2011 Tidewater Physical Therapy CARES


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Every year, Tidewater Physical Therapy, Inc. recognizes its staff for caring about their patients, the community and the company. They show they care through their Commitment, Attitude, Relationships with other, Expertise and Service to others. Congratulations to the 2011 Tidewater Physical Therapy CARES recipients!

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2011 Tidewater Physical Therapy CARES

  1. 1. Company Meeting September 15, 2011 Tidewater CARES 2011 Company Meeting
  2. 2. Tidewater CARES C ommitment A ttitude & Enthusiasm R elationships E xpertise & Specialization S ervice
  3. 3. Briana Aiken Denbigh, Senior Physical Therapist “… dependable, outgoing, friendly, funny, and professional at all times with patients and staff.” “ She truly understands TPTI’s philosophy of getting patients in no matter what and she delivers top-notch clinical care to all of her patients.” “ She thinks outside the box when developing exercise programs.”
  4. 4. Joni Foster Hidenwood Clinic, PT Tech “… she is the life of the clinic and manages to make work fun even on the worst days.” Makes “every patient feel important.” “ Our clinic would truly not be the same without her.” “… a soundboard for problems and solutions, no matter how big or small.”
  5. 5. Pat Beltz Powhatan, Front Office Coordinator “ You can always count on Pat to be at (marketing) event(s) chatting up perspective and past patients.” “ To write down each time Pat has gone above and beyond in the two years at the Powhatan clinic would take too long.” “… gives extra effort at work, often coming in early, staying late and working Saturdays to ensure the office is running smoothly.”
  6. 6. Jennifer Flowers Colonial Heights, Front Office Coordinator “ It all starts at the front office. That initial contact sets the tone for all future transactions.” “ She has a gift to make each customer, whether it be a medical office, family member or patient, feel like part of our extended family .” “ Jennifer is a cornerstone of this office!!!”
  7. 7. Andrea Katz John Rolfe, Clinical Director In just two years, added “a TMD specialty to her practice” and now has “4-5 referrals a month.” Quickly gained respect among the medical community and has been invited to represent Tidewater Physical Therapy as a guest speaker at the Medical College of Virginia’s dental school and orthodontic society, as well as several personal functions of local dentists and oral surgeons .
  8. 8. Cory Wirt Brandermill, Clinical Director “ Provides immediate access to services.” “ He is soft spoken. A leader by example.” “ Demonstrates his commitment to the patient-physician focus model through his communication with both physician and patient.”
  9. 9. Katie Gessner Great Bridge, PT Tech “ She quickly develops a rapport with every patient, which helps everyone be comfortable with their treatment.” “ She understands that patients are the most important and always does her best to make sure they feel that way.” “ Katie is an important member of our team and a great extension of us!”
  10. 10. Lynzie Payne Glen Allen, Front Office Coordinator “ She is committed to ensuring our clinic runs efficiently and effectively, keeping all of our therapists in line.” “… has become an outstanding presence.” “ She has been able to handle managing a busy/hectic clinic in times of understaffing as well as managing and training front office floaters.”
  11. 11. Mike Kidder Redmill, PT Tech “… always flexible.” “… willing to cover at multiple locations (and) has modified his schedule repeatedly based on needs of new staffing .” “ Stays late to make sure PTs are not over loaded.”
  12. 12. Cindy Hartman Williamsburg, Physical Therapist “ People who receive PT by Cindy tell all their friends and family about their positive experience and how much better they feel.” “ Patients come to our clinic because they want to be treated by her.” “ Cindy is kind and respectful to every patient and every employee…which is why she is successful at building relationships.”
  13. 13. Dinah Babb Colonial Heights, PT Tech “… displays a very caring attitude and genuine interest in patients’ rehabilitation.” “ Dinah can be depended upon to arrive to work each day with a big smile and positive attitude towards the day.” “ She makes it a point to ask patients how they are doing each visit and continues to show support for patients through conversation for the duration of their visit.”
  14. 14. Amanda Tolbert Powhatan, Physical Therapist “ Amanda jumped into a busy schedule and hasn’t looked back.” “… always looking for opportunities to improve her hands on skills and has already taken many courses to improve those skills.” “ Amanda could have easily gotten caught up in the everyday routine of our clinic, but instead has actively pursued a specialization in women’s health.”
  15. 15. Tidewater CARES Jennifer Flowers, Lynzie Payne & Cory Wirt Dinah Babb, Joni Foster & Katie Gessner Briana Aiken& Cindy Hartman Andrea Katz & Amanda Tolbert Pat Beltz & Mike Kidder C ommitment A ttitude & Enthusiasm R elationships E xpertise & Specialization S ervice
  16. 16. Company Meeting September 15, 2011 Thank You! 2011 Company Meeting