Effective Tools for Managing, Promoting and Selling Out Your Event Online


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Effective Tools for Managing, Promoting and Selling Out Your Event Online

Presentation for Webit, October, 10-11th 2012
Speaker - Nick Surmanidze

Published in: Technology, Business
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Effective Tools for Managing, Promoting and Selling Out Your Event Online

  1. 1. Effective Tools for Managing, Promoting and Selling Out Your Event Online Nick Surmanidze Webit October, 10-11th 2012
  2. 2. What is it? TicketForEvent is an online registration & e-ticketing service for event websites. It’s a fully-featured online ticketing service which offers 90+ international and local payment methods 107 905 e-tickets for 1009 events sold
  3. 3. How it works
  4. 4. How it works Register on TicketForEvent.com Set up the service on any website Customise the service Register attendees and sell tickets Analyse statistics
  5. 5. Key Features
  6. 6. Key Features Creation and setup Registration page building Tickets and badges page of any complicity, design and URL customisation different types colour coding quantity and sales period limit Tickets and service design logo, schemes, maps on the ticket widget and button design to fit event website 90+ payment options Set up and sell Customer support Set up a button, widget or interactive seating map on event website or any other by simply copy-pasting automatically generated HTMLcode… our team is always ready to answer questions about the service international and local
  7. 7. Key Features Marketing tools and control Discounts and promo codes Broaden sales channels group discounts promo codes set up event website or any other affiliate network E-mail campaigns Real time notifications to registered attendees to imported contact list customisation about registrations and tickets sold Check-in Statistics control free software online/offline entry points synchronization before, during and after event registrations and sales stats attendee data analysis
  8. 8. How to integrate
  9. 9. How to Integrate simply copy-paste the generated HTML-code In your admin panel you may choose the form of service integration I. Button (may forward to interactive seating map or widget)
  10. 10. How to Intergrate 2. Interactive seating map
  11. 11. How to Integrate simply copy-paste the generated HTML-code 3. Widget for ticket sale
  12. 12. E-Ticket
  13. 13. How E-Ticket Works Attendees register and pay for tickets They receive tickets via e-mail You scan tickets at the entrance
  14. 14. Choose Ticket or Badge Ticket Badge
  15. 15. E-ticket Structure Order and Event organiser information Attendee receives e-ticket via email after the payment is made Customisable text for attendee In addition to standard text the ticket may content maps, schemes, logotypes, advertising blocks etc. Logos, hall plan, map etc. E-ticket design is customised within the TicketForEvent admin panel Additional income for you Event Logo Attendee name Barcode to scanned with scanner QR-code to be scanned with webcam
  16. 16. Ticket Sales
  17. 17. Payment Options Choose from 90+ payment options – local and international You may provide attendees with different payment options convenient for your clients
  18. 18. Distribute Tickets Create your own affiliate network Send an invitation link to your partners They promote your event More attendees on your event Fully-automated! Customisation tools are in admin panel You sell more tickets and partners get the commission you set up Partner controls his statistics and you see data of all the partners individual commission setup for each partner promotion materials upload each partner stats control (commission, income)
  19. 19. E-mail campaigns Plan and Send E-mail to: - registered attendees by using flexible filters - your imported contact list Personalized e-mails What you can send: - event news - any additional information - promo-codes and discounts - invitations to register or buy tickets etc.
  20. 20. Tickets, orders and visitors stats Before, during and after the event In the TicketForEvent admin panel you control all the ticket sales and registrations
  21. 21. Check-in Online or Offline Multi-entry TicketForEvent check-in – avoid queuing and save time! To organise your check-in you need: - webcam or scanner - set up our Entry Management Tool (free software to identify attendees, available from the admin panel) Immediately start scanning QR- and barcodes for each ticket!
  22. 22. Cases
  23. 23. Russian Event with Robert & Kim Kiyosaki Moscow June,16 2012 Interactive seating map > 5,000 attendees
  24. 24. World Trade Centers Association 43id General Assembly September, 22-24 2012 Ticket sales + Hotel booking
  25. 25. Cloud Foundry Open Tour (Vmware event) April, 26 2012 Russia
  26. 26. InnoCos Pack (KGS Global) November, 27-28 2012 The Netherlands
  27. 27. Our Happy Customers
  28. 28. Contacts Head office United Kingdom 4th Floor, 13 John Prince's Street London W1G 0JR, United Kingdom tel. + 44 20 7043 5170 fax + 44 20 7043 5180 www.ticketforevent.com Sales Offices Russia 12, 1st Truzhennikov pereulok, build. 3 119121 Moscow tel. +7 499 969 80 24 Ukraine 2nd Floor, 86K Bozhenko Street, Kyiv tel./fax +38 044 200 03 92 Coming soon Poland Turkey
  29. 29. online registration and e-ticketing service E-ticket your event! THANK YOU! Teşekkürler! 