I suggest econsultancy innovation awards 2012


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I suggest econsultancy innovation awards 2012

  1. 1. iSuggest An intelligent marketing automation solution Powered by© 2011 Tieto Corporation
  2. 2. iSuggest Capitalize your real time in-and outbound interactions Tieto Tieto + Portrait partner Inbound Interaction Optimizer Outbound Customer service Software Marketing System integration, project & (SaaS or Campaign process management, SaaS on premise) Management hosting2 © 2011 Tieto Corporation 2011-09-08
  3. 3. Context Portrait Interaction Optimizer Customer dialogue across all inbound channels Cross-channel Analytic Models Connect the customer Analytically “conversation” determines across the right all customer touch message points The right The right moment of customer interaction Customer Data Business Rules Portrait Interaction Optimizer is a real-time decisioning solution that provides best-next-action recommendations for each customer, wherever and whenever they choose to interact.3 © 2011 Tieto Corporation 2011-09-19
  4. 4. Recommendations on the Web Pre-built salesforce.com client applet Recommendations in online banking environment © 2011 Tieto Corporation
  5. 5. Recommendations: service desk © 2011 Tieto Corporation 27 februari 2010
  6. 6. Recommendations: mobile Uw electriciteitsverbruik lag deze maand 10% hoger dan gemiddeld, maak nu gebruik van onze aanbieding voor LED © 2011 Tieto Corporation
  7. 7. Interaction Optimizer Client Interface© 2011 Tieto Corporation
  8. 8. Login to the Portrait HQ to administratecampaigns Silverlight Portrait HQ startup screen © 2011 Tieto Corporation
  9. 9. Review current campaign status Content search HQ toolbar for all actionsHQ toolbar for all actions In market campaigns comparison with plan: drill down to change Task monitoring and campaign © 2011 Tieto Corporation calendar
  10. 10. Create a new campaign Provide campaign details Provide in market dates © 2011 Tieto Corporation
  11. 11. Create a new recommendation withinthat campaign Clarify objective Clarify priority of of recommendation recommendation Task required to design this recommendation Campaign planning Identify workflow steps channels to use © 2011 Tieto Corporation
  12. 12. Design the details of that recommendation Fused design Design the – one interface outstanding for inbound recommendation and outbound © 2011 Tieto Corporation
  13. 13. The design wizard: start by defining the audience Design wizard to guide you through who to target and what to offer Create a new selection or choose from the library Targeting through Predictive customer lists model selection for targeting and prioritization © 2011 Tieto Corporation
  14. 14. Selection designer: business rules from thecustomer palettePlain language Simple range selection selection description Relative month date selection Multi-value category selection Multi-source Many-to-one customer customer palette summary © 2011 Tieto Corporation selection
  15. 15. Design what you’re going to say for each channel Personalized message from customer palette Rich, personali zed message design Create a new Channel messages or independent browse from a messages library © 2011 Tieto Corporation
  16. 16. See the prepared recommendation Design workflow stage complete Editable activity for future © 2011 Tieto Corporation
  17. 17. Set campaign in market In-market workflow checklist Immediate in market option © 2011 Tieto Corporation
  18. 18. Review campaign effectiveness Campaign summary Detailed Click to drill- breakdown down for more and response detail rates © 2011 Tieto Corporation
  19. 19. Configure your prioritisation strategy Detailed activity type What’s most priorities important to you? © 2011 Tieto Corporation
  20. 20. Simulate campaigns within a test environment Record representative requests in your Simulate same production requests in your environment test environment with new campaigns © 2011 Tieto Corporation
  21. 21. © 2011 Tieto Corporation Martijn Feekes Manager Marketing & Business Development Tieto Martijn.Feekes@tieto.com