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Presentation Master's Open Day spring 2014

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  • So, we are a department and a program that is all about ORGANIZATIONS. But, where do you find organizations? Well, everywhere!They are useful as they allow humans to accmplish things they could not achieve individually. Almost all goods and services are produced by organizations.They are powerful like large MNCs or governments, or armiesSome are wonderful but others are dreadful, think of organizations that exploit child labor or even commit crimeSome organizations are driven by profit (and there is nothing wrong with that!), some are founded for non-profit goals. Others still are public in character, like the public administration, schools or hospitals.So, organizations are not just businesses. We look less at the hard aspects of organizations (that also), but musch more at the soft aspects of organizations.
  • This Premaster's program is a one-year program of study (60 ECTS) aimed at improving your knowledge and skill level within the field of Organization Studies. Courses followed include specific areas within the field, as well as courses in statistics and research methodologyApplicants will be accepted onto the Premaster program if either the level of their previous academic program does not meet the required level to enter the Master program directly (for example, a Bachelor's degree from a University of Applied Science or equivalent), or if the academic content of the previous academic program does not match the requirements for direct entry into the Master program. On successful completion of this program (60 ECTS), you will automatically be accepted onto the Master program Organization Studies for the following academic year.
  • Ad 1) OS is not only about understanding how manage organizations, but about understanding organizations as suchAd2) while the economists see organizations as black boxes, we tend to look inside – how do organizations change, develop, learn, innovate and what makes people within organizations behave the way they do.Ad 3) modern organizations can be characterizes as being constantly developing, they also need to continuously innovate and they are embedded in complex networks of relationships.Ad 4) the main question is :how to modern organization
  • We build on organization sociology, organization psychology, managemnet and business studies literaturesOur main aim is to develop in our students the skills of critical analysis and understandingStudents here are not customers or clients but rather co-creators in the process
  • Tutorial Premaster OS deals with the mode of studying at the university that might be quite a bit different from the way of studying at a university of applied sciences
  • Kennis van wiskunde op het niveau van 6 VWO is een absolute voorwaarde om met succes de bachelors en pre-masters van de Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences te kunnen doorlopen. Uit ervaring blijkt dat studenten die hun wiskunde niet goed beheersen vaak problemen hebben met de onderzoeksvakken en daardoor studievertraging oplopenStudenten die een afgeronde vwo-opleiding met profiel hebben, worden automatisch vrijgesteld van het wiskundeonderdeel van de cursus MTO-1-Pre-master (voor de pre-masterstudenten).Voor alle toekomstige pre-master studenten wordt in augustus een opfriscursus statistiek verzorgd. Deze opfriscursus is niet verplicht, maar wel zeer aan te raden. Studenten, die vorige jaren de pre-master hebben gevolgd geven aan dat ze er veel aan hebben gehad.
  • Students execute actual projects for partner organizations thus build up one year of working experience.25% of the students get to stay at the organization leonger, either for a project, for a temporary contract or for a permanent contract.Students receive around 425 Euro compensation per month excluding transportation costs
  • As you are trained as organizational analysts, it is no surprise that the majority work as management consultants. Dtuch consulting companies but also international. There is a big category Other, which is not surprising because MA OS is a very broad program.For example, banking and insurance, government or welfare organizations. It is true for netherlands and internationlly.
  • If we look at the functions that MA OS graduates have, again we see that consulting plays a big part. And here we have both internal (many companies, like hospitals for example, have internal consulting departments that look at the internal processes and how they can make them more secutre) and external consulting (consulating companies, Berenschot, Twynstre Gudde). Up until now, our alumni have had very good job perspectives so far. Of course, a lot depends on your own initiative and where you choose to specialize.
  • Premaster's in Oganization Studies Tilburg University

    1. 1. Premaster Organization Studies Martyna Janowicz-Panjaitan
    2. 2. Points for today 2 • Main characteristics of the Premaster’s Program OS (1-year program) • Courses • After the Premaster year • How to prepare? • More information • A students view on Premaster OS
    3. 3. Department of Organization Studies 3
    4. 4. ORGANIZATIONS are everywhere! 4 Some are: useful, powerful, caring, entertaining or dreadful All are: complex and dynamic!
    5. 5. Premaster Organization Studies 27-3-2014Titel presentatie in Footer 5 1-year program aimed at improving your knowledge and skills within the field of Organization Studies (60 ECTS). Courses include:  30 ECTS courses specifically related to organization studies (including academic skills)  12 ECTS research lab courses  18 ECTS statistics and research methodology courses Meant for:  Students with a degree from a University of Applied Science  Students with a degree which content does not match the requirements of MA OS After successfully completing Premaster OS, you are automatically admitted into Master Organization Studies
    6. 6. Focus of the Premaster program OS 6 Understanding organizations: What are they, how do they function? Opening the black box of organizations: Researching organizations Modern organizations: development, innovation and networks Main question: How do modern organizations operate?
    7. 7. Premaster designed for those seeking 7 To prepare for the Masters’ Program Organization Studies at TiU To understand organizations To see the human side of organisations Especially to get insight into the relationships within organizations, between organizations and between organizations and the society
    8. 8. Approach 8  Rooted in organization sociology and psychology, management & business studies  Emphasis on skills of critical analysis and understanding rather than to learn specific tools and techniques  Closely related to the research program of the department  Self-activation & self-assessment  Permanent performance assessment  Small working groups
    9. 9. How to get through? 9 1. Course work End of August – End of January (Block I and II) 2. Course work and research project End of January – End of June (Block III and IV) Organization Studies is a fulltime study •It means studying 1700 hours/year •It means studying 40 hours/week
    10. 10. Course work 10 Blok 1 (August 2014 – October 2014) • Innovation, Organization and Entrepreneurship, 6 ECTS • Kickoff day Organization Studies, 0 ECTS • MTO-03-Premaster: Qualitative Research Methods, 6 ECTS • Tutorial Pre-Master Organization Studies, 0 ECTS
    11. 11. Course work 11 Blok 2 (oktober 2014-december 2014) • MTO-01-Premaster: Technieken voor causale analyse, 6 ECTS • Organization Theory, 6 ECTS
    12. 12. Course work 12 Blok 3 (januari 2015 - maart 2015) • Empirical Research Premaster Organization Studies, 6 ECTS • MTO-02-Premaster: Constructie en analyse van vragenlijsten, 6 ECTS • Organization Development, 6 ECTS
    13. 13. Course work 13 Blok 4 (april 2015 - june 2015) • Empirical Research Premaster Organization Studies, 6 ECTS • Relations and Networks of Organizations, 6 ECTS • Strategic Decision-Making, 6 ECTS
    14. 14. Also 27-3-2014Titel presentatie in Footer 14  Testimonium wiskunde – obligatory math test • Test takes place in the first block of the PreMa year • You can NOT do it prior to the PreMa year • Students with a VWO diploma (with profile) can request exemption (Exam Committee)  Refresher course in statistics (in August) - optional
    15. 15. After the Premaster 15 • Master Organization Studies • Extended Master‘s Consultancy • Research Master
    16. 16. 16 The Master OS in comparison • English Master; prepares for Dutch and international labor market • Master OS addresses issues and theories about the whole range of present-day organizations • Strong focus on analytical skills • Extended Master Consultancy with integrated traineeship
    17. 17. Master Thesis Circle Topics 2012 - 2013 17 Supervisor Title Leon Oerlemans Temporary Organizations Remco Mannak Organizations in Dynamic Networks Joerg Raab Network Management Jing Han Network Cognition Maryse Chappin Crowdsourcing for Innovation Tobias Goessling Critical Management Sjo Soeters Internationalization and Organizational Culture John Goedee Chain Cooperation Victor Gilsing (Breakthrough) Innovation & External Collaboration Petre Curseu Human and Social Capital of Groups Roger Leenders Risk Taking in Teams Jeroen de Jong An Experimental Approach to Psychological Contracts Sander Smit Organizing R&D Collaborations Rob Jansen Taking SDM research back into the field
    18. 18. Variant 1: Extended Master Consultancy 27-3-2014Titel presentatie in Footer 18 • 1,5 year long program • Same courses as in the regular Master’s OS • 1 year junior traineeship with partner organization while writing Master thesis (2&3 semester) • Research proposal around a problem experienced by the partner organization • Some additional assignments and workshops
    19. 19. Variant 2: Research Master in Social Science 27-3-2014Titel presentatie in Footer 19 • 2-year research oriented program in Social Sciences with focus on individual in social contexts • Interdisciplinary approach that integrates social psychology, sociology, organization studies and methodology • Trains all-round researchers • Admission takes place after selection. There is a limited number of openings (max 30) • Students must apply for enrolment in the program
    20. 20. 20 Career prospects 34 8 6 4 4 4 40 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 managment consulting human resources higher education research hospital and health care information technology and services other Industry Demographics (%) Organization Studies Linkedin (n=600)
    21. 21. 21 Career prospects 20 10 6 6 6 5 47 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 Function demographics (%) Organization Studies Linkedin (n=600)
    22. 22. 22 Career prospects 38 21 10 7 4 4 16 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 senior entry manager training owner partner other Seniority demographics (%) OrganizationStudies Linkedin (n=600)
    23. 23. 23 Premaster OS from a student perspective Marijn Vermeulen
    24. 24. 24 Preparing for the Master’s OS • Mastering English as a foreign language (oral and writing skills) • Complete your Premaster program • Regularly read articles referring to organizational problems in newspapers, magazines and on the Internet • Be prepared to enter an exciting and challenging program • You may consider doing an internship with an organization before you enter the program
    25. 25. 25 How to enter the Master OS?  Complete all course work in Premaster program before being addmitted to the Master OS (harde knip)  Pass Testimonium wiskunde
    26. 26. 26 Registration for Premaster  Write a request for admission to the Prema program to the Exam Committee (Starting in April): • Include: motivation letter, copy of the diploma, ID  Address Exam Committee Tilburg University Faculteit Sociale Wetenschappen Examencommissie, P1.204 Postbus 90153 5000 Tilburg  List of accredited HBO educations that give direct admission to Premaster available on-line  If your education is not on the list, you will NOT be automatically rejected (need to provide more information)
    27. 27. Registration for Premaster (cont.) 27-3-2014Titel presentatie in Footer 27 You need to register via Studylink: inschrijven/premaster  Tuition fee: Not defined yet, most likely in line with to the general tuition fee for a 60 ECTS program Introduction to Premaster will take place during the TOP – week (in the week before courses start)
    28. 28. 28 Questions? General information about the program, admission, etc.: Study advisor Renske Helmer e-mail: phone: tel.:013 466 208 Masterbeurs! (in the Menza Restaurant 17:00 – 20:00) More information about the content of the program: Coordinator Master’s program Dr. Tobias Gössling email: phone: 013-466 3384 Information Market!
    29. 29. WO monitor 2012 for TSB 27-3-2014Titel presentatie in Footer 29 No. of months between graduation and first paid job Within 1 month: 42% Within 3 months: 60 % Within 6 months: 74% 88,9 % of all TSB graduates are employed 74% are satisfied with their current function