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7 Major-Causes_Of_Failure_In_Think_And_Grow_Rich

7 Major-Causes_Of_Failure_In_Think_And_Grow_Rich



I was talking some people and during that conversation this book was mentioned. ...

I was talking some people and during that conversation this book was mentioned.
I bought the book when I was in another business about 8 years ago. I read it and put it aside.
During the conversation I remembered why I bought the book, It was the title

"Think and Grow Rich"



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    7 Major-Causes_Of_Failure_In_Think_And_Grow_Rich 7 Major-Causes_Of_Failure_In_Think_And_Grow_Rich Document Transcript

    • digit alblo gge rs.co m http://digitalblo ggers.co m/christinegilmartin/think-and-gro w-rich-napo leo n-hill/7 Major Causes Of Failure In Think and Grow Rich.Have you read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill yet?I was talking some people and during that conversation this book wasmentioned.I bought the book when I was in another business about 8 years ago.I read it and put it aside.During the conversation I remembered why I bought the book, It wasthe title“Think and Grow Rich“I thought to myself if only it was that simple “thinking” and growingrich wouldn’t that be cool!But I decided to get the book out again because of my recentconversation. T he pages have discoloured now and it has its ends turned up. .I had marked various sections so I was skimming over them andI want to share with you some of the reasons while people f ail in lif e. It made me think and I hope it willmake you think too!I came across T HE 30 MAJOR CAUSES OF FAILURE (How many of these are Holding you back?) in…..Think and Grow Rich - 7 Major Causes Of FailureNow I will just mention three them in this postT hink and grow rich – major cause 2LACK OF WELL DEFINED-PURPOSE IN LIFENapoleon said, “Nighty eight out of every hundred of those whom I have analysed had no such aim.Perhaps this was the major cause of their failure.”Think and grow rich – major cause 3LACK OF AMBIT ION T O AIM ABOVEMEDIOCRIT YHe says here, “We offer no hope for thisperson who is so indifferent as not to wantto get ahead in life and who is not willing topay the price.”Think and grow rich – major cause 5LACK OF SELF DISICIPLINE
    • “Disicipline comes through self control.This means that you must control all negative qualities.Beforeyou can control conditions,you must first control yourself.”Think and grow rich – major cause 9LACK OF PERSISTANCE“Most of us are good starters but are poor finishers of everything we begin. Moreover people areprone to give up at the first sign of defeat”Think and grow rich – major cause 12UNCONT ROLLED DESIRE FOR SOMET HING FOR NOT HING“The gambling instinct drives millions of people to failure.Evidence of this way be found in a study ofthe .com fiasco of the early 2000s, in which millions of people tried to invest money by investing infly-by-night companies”Think and grow rich – major cause 16Over-Caution“T he person who takes no chances generally has totake whatever is left when others have finishedchoosing. Over-Caution is as bad as under-caution.Both are extremes to be guarded opinion.Life itself with the element of chance”.Think and grow rich – major cause 19WRONG SELECTION OF A VOCATION“No one can succeed in a line of endeavour they do not like. The most essential step in marketingyour services is selecting an occupation into which you can throw yourself wholeheartedly.”Well these were only seven of the Major Causes of Failure f rom the book Think and Grow Rich byNapoleon Hill .T he total number is 31. So what is suggest you do is get yourself a copy of T hink and GrowRich and look up the remaining 24. T hey ARE worth the read!T his is a great book and I f eel ashamed that I had f orgotten aboutthis book not now I am remembering and putting things into practice.If you want to have a successf ul lif e f or you and your loved onesthen click here only if you are serious about change!T hanks f or stopping by and please leave a comment..I would love toknow what you thought aboutT hink and Grow Rich-7 Major Causes Of Failure , did it do it f oryou?Let me know!Remember t o leave your comment s on 7 Major Causes OfFailure In Think and Grow Rich please!
    • Skype Me: christine.gilmartinConnect with me on FacebookConnect with me on Pinterest or click here ==>If you liked this please Tweet and Pin itT his entry was posted in Digital Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, Mindset.Tags: Napoleon Hill, Napoleon Hill quotes, Think & Grow Rich, Thinkand Grow Rich, think and grow rich a black choice, think and growrich audio, think and grow rich download, think and grow richebook, think and grow rich pdf, Think and Grow Rich Quotes, thinkand grow rich secret, think and grow rich summary, •Next Post →