How to Write a Successful Financing Focused Executive Summary


Published on Presentation explains how to write abbreviated business plans and executive summaries for the purpose of obtaining financing and funding. It provides a top-down, strategic view to enhance understanding., 404-642-0609

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How to Write a Successful Financing Focused Executive Summary

  1. 1. Getting Financed Perspective Writing a Successful Financing-Investors WantsQuestions to Ask Focused Executive Summary Equity PursuitBank Financing 1. Investors/Lenders Executive Summary 2. Questions Samples 3. Equity Getting Started 4. Debt/Loans 5. Executive Summaries 1
  2. 2. Financing Perspective Innovative Approach View Your Business As PerspectiveInvestors WantsQuestions to Ask • A marketable asset Equity Pursuit • A source of long-term wealthBank Financing Executive • A creator of jobs Summary Samples • A source of investment income Getting Started – Yourself – Others who believe 2
  3. 3. What Investors Want • A strong return on investment PerspectiveInvestors Wants – Ranges from 8% (friendly, debt) toQuestions to Ask 40% Equity Pursuit • A clear pay-off date (exit strategy)Bank Financing – Typically, 3-7 years Executive Summary • A strong management team Samples Getting Started • A base valuation of company • A plan to accomplish goals 3
  4. 4. Ask These Questions First! Avoid limiting your options 1. How much money do I need? Perspective 2. What is the money for?Investors Wants 1. Need working capital? Want to expand sales andQuestions to Ask marketing efforts? Equity Pursuit 2. Need funds for software development? Or to expand company across all areas.Bank Financing 3. What are your near, mid-range, and long Executive Summary term goals for the company? Samples – Do you intend to sell the company soon? Do you intend to grow through partnerships? Getting Started Asking the right questions 1st is key to deciding source and amount. Better questions = better decisions. 4
  5. 5. Equity Pursuit • Investor profile sheet PerspectiveInvestors Wants – Introduces company and piques interestQuestions to Ask • Executive Summary Equity Pursuit – Provides more details to further interestBank Financing Executive • Business Plan Summary – Full details including financials and Samples projections after signing a conf. agmt & LOI • Supporting material Getting Started – All material requested after LOI or agmt. 5
  6. 6. Bank Financing What You Need for Access • Abbreviated business plan /Executive Perspective SummaryInvestors Wants • Pro-forma business financials (3 yrs)Questions to Ask Equity Pursuit • Financial statements (2 yrs)Bank Financing – Audited (best), reviewed (good), compiled Executive • Tax returns Summary – Company Samples – Personal Getting Started • Aged receivables, aged payables • Explanation of any negative business items 6
  7. 7. Equity Financing What You Need to Finalize • Business plan Perspective • Pro-forma business financials (5 yrs)Investors WantsQuestions to Ask • Financial statements (3 yrs) Equity Pursuit – Audited (best), reviewed (good), compiledBank Financing – Tax returns for company if no reviewed Executive • Contracts, agreements, other due Summary diligence-requested items Samples • Explanation of any negative business or Getting Started personal items 7
  8. 8. Abbrev. Business Plan Components -1 • Company Overview / Business Perspective DescriptionInvestors Wants – Type, location, industry, salesQuestions to Ask Equity Pursuit • Products/Services – DescriptionBank Financing – What company provides Executive Summary • Market Overview / Opportunity Samples – Industry and market background Getting Started 8
  9. 9. Abbrev. Business Plan Components-2 • Competitive Advantages Perspective – What makes you stand out from yourInvestors Wants competitorsQuestions to Ask Equity Pursuit • StrategyBank Financing – What you will accomplish, when, & how Executive Summary • Management Samples – Management team bios, Advisory Board Getting Started 9
  10. 10. Abbrev. Business Plan Components-3 • Investment or Financing Considerations Perspective – Information pertinent to lenders or investorsInvestors WantsQuestions to Ask • Summary of Financial Information / Equity Pursuit Financial AnalysisBank Financing – Snapshot of financials including customer Executive concentration Summary Samples • Sources and Uses of Funds or Getting Started Proposed Financing 10
  11. 11. Getting Started Additional Information: PerspectiveInvestors Wants Solving the CapitalQuestions to Ask Equation: Financing Solutions Equity Pursuit for Small BusinessesBank Financing Available on Amazon Executive Summary Or get the ebook Samples Getting Started Help! I Need Money for My Business Now!! 11
  12. 12. Contact Us Thank You! PerspectiveInvestors Wants Toca Family Business ServicesQuestions to Ask Equity Pursuit Tiffany C. WrightBank Financing Executive Summary Follow my blog, Samples Small Business Finance Forum: Getting Started 12