GOOGLE - Miles Lazic 2012 Ticketing Professionals Conference


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In this session from the 2012 Ticketing Professionals Conference, Miles Lazic of Google addresses variety of developments with far reaching influence upon entertainment ticketing, including: Flight Search, Google Places, YouTube, Google Analytics and the Mobile r-evolution.

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  • Let’s take a look at the process as it exists today - it's too long and redundant.We need to tighten up the funnel.First you have to search on, hopefully, Google. CLICK. Then you have to view a list of hotels and providers and decide which one you want to click on because the search results don’t give the traveller all the information they need. CLICK. Then traveller then has to go to multiple OTA and hotel sites to compare different hotels, prices, availability etc. and then repeat this process the next time they search. The reason I say the ‘next time’ is because On average, users have 22 site visits across 9.5 sessions before they book. The problem here is that each one of you is potentially losing (and conversely each one of you is potentially gaining) a customer each time they create a new search. The issue here for the customer here is speed, reliability and ease of use. The question is how fast and easy are you making it for a customer to book with you? So now on to the stuff that Google is doing in the travel space! NEXT SLIDE
  • Similarly a search in Google maps for “Entertainment venues Sydney will bring up a list of venues and show them on a map.. Same as before, just click on the price and it will give you a list of sites to deep-link to and book your room. Also, simply change the dates above and the prices will update immediately. NEXT SLIDE
  • Once you have clicked the appropriate venue it will takle you to a search summary page…i.e who is playing when etc…
  • Now since mobile is currently a hot topic, and I’d get in trouble if I didn’t talk about it, Iwanted to examine its emerging role and its part in the travel planning and booking process. Before I jump right into the research, I thought I’d set the stage a bit. NEXT SLIDE
  • However, YouTube is an important platform for arts audiences seeking video; and there is already reasonable adoption of seeking this type of content through all appropriate stages of the attendance journey – research, excitement building, after the event and even at the event; and strong future interest in doing so. It has also been shown to be used by live music audiences when seeking audio tracks, in follow-up to attending an event.The qualitative research highlighted that, in relation to theatre and dance and live music events, online video content was found to be an effective way to educate and introduce new audiences to an art form –lies in building awareness and driving visitation of such content.It is important to highlight the way younger audiences have taken to sourcing online video content in relation to their event attendance, and it has now become a spontaneous behaviour for a greater proportion of younger audiences than older. However, the study has revealed that, aside from audiences aged 55 years and above, there is significant adoption among all age groups.The findings highlight the opportunities for arts organizations to continue development and promotion of rich content. YouTube can also become a means of driving more traffic to the video content housed on arts organizations' own sites. It is also important for organizations to remain up to date with the ‘user generated’ content available on YouTube (and Facebook), pertaining to their events and artists, which may or may not be creating an ideal positioning for an event, organization or art form. This involves constant monitoring of content found on social media sites to at least maintain an awareness of what may be affecting attitudes toward the event Research performed by Australia Council for Arts
  • Everything we do has mobile in mind
  • While the numbers here may look small, you have to look at the year on year growth that mobile is experiencing. Desktop queries are still king right now, but only for now. The mantra at Google right now is ‘Mobile First’. Everything that we’re doing, we’re doing with mobile in mind – does it look good on mobile, does it fit on a mobile screen, can any mobile user (both smartphones and tablets) use this easily. Are you doing the same? NEXT SLIDE
  • We’ve seen that consumers are willing to book even a high-price item like a cruisethrough their smartphone. So what might holding back others?I think most of us have experienced the pain of trying to use a complicated site on a phone. If consumers are going to continue to research, book, check-in, and reschedule travel plans through their mobile, then make it easy to do so with you. Those 50% and 27% figures drop off the easier it is for a consumer to access and use your mobile site.32% are concerned about data. OK, so put the essential stuff on your mobile site and don’t clutter it with unnecessary information.26% say they’re concerned about safety. I think most people probably felt the same way when internet booking was first introduced. But now we book almost anything online!And another 30% don’t have a smart phone. Given the high adoption rates of smart phones in Australia, it’s a pretty safe bet to say that number will decline.Only 11% say they haven’t considered it. Now is the time to iron out creases and get things right . Consumers will be forgiving for now, but they won’t be for much longer.If you’re interested in seeing how to go about making your site mobile worthy, check out It’s a Google site and it’s free to use. NEXT SLIDE
  • GOOGLE - Miles Lazic 2012 Ticketing Professionals Conference

    1. 1. NARPACA Ticketing Professionals Conference 21 February, 2012 Miles Lazic Business Solutions Manager lazic@google.com1 Google confidential
    2. 2. Guiding Topics2 Google confidential
    3. 3. ① Flight Search ② Google Places ③ YouTube ④ Google analytics ⑤ Mobile r-evolution3 Google confidential
    4. 4. The process today is too long… search on Google View Flight view travel pricing and and flight availability results Book flight search visit again on multiple travel or travel or Airline site Airline sites4 Google confidential View Travel and Hotel Results
    5. 5. Google Flight Search Google confidential
    6. 6. Event Search in Maps6 Google confidential 6
    7. 7. source: place source info here7 Google confidential
    8. 8. GOOGLE PLACES place source info here8 Google confidential
    9. 9. 99 Google confidential
    10. 10. • YouTube is on fire – usage, sharing, partnerships, and advertisers are all up • 4 billion+ views a day--up over 30% in the last eight months • 800M unique users visit YouTube each month • 3B hours of video watched per month • In 2011, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views -- that’s almost 140 views for every person on earth • 60 hrs. of video uploaded every minute--up 25% in the last eight months • More video uploaded to YouTube in a month than all 3 major US networks broadcast in the last 60 years • Video is socialsource: place source info here10 Google confidential
    11. 11. • 500 years worth of YouTube videos watched on Facebook/day • 700 YouTube videos shared on Twitter/minute • Partners and advertisers continue to succeed • Ad revenue across our 30K partners has more than doubled for the fourth year in a row • Hundreds of advertisers are using True View in-stream and 60% of our in-stream ads are now skip-able • Mobile momentum • YouTube mobile traffic tripled in 2011 • YouTube sees 600M mobile views a day11 Google confidential
    12. 12. YouTube a powerful Tool for Arts • YouTube Reach • YouTube delivering specific relevant content • A platform for research • A platform for promotion of Artists Lady Gaga YouTube Channel place source info here12 Google confidential
    13. 13. What does it mean…. • Ability to search new or established artists • Ability to promote new or established artists • Ability to promote or raise awareness of exhibitions…. • Engaging the audience with the artist….13 Google confidential
    14. 14. Analytics14 Google confidential
    15. 15. Google conversion trackingtrack roi and make smarter online advertising decisions. how does it work? •conversion tracking is a free tool that tracks conversions from your adwords ads. benefits for marketers •correlate ad clicks to custom conversion metrics •easily set up tracking for sales, sign-ups, leads, page-view, demo plays, and more •measure conversion value of campaigns, ad groups, and/or keywords and optimise bids accordingly15 Google confidential
    16. 16. Google analyticsdiscover. share. act. how does it work? • free analytics solution reports website visitor behavior benefits for marketers • understand who your visitors are and where they come from • learn how visitors use your website and compare your traffic against industry benchmarks • discover which visitors are likely to convert and how to attract more of them • optimise online and offline marketing by measuring post- click performance learn more about google analytics: Google confidential
    17. 17. Mobile R-evolution17 Google confidential
    18. 18. Australian Consumer smartphone penetration by age,genderimage to desired size. crop and carrier use this transparent box to 80% add contrast to text. 71% 70% 63% 60% 55% 54% 48% 49% 50% 45% 43% 42% 43% 41% 40% 39% 38% 40% 35% 36% 30% 31% 31% 31% 30% 27% 2010 22% 23% 2011 20% 20% 20% 15% 10% 10% 3% 0%Source: Telsyte Digital Consumer Study 2011. Base: 579 respondents, those interested or might be interested in purchasing a media tablet 18 Google confidential
    19. 19. Which type of smartphone do you intend to buy in the next 18 months? Other 15% Nokia MeeGo 1% Microsoft Windows 2% Symbian 2% Apple iPhone 52% BlackBerry 5% Google Android 23%Source: Telsyte Digital Consumer Study 2011. Base: 579 respondents, those interested or might be interested in purchasing a media tablet 19 Google confidential
    20. 20. Australian media tablet market 2011-2016 – units sold annually 6,000 60% 52% 5,000 50% 43% Units (thousands) 4,000 40% 33% 3,000 28% 30% 20% 4,850 2,000 4,205 20% 11% 3,445 2,705 1,000 2,055 10% 1,405 0 0% 2011(e) 2012(f) 2013(f) 2014(f) 2015(f) 2016(f) MID Population penetration of media tablets (%)Source: Telsyte Digital Consumer Study 2011. Base: 579 respondents, those interested or might be interested in purchasing a media tablet 20 Google confidential
    21. 21. Mobile Consumer R-Evolution Australiasource: Google internal data, *today = data for the past four weeks – october 2011; refers to AU point-of-sale 21 Google confidential
    22. 22. Make it Easy for Consumers to Find and Use your service Why aren’t consumers using their mobile yet? 50% say the screen isn’t 27% say that sites are big enough not phone friendly 32% are concerned 26% are concerned about data plan about safety … and only 30% don’t have a smart 11% haven’t phone considered itBase: All who carried out travel related activities online, n=909.Q. Which ofGoogle confidential reasons you might not use your mobile phone to access the internet to carry out travel related activities? 22 the following describe the 2
    23. 23. Thank You!23 Google confidential