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Is that going well for you? Is it working out for you?
Have you got involved in that and bought the t-shirt like me? It really is a tough business model but like loads of new entrepreneurs are going into this because they are happy to do so and are racing with every other entrepreneur at the bottom.

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5 Amazing-Tips_On_How_To_Sell_A_Product_Online

  1. 1. digit alblo gge rs.co m http://digitalblo ggers.co m/christinegilmartin/ho w-to -sell-a-pro duct-5-tips/5 Amazing Tips On How To Sell A Product OnlineHow To Sell A Product T ip.1Is that going well f or you? Is it working out f or you?Have you got involved on that and bought the t-shirt likeme.It really is a tough business model but like loads of newentrepreneurs are going into this because they are happyto do so and are racing with every other entrepreneur atthe bottom.When you f irst look it the plan makes sense because by of f ering the lowest price to the customers youwill end us reaching the lions share.Just look at the huge retail giants like Asda, Tesco, and Walmart who are operating this way by a pricewar and driving the prices lower and lower. T his is great f or the customer but f or you as an entrepreneuris it bad news. T hey know how to sell a product or two!How To Sell A Product T ip 2T he problem is this you are just one person and that meansyou don’t have the massive buying power not to mentionsdistribution or product selection that they have along with theother advantages that they have.When you are in thesestores they sell everything and you can it all under the oneroof , f rom groceries, household products, alcohol,conf ectionary, tobacco, f oreign currency and cloths and thelist goes on and on. So who does this online?. Well Amazonis the closest and they f ocus of the customers who buybooks. You tend to f ind that book buyers are bettercustomers f or their other products. Amazon uses their huge network into products at all pricelevels.T hey know how to sell a product to a a wide chose of people.How To Sell A Product T ip 3You need to start thinking that rather than appealingto the largest part of the market because that iswhere all your competitors are and are racing andf ighting to race at the bottom. So let’s start thinkingwhat is and where the most prof itable portion of themarket is is. Who is prepared the pay a premium pricef or the quality product and the best solution? Nowmaybe that is only 5% of the market.So who are thesepeople and where the heck do you f ind them. What isthat they are buying or want to buy? At DEA we know how do you sell a product to those people? Whatare the perf ect solutions/results f or these people? Are these people average or do they do things andthink dif f erently f rom the average type of customer? SFM & DEA know exactly how to sell a product andto the right customer.How To Sell A Product T ip 4
  2. 2. When I started online I was in a dire way f inancially. Ihad a f ailed business, the recession was here andbecause of my age I couldn’t get work.I knew thatsome people have money and the ,majority don’t andthat was because of the way they think.So you stillsee people buying expensive cars and luxuries. Youmight f ind it hard to believe especially with therecession news that we get f rom the newpapersPremium retail is booming Neiman Marcus, f orexample, reported same-store sales increased by 7.9% in the past year.It all depends on who you’reselling to.Focus on the customer, the one that is best and is the most quailif ied. T heref ore you arelooking away f rom your mass market 95% to the best type of customer which is within the 5%. Once youhave your audience you will know how to sell a product and to whom.How To Sell A Product T ip 5Focus on your “backend” or align yourself as and af f iliate withcompanies that are!Create your brand around the premium side.T hen, if it f its your business model, expand out into othersolutions f rom there.What most people are doing today is selling their “dream solution”f or $27. But their backend “f unnel” doesn’t exist!A f ew might upgrade to their other higher priced solutions, but themajority don’t bother.T he majority are still stuck at the price they sold them with originally. T hey only buy when you of f er themother $27 products.It all depends on who you’re marketing to…the solutions you of f er them…and the value you set f or yourbrand. Remember you want to market to the 5%, the premium.You really need to get clear in your mind that you are walking away f rom the mass market, the 95% andwalking towards the 5%.If you’d like in-depth personal help choosing your customers,f inding your brand, and building a long-term prof itable internetbusiness, check out T he Six Figure Mentors! You will will f indout just how to sell a product. You will also f ind out how tosell a product where you have a highly trained sales teamwho will do it f or you..How to sell a product that has a huge amount of value f oryour customer.How to sell a product where you customers will rave aboutyou, want to know how? click hereHow to sell a product and know you can sleep at night!Skype Me: christine.gilmartinConnect with me on FacebookConnect with me on Pinterest or click here ==>
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