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  • 1. Characters costumes and sketches
    By GaganRana
    Updated by Tia Kelly-Hunnigale
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  • 6. This character could not find time to be filmed due to other commitments. However I sketched out all characters from what I understood. We originally decided to have five characters however with one dropping out our group decided to have four characters in our final film.
  • 7. Kelly is played by Emma heming de-allie. The images above show what the actor and the costume sketches wear and how it compares with each other.
  • 8. Kelly is wearing this costume to show that she is fashion conscious. She is wearing clothes that are high in fashion at the present time.
  • 9. Anna is played by Kate King. The images above compare the sketch with what the actor actually wore on the day of filming.
  • 10. Anna’s long flowing hair emphasizes her innocence. She is wearing simple, non designer clothing
  • 11. Octavia is played by Amy Fairtlough. The images above compare what the actor wore on the day of filming and the sketch.
  • 12. Octavia’s clothes don’t express her individuality as much as I would like them too, however, they do show her personality well. Her relaxed and comfortable clothing shows her relaxed attitude.
  • 13. Krissy is played by Grace Griffin. The images above compare what the actor wore on the day of filming with the characters sketch.
  • 14. Krissy’s outfit also fits her personality. It shows she is the most practical out of the group as she is the only one dressed for the camping activity.