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Designer Copywriter Portfolio

  1. 1. Hello. Click a picture to go straight to a page... I design and write marketing materials to increase sales, raise profiles and exploit new markets. BROCHURES & LEAFLETS As well as providing freelance creative services to agencies I work directly for individuals and businesses that Put your don’t require a full-service marketing company. mouth where our money is... ADVERTISING & DIRECT MAIL Think about yours or your client’s next project. Refreshing the look without changing the copy might only be telling half the story. Equally, a few well-chosen words poorly laid out can make that story dull and lifeless (and less likely to WEBSITES be read). If your design is finished or your copy complete, use me on either individually to improve results – and if you need BRANDING, IDENTITY & PACKAGING both I'll combine creative graphics with compelling copy to make your message more powerful and more persuasive. Take a look at the following pages to see how my clients CREDENTIALS & SALES PRESENTATIONS have benefited from this combined approach and how it could help you... Tim Bevin-Nicholls RETAIL, POS, EXHIBITIONS & EVENTS Email: or call: 01858 462747 / 07966 973389 PAGE 1 OF 8 next
  2. 2. BROCHURES & LEAFLETS Lassa Tyres / 2112 Marketing European product brochure and distributor support literature It’s not enough for a brochure to look great – it has to sound great too. Add to that a well-planned structure and your target audience is more likely to undestand what’s unique about your organisation and why that’s relevant for them. I can help you with: • Concept ideas • Design layouts • Copywriting • Mock-ups • Print-ready artwork • Co-ordination of photographers, Illustrators and printers • Conversion to digital formats “Tim’s answer to a brief is always rational, considered, yet creative and he’s able to apply this approach across a number of communication disciplines including copywriting, design and layout - nice to work with too!” RICHARD NICHOLSON MANAGING DIRECTOR, 2112 MARKETING LTD Updateable folder-brochure for Sloane retail equipment designers and manufacturers back PAGE 2 OF 8 next Email: or call: 01858 462747 / 07966 973389
  3. 3. ADVERTISING Learning and Skills Council & DIRECT MAIL Recruitment advertising for You haven’t got long. Put your Make the most of that split mouth where second to stop the page being turned or your letter heading for our money is... the bin. Every year the Learning and Skills Council Be clear, be direct and give the spends £93 billion helping UK businesses. audience good reasons to read further and take action... Tell us how you think it should be used - CLICK HERE Services: • Sketch concept ideas • Message development • Design and layout • Headlines, sub-copy and longer sales letters • Print and web-ready artwork Pri • Co Co-ordination of RS Components photographers, Illustrators pho Welcome pack and and publications or sales letters for new customers • Co Conversion to digital formats Eden Supermarket Shelving Systems Trade press new product launch back PAGE 3 OF 8 next Email: or call: 01858 462747 / 07966 973389
  4. 4. WEBSITES What do you want to achieve online? – without answering this question before building a website you could be wasting money. I work with a range of different web-developers and companies to deliver a site that’s suited to your needs. Some are perfect for small value-for-money brochure sites while others are geared up for e-commerce, search-engine optimisation and full content-management systems. 4G Design Consultants I make sure your marketing Visit the site: needs aren’t compromised by the technical requirements through page designs that enable intuitive navigation and encourage exploration. In addition I can supply web-copy that’s written for the Take a look at these sites too... specific demands of the screen to make your message clearer and more compelling. “Our offer can sometimes be difficult to communicate but Tim structured, designed and delivered a site that gets it across in an easy, engaging way” Deeply Clean Taylor UK RTFI RACHEL MESSAM, SALES & MARKETING DIRECTOR, 4G DESIGN E-commerce site for environmentally-friendly Catering equipment specialists Office furniture suppliers and installers cleaning products: (Copywriting only - Design by Soapbox Creative Marketing) back PAGE 4 OF 8 next Email: or call: 01858 462747 / 07966 973389
  5. 5. BRANDING, IDENTITY & PACKAGING How can you get the personality and uniqueness of your business across in a logo? How can a product or service be visually represented as effectively as possible? let me help you get across the right image, the right tone of voice and the best kind of impact • Corporate identity design • Trademarks • Branding ideas and names for companies, products and services • Key message development Business & Market Development Corporate identity design Packaging design for Deeply Clean’s pet and Auto range “We firstly engaged Tim to Pet illustrations by Ant Creations: re-align our existing packaging then for new designs for two further ranges - the resultant sales success is testament to his work. We found Tim especially adept at finding clear and uncluttered messages to attract consumer attention and we look forward to continuing a Logo design for successful relationship” DAVID BOWMAN, Web-based online MANAGING DIRECTOR, DEEPLY CLEAN gallery for art graduates back PAGE 5 OF 8 next Email: or call: 01858 462747 / 07966 973389
  6. 6. CREDENTIALS & SALES PRESENTATIONS Structure and design of internal presentation boards for Marks & Spencer’s ‘Plan A’ sustainable shopfitting project A powerpoint presentation doesn’t have to be clip-art and bullet points. A business proposal needn’t be pages and pages of densely packed text. This isn’t just about looking good; it’s about making what you say memorable, convincing and worth listening to. Let me help you keep your audience engaged... • Uniquely designed and written powerpoint presentations • Internal and external communications • Presentation boards • Pitches, proposals and tender documents - printed and digital • Product and service portfolios • Press releases and advertorials • Scripts for video presentations Credentials presentation for 2112 Marketing to Toyo Tires back PAGE 6 OF 8 next Email: or call: 01858 462747 / 07966 973389
  7. 7. RETAIL, EXHIBITIONS & EVENTS Taking your message off page or screen and into three dimensions presents exciting challenges. With experience in the retail sector and an understanding of materials and construction I can help you achieve a stronger, cost-effective presence in stores, at exhibitions and during outside events... • Concepts and theming ideas • 3-dimensional design and visualisation of POS, merchandising displays and exhibition spaces POS, merchandising displays and outside events • Design and artwork for for Juju jelly shoes and wellingtons large-scale graphics • Co-ordination of printers, manufacturers and contractors In-store displays for Samsung “I’ve worked with Tim for over 15 years on a wide range of retail and marketing projects and he’s consistently been able to generate ideas and designs Design of shopping centre kiosk for The Body Shop that make a difference where it matters - at the till!” JIM SHIELDS, MANAGING DIRECTOR BUSINESS & MARKET DEVELOPMENT LTD back PAGE 7 OF 8 next Email: or call: 01858 462747 / 07966 973389
  8. 8. Five reasons for choosing Designer-Copywriter Click a picture to go for your next project... straight to a page... 1. A stronger message... Copywriting and design working together as hard as possible. BROCHURES & LEAFLETS 2. Track-record... Put your mouth where Many years experience producing work for companies both global our money is... and local for consumers and businesses. ADVERTISING & DIRECT MAIL 3. Flexibility... Maybe you’re already happy with the design or the copy is already WEBSITES written - use me on either to improve results. 4. Comprehensive... For larger projects or when different skills are needed I can work BRANDING, IDENTITY & PACKAGING collaboratively with an extensive resource of specialist talent. 5. Client-facing experience... CREDENTIALS & SALES PRESENTATIONS A clear understanding of the wider business context in which marketing sits. Contact me now and discover how I can help your brand or business... RETAIL, POS, EXHIBITIONS & EVENTS Email: or call: 01858 462747 / 07966 973389 73 Scotland Road, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16 8AY back PAGE 8 OF 8