What You Should Know Before Purchasing A Home Security System


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What You Should Know Before Purchasing A Home Security System

  1. 1. What You Should Know Before Purchasing a Home Security SystemChoosing a home security system can be a daunting decision. There are more companiesoffering systems than ever before. Modern systems have a wide range of features and optionsfrom a basic setup to a complex system with many sophisticated extras. Somebody whosehome has been broken into may be tempted to pick the first system they find, rather thanspending time learning about the different available options however, this may not always bethe smart choice. Do some research before purchasing a system. The time you spend is likelyto help find the right system for your needs and may possibly save you money at the sametime. Here are some things to look for before purchasing a home security system. Do You Need a Home Security System? The first step in your research should be to determine if you actually need a system. If you’ve just undergone a traumatic home break-in, your answer to this will be a resounding yes. However, for many people who live in rural areas or secure, quiet neighborhoods, the answer may not be as clear cut. They may be “on the fence” about making a decision to install a home security system. Also, if the crime rate around you is low enough, you may not be sure a home security system is necessary. On the other hand, a home break-in can happen anywhere and in any neighborhood. Choosing to install a home securitysystem should be a pro-active approach to protecting your home and your family. Manypeople decide to install a home security system after a break-in has occurred. It is really apersonal choice and you need to decide whether your peace of mind is worth the cost of ahome security system.All About the MoneyThere are many low cost systems available however, the cost will go up as you add features.Most home security system companies charge an upfront cost for equipment and installation,.There will be an ongoing monthly fee for the 24 hour monitoring of your home securitysystem. In addition, be aware that in some instances the maintenance may not be provided bythe same company that sold you the equipment.While it is usually possible to find a company who will waive the initial installation costs, thisgenerally requires signing a contract committing to stay with the company for an extendedperiod of time. This is normally a lease type purchase and the initial discount is subsidized by a Florence South Carolina alarm systems company
  2. 2. What You Should Know Before Purchasing a Home Security Systemlarger ongoing monthly payment and may end up costing you more in the long run. Be careful tochoose a system that fits your budget both in terms of the initial payment and monthly fees.Remember that like a cell phone contract, terminating the contract may come with steep cancellationfees.Choose the Security Company CarefullyCompanies come and go. It is important to choosea company that will not vanish soon after youpurchase your home security system. Find out asmuch about the company that you are consideringas you can. How long have they been around?What is their history?Find customer reviews online. It is possible to get agood general idea of a company’s reputation byreading what customers have to say about it. Doesthe company have a problem keeping its promises?Are their products worth the price? How is their customer service? How do they handlecomplaints?Make Sure the System Works Well in Your AreaMost types of home security system will work over a hard wired phone line. This is convenient,because most people have a phone. This kind of system is more vulnerable to attack because aburglar can cut the phone line where it enters the home thus the security system will beunable to dial the emergency response number. If the alert system was properly installed, itwill still sound an audible alarm and hopefully alert neighbors and scare the would be burglaroff. As an alternative, there are now home security system varieties that can work over a cellnetwork, which is not so easy to circumvent as long as signal strength is not a problem. Ifhaving cell network access is important to you, find a company that is compatible with the cellnetwork that works best in your area and be sure the signal is strong and you test the systemregularly to ensure signal strength.How Many Areas Do You Want Protected?Go through your home and decide which areas you need to be protected, making sure tocount window and door sensors and motion detectors. Often there will be a set number ofsensors included in the installation price. Each additional sensor will raise the cost of yourinstallation, and possibly your monthly charges as well. Choose a home security system thatallows for at least the number of sensors you need or be prepared to pay the extra fees. Wilmington North Carolina alarm system company
  3. 3. What You Should Know Before Purchasing a Home Security SystemWhat Kind of Monitoring Does the System Do?A home security system will no longer only protect against burglary. Many may include fire,smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as well. These services may involve additional charges,both for equipment and monitoring.How Advanced Do You Want Your Home SecuritySystem To Be?Most systems include remote monitoring of alarms.Many have two-way audio so that the monitoringcompany can contact you or the invader via the homesecurity system. Newer systems have far moreadvanced options such as video cameras or digitallocking systems. You will need to decide which optionswill fit your needs. As with all else, most of thisequipment is not included in the usual promotionalpackages and normally will cost extra.How Much Control Will You Have Over Your System?Some home security system models offer you remote access to your unit. You can arm ordisarm, view video cameras and lock or unlock doors. Some systems can be accessed over theInternet or by mobile applications for smartphones, making it possible to adjust settings fromany place at any time. This would be handy if, for example, you wanted to allow someoneaccess to water the plants when you’re on vacation, but don’t want to give them the code foryour system.What Extra Features Do You Want Added to Your System?Some companies are taking advantage of the technology in a home security system to makeadvances in house automation. If you can control your door locks online, why not add thecapability to turn on your lights or start the coffee pot? Small appliance and light automationis becoming a popular extra feature in home security packages. If you want this, make sure thecompany you are considering offers it. If not, make sure you aren’t being charged extra for thisfeature.A home security system may have the ability to page you, not only when alarms are tripped,but also when the home security system is armed or disarmed, for example. Some systems letyou assign special codes to different individuals. You can find out when your partner leaves forwork, when the kids arrive home from school or if you have a cleaning lady coming over whenyou are not home. Florence South Carolina alarm systems company
  4. 4. What You Should Know Before Purchasing a Home Security SystemSome systems can also program a duress code. This is meant for a hostage situation, when aperson is forced to disarm the home security system. Some systems include a code which willmake it appear that the alarm has been disarmed, while silently sending a panic call to thepolice.Medical alert features may give peace of mind to older people or those living alone. Themedical alert call for help can easily be activated by a pendant or wristband being worn by theperson. As with all systems, be sure to test it on a regular basis to be sure everything isworking as it should.There is a lot to think about before purchasing a home security system. Doing alittle planning and research can make the choices easier and less overwhelming.It is a good idea to decide how much you are willing to spend, then you canchoose the company and package that best fits both your budget and yourneeds. http://homesecuritysystem411.com/