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  • 1. NOTES
  • 2. Billboard is a weekly American magazine devoted tothe music industry, and is one of the oldest trademagazines in the world. It maintains severalinternationally recognized music charts that track themost popular songs and albums in various categorieson a weekly basis.It’s company is called ‘Prometheus Global Media’The number of copies it distributes, on average, foreach issue is 16,327.
  • 3. Billboard was founded in Cincinnati onNovember 1st 1894 by William H. Donaldsonand James H. Hennegan
  • 4. With the development of the jukebox industry during the 1930s, TheBillboard began publishing music charts.Pop, Rhythm & Blues, and Country &Western.
  • 5.  Language – (Ke$ha) colloquial, informal(Gaga) formalTone – (Ke$ha) energetic (Gaga) seriousFont – (Ke$ha) serif (Gaga) sans serif
  • 6. Drop Cap – shows the reader where to start, easier to start reading,easier to get intoSlug & Editorial pillar – first thing reader seesArticle title – bold red, catches readers attentionLeading text – from big to small, easier to get intoPull quote – draws audience in, interesting, stands outAnchor – secures eye flow, avoids eyes being lost, brings back to theright, complete lookGutter – space at the bottomImage – goes across both sides, builds continuityDisco – more information, looks like buildings which gives an urbanvibe. Also looks like music bars.
  • 7. The colours, against the white background,stand out and attract the audience.Gagas’s black lipstick matches the writing.‘Gaga’ in red matches ‘contents’Gaga’s white hair compliments thebackground.
  • 8. Simple gesture, highlights her significanceand the fact that she’s famous.Smizing, draws audience inTeeth showing, again white overpowering thepageHair blown to the right, to the text
  • 9. Variety of artists, so much to do with thegenre, most familiar with it, fun, exciting,different, confident, just out there.