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Increasing Operational Agility with Hybrid Cloud



Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. Increasing Operational Agility with Hybrid Cloud
  • 2. Bryan Thompson
    Bryan Thompson is Tier 3’s vice president of services. Bryan oversees pre and post-sales technical support and professional services.
    Today’s Cloud Experts
    Nic O’Donovan
    Nic O’Donovan is a Solution Architect and Cloud Specialist with VMware. Nic focuses on building public clouds via Service Providers in the Americas. 
    Lou Najdzin
    Lou Najdzin is vertical development director at Equinix where he is responsible for driving the growth of the Cloud Infrastructure and IT Services market.
  • 3. Today’s agenda
    Introductions to the presenters, Hybrid Cloud
    Where to start: common Hybrid Cloud use cases
    How VMware enables Hybrid Cloud
    Colo, Connectivity and Cloud Providers: Best Practices
  • 4. Does Your IT Enable Business Agility?
    Overwhelming complexity
    Brittle infrastructure
    < 30% of IT budgets goes to innovation
    and competitive advantage
    IT Investment
    5%Infrastructure Investment
    23%Application Investment
    42%Infrastructure Maintenance
    30%Application Maintenance
    Operational demands limit business agility
    Source: VMware Fortune 100 Customers
  • 5. Business and IT Leaders Say Cloud Enables Agility
    • 80%+ associate business agility with revenue growth, cost reduction, and risk management
    • 6. 63% agree cloud can have a significant impact in making business more agile and responsive
    • 7. Companies with enterprise-wide cloud deployments are 3x more likely to achieve business agility that is “much better than competition”
    SOURCE: Global Business Agility Survey, February 2011
  • 8. The Solution is for IT to Become an Enterprise Cloud Service Provider
    Enables true business agility
    Economics and agility of cloud without sacrificing security or control
    Business has alternative to commodity public clouds, eliminating the need for unauthorized deployments
    Virtual Data Centers
  • 9. Enterprise Hybrid Cloud: Solving the IT Dilemma
    Internal Cloud
    Hybrid Cloud
    Has full control over environment
    Respond quickly to the demands
    Wants Agility
    Needs Control
    Known security, predictable performance
    Transparent and controllable costs
    Investment in technology, people and process
    Scalable Capacity
  • 10. Hybrid or Virtual Private Cloud
    Use Cases
  • 11. Increase Business Agility with Cloud Services
  • 12. Common Use Case – Dev/Test
    Outsource Dev/Test or use the same development / testing environment on different clouds
    Seattle Public Cloud
    • Quickly spin up/ tear down to speed time to deployment
    • 13. Tap into the elasticity/ utility for no idle assets
    • 14. Reduces CapEx requirements
    Private Cloud
    ChicagoPublic Cloud
    Service Provider
    Deployment cycles reduced from weeks to days while maintaining visibility, compliance and security
  • 15.
    • “Shadow IT” apps leading to compliance and data security concerns
    • 16. Long IT support cycles to spin up new environments hampered business agility
    • Extend the network and AD environment to an Enterprise Cloud Provider
    • 17. Consolidate and standardize processes while retaining flexibility
    • Improved IT and business agility: Deployment cycles reduced from weeks to days while maintaining visibility, compliance and security
    Business Agility Case Study: F1000 Manufacturer
    “With a designated enterprise cloud partner we are realizing our vision of IT as a service.”- Director, IT IaaS Solutions Delivery
  • 18. Keeping business mission critical in the datacenter and move other essential apps to the cloud
    Public Cloud DC #1
    • Built in business continuity
    • 19. Operational offloading of routine tasks
    • 20. Strategic flexibility
    Private Cloud
    Public Cloud DC #2
    Service Provider
    Common Use Case – Spread Workloads across Clouds
  • 21. Transitioning to Exchange 2010 in the Cloud
    Cloud Scale on Your Own Terms
    • High availability /low latency via DAGs, active /active deployment
    • 22. Retain control: unlimited mailbox and message sizes; legacy features such as Public Folders
    • 23. Conform to security policies and compliance needs (archiving and e-discovery)
    • 24. Licensing freedom: your own Exchange license or SPLA
    • 25. Optimize costs: scale user count up or downmonthly with no minimums or penalties
    Exchange architecture is ideal for Hybrid Cloud
    Cloud Deployment Example
  • 26.
    • Frequent outages and data loss; Managing infrastructure distracted from innovation and serving customers
    • Run back office applications securely from the enterprise cloud
    • 27. 800+ Exchange mailboxes and 1MM+ forwarding addresses
    • 28. Voice over IP
    • 29. Financial apps: custom ERP, custom billing
    • 30. File serving and file sharing
    • Increased business agility
    • 31. Reduced operational complexity and costs
    Back Office Case study:
    “Our entire business depends on the Tier 3 Cloud. It pretty much runs everything for us, so that we don’t have to.”- Andy Evans, Founder and CTO, Obeo
  • 32. vSphere
    Public Cloud DC #1
    Private Cloud
    Public Cloud DC #2
    Service Provider
    Common Use Case – Multi-Cloud Application
    Split up the different tiers of an application across clouds
    Application Server Cluster
    Web Server Farm
    Leverage Direct Connect capabilities to avoid high latency when connecting over the public internet
  • 33. vSphere
    Public Cloud DC #1
    Private Cloud
    Public Cloud DC #2
    Service Provider
    Common Use Case – Disaster recovery
    Send back up to a cloud provider and spin up in a DR situation
    • VM to VM back up
    • 34. Storage replication target
    • 35. Leverage RTO and RTP best practices
  • How VMware is enabling Hybrid Cloud
  • 36. Apps
    Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Computing
    vCloud Powered Service
    • Common platform
    • 37. Common management
    vCloudService Provider
    VMware =
    Hybrid Cloud
    Private Cloud
    Cloud Infrastructure
    Cloud Infrastructure
    Cloud Computing Moves from a Technology Discussion to a Business Decision
  • 38. What is vCloud Powered?
    A VMware-authorized “technology badge” for qualified service providers
    Cloud service runs on vSphere and vCloud Director™
    Service exposes the full end-user vCloud API
    Provides OVF image import and export
    Signifies use of the VMware hybrid cloud architecture for application portability
    VMware vSphere™: robust virtualization platform
    VMware vCloud Director:  
    exposes virtualized shared infrastructure as multi-tenant virtual datacenters
    enables cost-effective access to the cloud service
    leverages self-service catalogs to deploy and consume pre-configured services.
    VMware vShield™ security technologies
    Leverages existing investments in VMware virtualization
  • 39. Hybrid Cloud – The Private Cloud to the External Cloud
    The Datacenter Cloud
    The External Cloud
    Trust, Control, Reliability, Security
    Flexibility, Efficiency, Scalability
  • 40. VMware vCloud Connector
    vCloud Connector allows users to visualize, operate and copy workloads/templates between vCloud Powered clouds
    Single pane of glass interface for hybrid clouds
    View VMs & templates across vSphere & private/public vclouds
    Copy VMs & templates between clouds
    Power ops & Access Console on VMs on vCloud & vSphere
    Deploy vApp templates in vCloud (fenced mode)
    Search for VMs & templates by name
    Launch vCD console for deeper operations
    Efficient and reliable transfer mechanism
    Point to point transfer between clouds
    Checkpoint restart to ensure reliable transfers
    Controlled sharing between users
    Multiple vSphere Client and vcloud.vmware.com users can share
    Each user needs to provide his own cloud credentials
    Accessible via multiple interfaces
    Accessible via vSphere Client
    Accessible via browser in vcloud.vmware.com
    Management interface
    Update of vCC Server & Node
  • 41. vCC Connects vSpheres environments & vClouds
    Copy VMs/vApps/ templates between vSphere and private/public vCloud
    See private/public vCloud resources inside vSphere Client
    Perform basic operation on vCloud resources such as power ops & console access
    (not managed by vCloud Director)
    Service ProviderPublic vCloud
    vSphere Client
    Marketing vApp
    Customer Survey vApp
    Marketing vApp
    QA Template
    QA Template
    Marketing vApp
    CustomerSurvey vApp
    Marketing vApp
    Marketing vApp
    QA Template
  • 42. Tier 3 VMware vCloud Powered Partner
    Common secure platform
    Seamless integration of enterprise and public cloud
    Leverages existing investments and maintaining control
    vCloud Connector free download
  • 43. Colo, Connectivity and Enterprise-Class Cloud Providers
  • 44. Cloud Delivery Blueprint
    • Proximity to customers & suppliers
    • 45. Integration with partners
    • 46. Ability to achieve economies of scale
    • High availability
    • 47. High physical security
    • Multi-vendor solutions
    • 48. Lower operating costs
    • 49. Fall-back & switching options
    • 50. Access to new services
    • 51. Optimized performance
    • “Never go Dark” capacity strategy
    • 52. On-demand access to space, power, & cooling
    • 53. Extreme network connectivity
    • 54. Integrate existing assets (tethering)
    • Business ecosystem connectivity
    • 55. Partner, supplier, & customer exposure
    • 56. Rapid business value creation
    • Flatter networks, more bandwidth
    • 57. Simple architectures
    • 58. Less complexity
    • 59. Lower latency within the Edge, WAN, and Service Nodes
  • ApplicationPerformance Matters
    Delivering application performance to meet customer expectations
    Right performance for each application
    Higher user satisfaction
    Increased adoption, customer loyalty, and revenue
    < 5ms
    < 50km
    < 50ms
    < 500km
    < 2000km
    Best Effort
    Performance matters for end user experience
  • 60. Cloud Connectivity Options
    Direct Connect
    (Layer 1)
    Carrier Ethernet
    (Layer 2)
    Optimized Internet Access
    (Layer 3)
    A comprehensive solution set for customer access to Cloud offerings
    • Is there a “colo” option for non-cloud apps?
    • 61. Ultra cost effective & secure
    • 62. SLA enablement
    • 63. Integrates with core IT architecture
    • 64. Multiple Equinix Marketplace channel/partner opportunities
    • 65. Aligned with corporate developer, ISV/SaaS, Global 2000 requirements
    • 66. How many “lit” buildings?
    • 67. Efficient, secure, QoS-enabled solutions
    • 68. Less complex, lower cost networks
    • 69. SLA enablement
    • 70. Integrates with WAN architecture
    • 71. Aligned with corporate developer, ISV/SaaS, Global 2000 requirements
    • How many networks connect globally?
    • 72. Cost effective, high throughput peering
    • 73. Low latency, direct to broadband networks capabilities
    • 74. Aligned with web developer, ISV, SMB & mid-market requirements
    • The Power of Choice - More service access capabilities for customers
    • 75. Higher QoE, Lower customer risk – Reference configurations
    • 76. Higher degree of integration & functionality with customers/partners
    • 77. Broadest range of network service providers & partners
  • Enabling High Performance Clouds
    Enabling new levels of cloud performance in network-dense data centers
    Direct proximity to customers to improve the end-user experience
    Multi-Tier Architectures Enable Performance & Economies of Scale
    • Aggregation to control costs, leverage existing assets, etc.
    Aligns Latency Sensitive Applications with Customer Geographies
    • Improved Customer Experience
    99.999% Uptime and High Physical Security
    • Meet Business Criticality Requirements
    Network Density & Choice
    • Improved Performance & Manages Costs
  • Enterprise Cloud Provider Checklist
  • 78. Tier 3: An Enterprise Cloud Innovator
    Time-tested Technology
    Continuously innovating on five years of unique IP in enterprise virtualization
    Proven Results
    >100 enterprises trust their mission critical apps, sites and development environments to our cloud
    Zone Footprint
    Three zones across the Americas by Q4
  • 79. Q&A