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We are pleased to announce that several new enhancements to the Tier 3 cloud platform are now live. Effective April 27, all customers will have access to the capabilities listed below.

New Features

- Global search of platform records. The new global search feature uses a single search box to find accounts/sub-accounts, groups, servers (including "descriptions" and "custom field" text), users, networks, or Blueprints. The search will return results from within your account.

- Vancouver BC data center now online. A second Canadian data center is now available and a complimentary location to the Toronto data center. For customers with premium storage, content is replicated between Canadian sites for DR purposes.

Other Enhancements

- Platform and templates replicated across data centers. All Tier 3 operating system templates are automatically replicated to every Tier 3 data center.
View the status of your accounts (active OR disabled). Users can see all the sub-accounts for a given account, even if those sub-accounts are marked as inactive. In the next release, users will be able to also change the state of accounts and users.

- User can specify an exact number of GB to provision for a storage volume. When adding storage to a server, a customer can use either the slider (in 5GB increments) or enter in a value of GB to provision.

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  • Global Search – find servers, groups, blueprints, accounts, users, IP addresses all from a single search box Why does it matter? Easier to quickly locate global resources without remembering exact details. Additional data center in Canada (Vancouver) Why does it matter? Geo-replication for premium storage, yet another option for customers looking for a DC in close proximity to staff Provision an exact amount of GB of storage Why does it matter? Provision exactly what you need instead of paying for more storage than necessary See a list of both active and inactive accounts Why does it matter? See which accounts are disabled, and in the future, re-enable them
  • For new and existing servers
  • Support staff can quickly find a user and unlock an account. Resellers can respond to a DDoS by plugging in an IP address and finding the target server. An IT pro can locate Groups in each data center that are running an enterprise application and perform maintenance.
  • Tier 3 - April Release Webinar

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