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The 2012 Award Winners
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The 2012 Award Winners


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  • 1. THE 2012 AWARD WINNERSThe wait is over and even better you don’t have to sit through any acceptance speechs!!
  • 2. B E S T F I L M : AV E N G E R S A S S E M B L E2012 was the year of the Superheroand it was the Avengers that came outtop. The huge success of bringingtogether all of Marvels hottestproperties so succesfully has to be putdown to Joss Whedon who delivers alight and incredibly exciting superheroromp.
  • 3. BEST DIRECTOR: GARY ROSSGary Ross did an incredible job ofmaking a blockbuster that still managesto look like an Indie film with TheHunger Games. From the verybeginning of the film his handheldcamera work makes us feel uneasyand he does a great job of capturingbrutal violence for a 12a audience.
  • 4. BEST FILM ACTOR: GEORGE CLOONEYFor years George has being a huge starbut this year he staked an extremely earlyclaim for best actor in The Descendants.The performance of his career was wellworthy of an Oscar as Clooney brilliantlyportrays a middle-aged man who’s life isfalling apart. This may be his peak but hecan still get that allusive gong, as an actoror director.
  • 5. BEST FILM ACTRESS: JENNIFER L AW R E N C EI may be in love with her but JenniferLawrence really does deserve her actressaward. The Hunger Games has launchedher to global star but she puts in aperformance to deserve that. Yeah theremight not be too much difference to herWinter’s Bone role but you can’t get toomuch of a good thing can you?
  • 6. BEST FILM SUPPORTING ACTOR: M I C H A E L FA S S B E N D E RHe’s one of the rising stars in the filmworld and 2012 was a great year forFassbender but it will perhaps best beremembered for his role inPrometheus. His performance isprobably the most memorable of 2012and without him the film would really beas bad as every critic seems to think…
  • 7. BEST FILM SUPPORTING ACTRESS: SHAILENE WOODLEYClooney’s was not the only greatperformance, from under the shadow ofher incredibly famous co-star Woodleycame from nowhere and threatened tosteal the film. Expect big things fromthis girl who was painfully overlookedduring awards season.
  • 8. B E S T E N S E M B L E F I L M C A S T: T H E D A R K KNIGHT RISESMost of the success of The Dark Knighttrilogy was the case and it didn’t comemuch better then ensemble assembledfor the final chapter. While the newadditions are superb it really is thereturning supporting players who steal theshow with Oldman, Caine and Freedmanall among the greatest actors of theirgeneration on top form.
  • 9. B E S T S P E C I A L E F F E C T S : AV E N G E R S ASSEMBLEOk it’s pretty much guaranteed thateffects are going to be good now butit’s fair to say that Avengers Assemblesteals it. The crowning moment is finalbattle scene and the superb one shotjourney around the battle torn NewYork.
  • 10. B I G G E S T D I S A P P O I N T M E N T: T H E AMAZING SPIDER-MANIt’s not a bad film but with the cast andcrew assembled for the newestsuperhero reboot it could have beenamazing!! Maybe I just don’t likeSpiderman but with Marc Webb,Andrew Garfield and Emma Stonesurely that would change but no letsmove on and hope that the sequel willbe a tab bit more original.
  • 11. BEST TV SHOW: GAME OF THRONESPossibly the most epic TV show of alltime, it might be complicated but Gameof Thrones was king of 2012. Yes somestorylines are better then others butthere all pretty superb and the seasonfinale would leave any fan gagging forthe start of season 3.
  • 12. BEST TV ACTOR: ANDREW SCOTTHe’s not a house hold name yet butAndrew Scott managed to stealSherlock away from 2 of the mosttalented British actors of the age. Scottmanaged to find the perfect balancebetween menace and craziness as heput a new spin on one of the mostfamous literary villains of all time.
  • 13. BEST TV ACTRESS: ZOOEY DESCHANELThe heart of possibly the most lovableshow of 2012, Zooey Deschanel hascreated one of the most lovable TVcharacters of all time. WithoutDeschanel New Girl would not existand that would be a great shame andalthough it may not be too differentfrom her other roles Deschanel is stillsuperb.
  • 14. BEST TV ENSEMBLE: THE BIG BANG THEORYThe Big Bang Theory cast has alwaysbeen great but over time all the casthave grown up and become stars. Withthe addition of Melissa Rauch andMayim Bialik the cast has become oneof the best on TV and could even liveup to the standards set by 6 veryspecial Friends.
  • 15. BEST TV EPISOD E: TH E WAL KIN G D EAD – BESIDE THE DYING FIREOne of the most shocking episodes ofall time and was The Walking Dead atit’s best. Sitting down expecting justanother episode who’d have suspectedto see a new baby and the deaths ofseveral of the show longest runningcharacters. One of best episodes ofone of the best half a season of TVever!