just like an app! @timprezence
  25. 25. People prefer shopping on Mobi (KeyNote systems for Adobe) What Users want from Finance, Travel and Shopping Strong bias toward mobi for BROWSING PREFERENCE every mobile shopping task from researching and comparing a product, to price info, rating or sharing socially and subsequently purchasing that product, checking order status and locating the store. Mobile shoppers would rather fire up a browser than an app. 73% of consumers have researched big-ticket items prior to purchase (Source: That lovely lady from Mr Price yesterday;) MOBI APPS Mobi = 67.25 Apps = 32.75 25 @timprezence
  26. 26. I get 100% of revenue from Mobi (not 70%) And I can transact using any method I like on 97% of phones - Credit card - Debit card - Loyalty points - MiMoney - Vouchers - PRSMS @timprezence
  27. 27. Mobi can look and perform just like Apps Hardware GPS .. and you don’t need HTML5 to do it!REASON 10 Accelerometer Camera (Android) Touch & Swipe Mapping Image upload Pinch and Zoom Dynamic content HD Video Mobi  mini  >  Enhanced  Mobi  >  Smart  Mobi  >  HTML5   27 @timprezence
  28. 28. Don’t  just  think  customer!  Think  Staff!   Air"me  rewards   Sales  submission   SMS  Confirma"ons   and  instant  giveaways   @"mprezence  
  29. 29. Apps  are  very  cool  and  we  ILOVEAPPS love  them  too,  but....   do  it  for  the  right,  properly   researched  reasons!     (and  of  course  aoer  mobi,   and  in  the  right  OS  order)   @"mprezence  
  30. 30. SA  SmartPhone  OS  monthly  sales   63%     25%   6%   June  2011   4%   @"mprezence  
  31. 31. Mass  Market  (penetra8on)   Nokia Ovi Blackberry Android iPhone   iPad  /  Tablet   Windows  Mobile   @"mprezence  
  32. 32. Finally....  USSDROCKS Mobilising  the  Masses...   cover  all  the  bases:  USSD   “Half  of  the  phones  we  sell  only  do  SMS  &  USSD”     (Source:  The  nice  bloke  sat  next  to  the  other  nice  bloke  from  PEP  yesterday)   @"mprezence  
  33. 33. USSD  Solu8on:  The  poor  man’s  mobi  Opportunity  to  engage  50m  people   ‘WE  COVER  YOU’  INSURANCE   In  case  you  do  something  silly!   1  Motor   2  Business   3  Funeral   *120*807*2# - 4  Specialist   or dedicated USSD 5  Insurance  For  Women   6  Life     7  Guaranteed  Investments     Reply?  3  Browsable  menu  of  ALL  products,  CRM,  Call  Me  backs,  air8me  top-­‐up,  compe88ons,  informa8on   @"mprezence  
  34. 34. USSD  Solu8on:  Info  and  interac8on   FUNERAL  &  DEATH  INSURANCE   FUNERAL  INSURANCE   -­‐  Just  in  case  you  drop  dead!!!   -­‐   Let  someone  else  dig  your       hole  -­‐  not  your  family!   1.  Funeral  Insurance     2.  Grocery  Assistance  Plan   1.  CALL  ME  BACK   3.  Other  Funeral  Benefits       2.  More  About  This  Product   4.  All  Other  Insurance   3.  Other  Funeral  Insurance     4.  All  Other  Insurance   Reply?  1     Reply?  2   *120*807*2*3# *120*807*2*3*1# or dedicated USSD or dedicated USSDBrowse  product  info,  transact  or  request  a  ‘call  me  back’  service  instantly  (from  anywhere  on  anything)  User  experience  is  just  as  important  here!   @"mprezence  
  35. 35. This  is  a  Mobi  first  country...  CONCLUSION    Build  outwards  from  there!   SMS,  USSD,  Mobi  or  Apps...     Play  where  customers  play                                ...but  play  nicely  ;)   @"mprezence  
  36. 36. Don’t  be  a...  Leave  that  to  me!   @"mprezence