BTS 152 Australia
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BTS 152 Australia






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  • I really would like to go to Australia!
  • Background picture added (not really green friendly). I also added a wave sound (waves)
  • 80% of people live in New South Wales & Victoria
  • Government: Federal Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy (most fascinating to me)
  • Hyperlinks are added as shown
  • Harbor sounds added. The harbor with the opera house & the gate are such a magnificent symbol of Australia
  • Emphasis / spin animation added. Felt tip pen mark added to the slideshow.
  • The largest ‘living’ thing on Earth.
  • You don’t want to get lost there…;)
  • Add pictures
  • Textured background applied (50% dim). I changed font color change for contrast
  • Action button (return to first slide) added

BTS 152 Australia BTS 152 Australia Presentation Transcript

  • Tibor Nagy
  • Country of 22 million Located on the Southern Hemisphere Language: Australian English Currency: Australian Dollar (AUD) Largest cities: Sydney & Melbourne Culture: Anglo – Celtic WesternAustralia 2
  • States New South Wales Queensland South Australia Tasmania Victoria Western Australia Territories Northern Territory Australian Capital TerritoryAustralia 3
  • Human habitation 40,000 + years ago Modern Indigenous Australians - Aboriginals 1606 first recorded European sighting 1770 Claim by British Crown 1788 Jan 26 – Australia Day 1901 Jan 1 – Constitution (Independence) 1907 Commonwealth of Australia 1986 Australia Act – ending British roleAustralia 4
  • Sydney Great Barrier Reef Gold Coast Tasmania The Outback Kakadu National Park Ayers Rock Great Ocean RoadAustralia 5
  • Back to Top Tourist DestinationsAustralia 6
  • Sydney Temperature Table 30 Mean temperature in Celsius 25 20 15 10 Max. daily temp. 5 Min. daily temp. 0 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec MonthAustralia 7
  • Back to Top Tourist DestinationsAustralia 8
  • Back to Top Tourist DestinationsAustralia 9
  • Kangaroo Koala Platypus Wallaby Tasmanian Devil Wombat CamelAustralia 10
  • Australia is a country and a continent World’s smallest & least populated continent World 6th largest country by area Drive on the left – watch out About 24% of population was born oversees Summer months: December, January, February… Southern Hemishpere Aussie means Australian (but you knew that) National colors: green and gold (but the flag is blue, red & white)Australia 11
  • See you in Australia soon…Australia 12