Research On Hong Kong Tourism Websites


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Research On Hong Kong Tourism Websites

  1. 1. Research On Other Websites Tiffanie Chan 11W
  2. 2. Similar Product Research• In order to make my website (product) more useful and successful, I have conducted research on similar websites.• The majority are basic Hong Kong Tourism Websites but I have chosen to focus on the shopping section of their website more.• From this research, I will be able to make improvements or add to my objectives. But overall, I will also be able to create a better website for my clients.
  3. 3. - Search bar - Different headings are clearly labeled in the sidebar, they are color-coded which helps navigation (Shopping Tab = Red) - A slideshow banner showing the top and current events - Eye-catching background but not too overwhelming to the users’ eyesWebsite 1 – Discover Hong Kong - Logo
  4. 4. Short introduction to shopping Links to other pages (hence, one page is not filled completely with text and info) BannerSidebar showing all the The information covers different slideshow at thesmaller subsections areas of shopping, both districts top of eachunder shopping and street markets. page
  5. 5. There are pages for individual There are also pages with more thanlarge and popular shopping malls. one attraction. These will be lessThese will have detailed detailed but will have quick notes oninformation on the facilities how to get there.including pictures.
  6. 6. Overall Analysis of Discover Hong Kong Website Pros Cons• Visually attractive – uses a variety • Occasionally the images andof colours and banners colour can be overly distracting to viewers’ eye• Clear headings and sub-sections • Could increase size of headings compared to other text• Colour coding – Different sections • Too many links – Sometimes it’sof tourism are clearly divided – hard to get back to the originalGood navigation page you started on• Wide range of information • For me, this is not as relevant as Iincluded will only be concentrating on shopping• Has a uniform layout/theme – all • Not all information is detailed andpages look similar to each other quick to understand
  7. 7. Aspects I’ve learnt from “Discover HongKong” Website 1. Photos at the top of the page grab viewers’ attention immediately 2. Include colour coded toolbars/sections along the side of website 3. Do not try to cover too much information if it is not detailed enough 4. Using a uniform layout for the pages helps make it appear more professional and united 5. Do not overuse colour
  8. 8. Website 2 – Travel Hong Kong Has advertisements (distracting and breaks layout)Bright, attracting photo Slogan/Motto Dark colour of title Not an appealingbanner heading of website doesn’t stand out colour - murky
  9. 9. There is a toolbardown the side withall the headingsand sections –it’sclear but not veryvisually interesting Bright red and bolded for the names - clear Good information - Very good “how to get there” section – Operating times Gives address but also forms/ways of transport to get there
  10. 10. Occasional links to official Includes a photo for some of thewebsite of the shopping mall Plain yellow attractions however, the photo background itself is not very bright or appealing
  11. 11. Overall Analysis of Travel Hong Kong Website Pros Cons• Text information is short but very • Plain layout and backgrounduseful (yellow for every page)• Has a catchy slogan for the • Bad choice of colour for the title –website does not stand out• “How to get there section” is quick • All the shopping attractions areto understand and directly useful put under one page of the websitefor clients – page becomes very long and not as easy to navigate• Includes hyperlinks to official • Small number of photos that areshopping mall websites quite dull
  12. 12. Aspects I’ve learnt from “Travel HongKong” Website 1. “How to get there” section is very important and will directly help my clients 2. Create a slogan & title for my website 3. Add some hyperlinks to official shopping mall websites 4. Include more photos, making sure each attraction at least has one 5. Pick colours carefully – avoid murky/unappealing colours for backgrounds and titles
  13. 13. Website 3 – Trip Advisor Hong KongThe focus is now on Has a colour theme of Can view the websitepersonal recommendations green and white on mobile phones too
  14. 14. There is an overall rank for this shopping site which is collated from the votes of readers Clear visual opinions from other tourists (E.g. excellent, very good, average etc.) Brief description of the siteOnly one photois included butthere is a linkto other photos Added tips (useful information) Personal honest which will reviews from help clients general public
  15. 15. Included theapproximateweatherconditions inHong Kong – You can voteDirectly useful to on theclients photos as well “like/dislike” A selection of photos posted by users of (Most are personal photos which are not very good quality)
  16. 16. Overall Analysis of Trip Advisor Website Pros Cons• Very concentrated on general • Description of shopping sites arepublic’s own opinions and reviews not very detailed• Mobile phone viewer friendly • No colour coding for different sections of the website• Good system of rankings for the • Very simple layout – not verydifferent shopping sites. Visual visually excitinggraphs used• Included unique tips e.g. weather • Selection of photos included butconditions and information on since anyone can upload them, notwheelchairs, baby strollers etc. all of them are good quality and useful to the client.
  17. 17. Aspects I’ve learnt from “Trip Advisor ”Website 1. Have a comment section for people to share their own reviews 2. Can try to make the website mobile phone friendly 3. Can include ranking graphs e.g. bar chart: Appearance = High, Service = Low 4. Include special information e.g. weather conditions
  18. 18. Website 4 – Hong Kong Tourism Asia In the banner, includedVery bright and colourful pictures of signature Text colour andappearance – No symbols of Hong Kong backgrounds wereparticular colour scheme chosen well (don’t clash)
  19. 19. Brief overview of shopping in There is noHong Kong caption/information with the photo Links to 5 different sub- sections under Shopping Clear paragraphs and headings to make reading more comfortable for users
  20. 20. The information is There is nodivided into caption/information withsmaller sections the photowithin eachdistrict too [e.g.Central District High-end Streets] There are very little photos on the website e.g. one per page Links to 5 different sub- sections under ShoppingUnfortunately,there are noreviews onindividualshopping malls
  21. 21. Overall Analysis of Hong Kong Tourism AsiaWebsite Pros Cons• Vibrant colour theme, attracts • Very little photos included on thevisitors website• Trademark banner (effective • No individual reviews on abecause it uses Hong Kong’s famous particular shopping malllandmarks)• Clear headings on every page to • Sometimes, there is too much textsplit the sub-sections on one page, making it uncomfortable to read• Information covers different arease.g. expensive streets and cheaperones
  22. 22. Aspects I’ve learnt from “Hong KongTourism Asia” Website 1. A banner collage of signature aspects of Hong Kong can attract viewers 2. Put headings in a different colour 3. Cover a range of information that will appeal to various viewers e.g. high-end and lower priced shops 4. Do not put too much text on one page
  23. 23. Website 5 – Tourism Hong Kong Interesting Chinese proverb which relatedVery clear title with good to tourismsimple effects i.e. white On the side,outline around it there is a toolbar displaying all the recentThe website uses red as its main colour. commentsThis is unique because in Chinese culture, which meansred represents fortune, happiness and viewers will bewealth updated constantly
  24. 24. Embedded the government tourism commercial for HK Brief slogan introducing Hong Kong Tourism For shopping,Anyone can they are sortedleave by districtscomments on with hyperlinkall the pages headings
  25. 25. Attracting andclear, high-quality photoIncludes a captionexplaining whereand what thephoto is - Alsocredits thephotographer The information below the photo relates to it and also, the writing is quite journalistic.
  26. 26. Overall Analysis of Tourism Hong Kong Pros Cons• Interesting homepage – included a • To some, the layout may be tooChinese proverb simple making it not look very professional• Simple effects on titles • Not enough information in general i.e. hasn’t reviewed many different shopping sites• Clear, eye-catching but also • Could use more colour on some ofinformative photos the pages• Reviews written in a journalisticstyle• Embedded videos to some pages
  27. 27. Aspects I’ve learnt from “Hong KongTourism” Website 1. Allow people to post their own comments 2. Include a meaningful/catchy slogan i.e. could be a proverb 3. Include large photos of good quality 4. Embed a YouTube video introducing Hong Kong or related to the shopping area
  28. 28. Website 6 – 12hk Hong Kong Shopping The main title is a different colour Orange colour scheme Includes a search from the background but, I think throughout the engine for the the font size is still too small website website
  29. 29. The photos are way too small compared to the text The writing is quite informal - this can be good because readers will understand it easily but it can also be bad if it doesn’t appear professionalThe advertisements inbetween aresometimes quitedistracting Some pages sort it by districts
  30. 30. This is the aspect I like best about this website because unlike all the other tourism sites, this one sorts the shopping spots by what they sell. For example, for electronics, they recommended Mongkok etc.At the bottom of the page, theyincluded a Google map whichwas interactive. I think this isvery effective because you can gointo street view. This directlyallows users/clients to see whatthey will experience if they wentto the shopping site.
  31. 31. Overall Analysis of 12hk Hong Kong Shopping Pros Cons• Has a specific colour scheme • Photos are all too small• Included an interactive tool • Titles do not stand out against the(Google map) rest of the information• Sorted shopping spots by items • Has advertisements around thethey sell text which can be distracting• Information covers different arease.g. expensive streets and cheaperones
  32. 32. Aspects I’ve learnt from “12hk Hong KongShopping” Website 1. Attempt to include an interactive Google map under the different districts 2. Sort shopping spots according to the items they sell 3. Remember to include large photos instead of small ones in between text 4. Include a search engine on the website