Tiimiakatemia Learning Network newsletter October 2013


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Latest news and actions of Tiimiakatemia Learning Network

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Tiimiakatemia Learning Network newsletter October 2013

  1. 1. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network news October 2013 www.taln.fi
  2. 2. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network September 2013 www.taln.fi Hello team coaches tribe! The Mothership is calling : ) There are lots of things happening – as always - everywhere around the network! New Tiimiakatemias emerging with new penguin teams, team coaches starting their journeys, knowledge flowing, actions growing! Here you have a little summary of Tiimiakatemia Learning Network’s past and future actions. From this document you will find: # Blink to some hot spots of the network at the moment # Flashback to our June Mondragon meeting’s working groups’ outputs # Reminder of our next Tiimiakatemia Learning Network´s meeting in November # Yearly Clock of the network # Reminder to ACTIVATE as Tiimiakatemia Learning Network cooperative member! Enjoy the news and feel free to add on! Let´s keep the flow on : ) Hanna & Sanna hanna.walden@partus.fi s.tossavainen@gmail.com +358 40 507 5503
  3. 3. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network September 2013 www.taln.fi WELCOME UK! First 80 brave students have started their journey towards team entrepreneurship in Newcastle, University of Northumbria and Bristol, University of West of England! Both units have several team coaches and also Finnish assistant team coaches. Congratulations team UK, especially Alison Fletcher and Robert Goodsell from Team Mastery 4! REVOLUTIONIZING HEALTH & SOCIAL STUDIES! The School of Health and Social Studies of JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä is making a revolution on education field. All their new 200 students are introduced to Tiimiakatemia methods and whole program will be conducted in Tiimiakatemia way! Good luck to all of you! More information from Carita Kuhanen, Tiimimestarit 14, and Pirjo Hynynen, Tiimimestarit 33. Tiimiakatemia tribe is growing!!! SHORT NEWS FROM THE NETWORK
  4. 4. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network September 2013 www.taln.fi NEW TIIMIAKATEMIAS EMERGING! Mondragon Tiimiakatemia has opened a new campus in Bilbao and Barcelona! More information from Annamari Törmänen, Tiimimestarit 15. ROCK ´N ROLL IN CORPORATIONS! Tiimiakatemia methods were tested in practise in France on organizational field. 18 months long program called Intrapreneurship and team leadership was co-created with Poult, which is the biggest French private label biscuit manufacturer. Results and feedback of the program were very positive and most likely the second group will start shortly. More information from Sanna Tossavainen, Laurent Marbacher and Robert Collart, all from Team Mastery 1.
  5. 5. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network September 2013 www.taln.fi WWW.TIIMIAKATEMIA.COM WILL OPEN SOOOOOON! We are a fast growing and learning network and this we can see from all the actions that are happening around the world. To visualize the whole global Tiimiakatemia movement and it´s actions & results, we are opening up www.tiimiakatemia.com web site. This site will serve as a landing page for Tiimiakatemia global movement. From this satellite site all the friends of Tiimiakatemia will have a chance to fly into any Tiimiakatemia around the world, link into team coaches Tiimiakatemia Learning Network, find training programmes for both teampreneurs and team coaches etc. So make sure your virtual world is in shape  PS. Did you know that there are already 19 Tiimiakatemias around the world added with few initiatives?
  6. 6. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network September 2013 www.taln.fi
  7. 7. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network September 2013 www.taln.fi Tiimiakatemia Learning Network had a meeting in Mondragon in June 2013. We had true international pioneers among us, but also newcomers. You can find more information about the meeting from our blog: http://www.taln.fi/blog/2013/06/24/once-upon-a-time-in- mondragon/ Following slides tell more about the work done by different working groups. FROM MONDRAGON MEETING TO FUTURE ACTIONS
  8. 8. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network September 2013 www.taln.fi TAlisman team Team Academy Leading Innovation & Social Movement = Action Now
  9. 9. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network September 2013 www.taln.fi TAlisman: Inspiration Metaphor: Tiimiakatemia in a box
  10. 10. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network September 2013 www.taln.fi TAlisman: Idea Social innovation through teampreneurship “you are what you share, so let’s share what we do” + Share practice - Create capacity for more programmes - Pilots & prototypes - Local learning labs Team Coach for good - Train the trainer of local team coaches Tiimiakatemia Learning Network and its team coaches are already acting on social innovation in various directly and indirectly related projects which we can build on =
  11. 11. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network September 2013 www.taln.fi TAlisman: Impact Sharing projects in the network creates synergy “let’s share what we do, so we can do more”
  12. 12. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network September 2013 www.taln.fi TAlisman: Next steps (team will need YOUR help!) 1.Create overview of global Tiimiakatemia projects on social innovation Team will contact all team coaches through various channels 2.Create storyline of Tiimiakatemia principles supporting social innovation If step 1 is successful, a summary storyline will be written of why and how teampreneurship, Tiimiakatemia and Tiimiakatemia Learning Network support social innovation. Concrete project examples are presented. 3.Create value package (Tiimiakatemia in a box, local labs) Packaging the wisdom of Tiimiakatemia in a box and creating a Train the Trainer package to develop people who can make a local impact. Making the approach sustainable. 4.Get funding For the business case presentation to social investors/business angels/NGO's we have: 1) an overview of running projects and proven results 2) a storyline of why it is important to use teampreneurship methods in social innovation projects and 3) a value package and training package which are all waiting to be rolled out. We need a number of concrete projects for which we seek sponsorship. 5.Create the change (develop projects, focus on change makers in society) with Tiimiakatemia Learning Network teams Now we need the project planning and execution on the field, and the registration of results for future rounds 1-5. If we do this well, next round will be bigger and we create a growing movement for a better planet.
  13. 13. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network September 2013 www.taln.fi Thank you, TAlisman team!
  14. 14. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network September 2013 www.taln.fi Tiimiakatemia Learning Network cooperative - Members (team coaches) 55300 - Board Partus - Team coaching system - Owner of Tiimiakatemia brand Tiimiakatemia Network - Jyväskylä, Tampere, Turku, Haarlem, Irun, Bilbao, Madrid, Barcelona, Debrecen, Budapest, Bristol, New Castle, Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro etc. - Teamless team coaches Agreement to use Tiimiakatemia methods Services and benefits from the ´Mothership´ - Communication! - Facilitating the network - Research and development Agreement to use Tiimiakatemia brand Tiimiakatemia Learning Network STRUCTURE -team
  15. 15. Tiimiakatemia Presentation March 2013 © 2013 Partus Ltd, Finland www.partus.fi ACTION suggestions from Structure team ● No council, regular meetings are enough ● Make the structure visual and as a story ● Tiimiakatemia Learning Network needs to interact actively with all graduated team coaches and Tiimiakatemias ● Develop the service, which shows the value for team coaches and Tiimiakatemias ● Map the network ● No more structure, more rhythm: Make a proper annual clock about events ● Tiimiakatemia Learning Network will make a communication about visits and birthday parties for international guests ● Acquire SoL (Society for Organizational Learning)
  16. 16. Tiimiakatemia Presentation March 2013 © 2013 Partus Ltd, Finland www.partus.fi From Structure to the Role of the Mothership ● Leading the network with Leading Thoughts. Maintaining the values. ● Having the BIG PICTURE. Re-charging. Re-connecting. ● Connecting with strategies of different Tiimiakatemias through team coaches. How to support, how to connect? ● Projects with purpose. Supporting existing ones. New clients? ● To make sure that the network is visible in every Tiimiakatemia! ● Observing & monitoring the network -> supporting in right way at the right time. ● Communication, communication, communication! ● Keeping up the rhythm!
  17. 17. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network September 2013 www.taln.fi DO ENTERPENEURSHIP INTERACT SHARESOCIAL INNOVATION SOCIAL TRUST  Contacts  Experience  Tools Opportunites Challenges Best Practices Story telling BRAND THROUGH TEAMPRENEURS NEEDS ONLINE OFFLINE SHARE KNOWLEDGE ”We Co-experience. We Co-create. We Co-produce.”
  18. 18. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network September 2013 www.taln.fi Internal organization/ services: - Mapping the network: Who is who in the network: projects, skills, ideas… presentation of Tiimiakatemias, projects… Transparency! - How to find the right people? (to solve my challenges) How can people find me? Information about members (use of LinkedIn? Creation of member directory to Tiimiakatemia Learning Network web page?) - Basic info about the network: vision, background, where does it come from, who can be a member. Conferences to familiarize with and spread the vision & values -> stories behind - Daily schedule of events organized (time, place, content, cost, participants) - Forum where members can shout for help (e.g. for projects, for thesis etc.), forum for chatting - Good communication - 1-6 get-togethers per year with agenda to share experiences/ learnings/ dialogues Activation - Ensure that a process is followed up sustainably - Members become or are active! As members we are customers and entrepreneurs at the same time - Show that Tiimiakatemia Learning Network is moving - Do we need an internal fee for working together? Expectations-team: As a Tiimiakatemia Learning Network member what do you expect from the network?
  19. 19. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network September 2013 www.taln.fi Knowledge transfer - Coordination of knowledge, activities (Who is doing what, what is going on?) - Knowledge centers to participate in: innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership - Info about methodology – how to apply it, learn how to be a team entrepreneur - Program to team coaches to learn how to be team coaches at low cost - Show cases/project reports for marketing/ references and sharing learnings, documentation, articles, other written materials - Processes documentation - Platform to share info, projects, knowledge Brand and customers - To share a brand clients can trust and recognize - Bring information of local customer needs to the network Thank you for your work and interviews! Expectations-team: As a Tiimiakatemia Learning Network member what do you expect from the network?
  20. 20. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network September 2013 www.taln.fi Need: we as team coaches or teampreneurs have to face with various problems every day, which we cannot solve alone (or with our collegues at home). We need professional advice or other team coaches’ experiences on different issues. We must also recognize that we do not really see other Tiimiakatemias’ work in the system. Solution: We could establish this so-called Book of Experiences. Of course, this is not a real book, but we could upload the webpage with the data of the Book of Experiences. Chapters, for example · Success stories of team coaches and their teams · Projects of team coaches and their teams · Contacts of team coaches and their teams in order to get to know each other · Blogs: team coaches and teams could write and share their news on the webpage (in English!) · Stories: Successful stories and failures could be shared to learn from them · Mistakes: team coaching mistakes could also be shared to learn from them EXTRA: ”Book of Experiences” (Idea by Team Mastery International 5)
  21. 21. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network September 2013 www.taln.fi The steps of creating this “book”: 1. Setting out one responsible person (maybe with the help of head coaches) at each Tiimiakatemia who will spread the word about this “book” and helps to gather the necessary information 2. The responsibles will gather the team coaches of their local Tiimiakatemias and ask them to share their availabilities and personal stories 3. Every team coach should ask their teams to make a description about themselves and their projects (best and worst stories) – they will send it to the responsibles (maybe it could also be connected to the teampreneurs network) 4. The responsibles will send all the gathered information to the webpage editor 5. The webpage editor uploads the information on the webpage and makes possible for the users to edit their data and refresh it continuously with up-to-date information EXTRA: ”Book of Experiences” (Idea by Team Mastery International 5) THANK YOU Team Mastery International 5 & Team Mastery Mondragon 2 teams for this idea & especially Timea Gal from Debrecen for brainstorming this idea further! Actions will arise : )
  22. 22. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network September 2013 www.taln.fi NEXT TIIMIAKATEMIA LEARNING NETWORK MEETING IN DEBRECEN, 22.- 23. November 2013
  23. 23. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network September 2013 www.taln.fi Date Next meeting will be held in Debrecen, Hungary Friday 22nd - Saturday 23rd November 2013 Schedule We’ll start on Friday after lunch and we’ll finish on Saturday afternoon Place (in Debrecen, Hungary, will be defined soon) We have two options: 1) guest house Pariba Csarda ~20 km from Debrecen as Team Mastery International is already working there. We’d all eat and sleep there and on Saturday afternoon we’d move to Debrecen 2) Tiimiakatemia Debrecen’s new premises, we’d all sleep in hotels around the city. There’s also a possibility to have an Hungarian evening on Friday. Program Progam is up to you! Would you like to continue working on projects started in Mondragon, would you like to dedicate time sharing learnings about team coaching, would you like to update your knowledge around rocket model or some other tools…? Let us know your ideas, thoughts, wishes! Tiimiakatemia Debrecen’s anniversary party is organized on Saturday, so we hope all team coaches have a possibility to join also festivities!
  24. 24. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network September 2013 www.taln.fi YEARLY RHYTHM OF TIIMIAKATEMIA LEARNING NETWORK We live from interactions! Check the latest news and updates on ongoing actions from Tiimiakatemia Learning Network website http://www.taln.fi/event-calendar/ and from the Yearly Clock from next slide : )! World wide ACTIONS & REFLECTIONS!
  25. 25. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network September 2013 www.taln.fi January February March JuneJuly May April December November October September August Mondragon Tiimiakatemia Anniversary Jyväskylä Haarlem Euskadi Jyväskylä Jyväskylä TALN Board Meeting Jyväskylä Jämsä Tampere Team Masterians` Update Day (in Finnish) Debrecen TALN Global Meeting Rio de Janeiro Tiimimestarit session (TM XX)Team Mastery session (TM XX/Country) Jyväskylä TM40 in Brazil TM33, 41 TM34, 35, 36, 37, 41 TM29, 30, 35, 36 TM38 in Finland TM39 in Finland Still Unknown Still Unknown 2013 2014 Tampere Feel the rhythm of Tiimiakatemia Learning Network! Turku See all Events on TALN calendar http://www.taln.fi/event-calendar/ TM33, 42 TM34, 37, 41 TM39 in UK TM40 in Brazil TM34 TM34, 37, 41 TM38 in Spain TM38 in Spain TM38+39 in Holland TM39 in Hungary TM36, 42 Jyväskylä Debrecen
  26. 26. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network September 2013 www.taln.fi Join Tiimiakatemia Learning Network Team coaches, join Tiimiakatemia Learning Network: http://www.taln.fi/join-taln-page/ We want to develop our organizations; team based work and creativity are our answers to competition We want to remove youth unemployment by coaching team entrepreneurs We need support and references We want to learn and develop ourselves We are Team Mastery or Tiimimestarit team coaches We want to co-create new knowledge We want to do shared projects We want to be part of the fastest learning network in the world J O I N I N !
  27. 27. Tiimiakatemia Learning Network September 2013 www.taln.fi Let´s keep the flow of knowledge and actions on, together we will become the Fastest Learning Network in the World! See & hear you soon! P.s. Remember to feed and follow latest news in Facebook, Twitter & all the other existing space medias : )