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Pavan Vaish - Daksh Case Study - TiE SME Conference 2011
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Pavan Vaish - Daksh Case Study - TiE SME Conference 2011

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  • 1. Daksh: A case study in establishing leadership in the hyper growth, hyper competitive and constantly changing BPO industry by Pavan Vaish Co-founder & CEO IBM Daksh
  • 2. Key Messages of the Presentation
    • Pre-Foundation Story: Should we…Should we not…
    • Daksh Evolution: Internet Player to One-stop Shop
    • Daksh – The New Paradigm
    • Business Learnings
    • What Is Leadership All About?
  • 3. Pre-Foundation
  • 4. Why was Daksh founded Should we…Should we Not Cofounder & CEO Daksh eServices Pvt. Ltd. Cofounder & Exec. VP Daksh eServices Pvt. Ltd.
    • Worked in MNCs and large Indian industrial houses
    • Brings the best of both the worlds, entrepreneurial urge
    • Existing family business needed growth
    • Looking to create the next Infosys of CRM
    Enablers VC funding/Internet Boom
  • 5. What Should We Do ??? Is Business Process Outsourcing the next dot com? Should we do software – established players barrier to entry Export business was decided – STPI benefits – “Tax Free” Not looking at an “Eye-ball” model but a “Service Model” Talent pool – Software engineer pool shrinking// high churn – College graduates’ large pool freely available 1 2 4 6 7 Ride on the Internet Industry Growth 3 Business Model which could get VC funding 5
  • 6. Customer Care on the Web Our Market Research Slides from the presentation made to our 1 st Venture Capitalist
  • 7. Daksh Evolution
  • 8. Our Founding Vision… Slides from the presentation made to our 1 st Venture Capitalist
  • 9. Our Business Model for a Successful Company Process Idea Value Creation Build Infrastructure Raise Capital Operational Excellence Hire People Acquire Customers Optimal management of 5 blocks helps a $ of equity generate a $ in perpetuity profit; Elapsed period 2 years
  • 10. Creating High Performance through ‘Alignment’ and ‘Empowerment’ EMPOWERMENT ALIGNMENT Profitable & Sustainable Growth Vision, Mission, Values, Goals
    • Create the VMV & G foundation
    • Centralize Alignment to synergize efforts
    • Decentralize & Empower people to deliver performance
    An Alignment Platform which is our Vision-Mission-Values & Goals (VMV & G) An Execution Platform in the form of Decentralization & Empowerment
  • 11. Satisfied 4 Key Constituents ISAT COMSAT CSAT ESAT
  • 12. Daksh…The New Paradigm Daksh becomes a part of IBM In a single leap, Daksh has become a part of the world’s fastest growing BPO company
  • 13.
    • Strong Global Brand
    • Powerful Employee Proposition
      • Global Employer
      • Global Career Paths
    • Enhanced Customer Acquisition Capability
      • Onshore-Offshore
      • Multi-geo delivery capability
      • Multi-tower capabilities
      • End-to-end offering
      • F&A, Procurement and HR
      • Bigger Deal Sizes
    • Technological tools, utilities and assets for fueling growth in business processes
      • E-Learning, performance management system, real-time adherence system, quality assessment tool
    • World-class controls posture
      • SACA, QRM, Client Controls, SoD Matrix
    IBM Daksh
    • 4+years BPO experience in 2004 during acquisition
    • Strong Local Brand
    • Complement Employee Proposition
      • Third Party Service Provider
      • Indian Origin / Culture
    • Expanding Portfolio
      • CRM, Health Insurance b/o, Tech-support, Telecom b/o
      • Operational centers in India and Philippines
    • Leveraging Best Practices
      • Talent Transformation Practices
      • Transitioning methodology
      • Voice over shared network technology
      • Rigorous Pricing Process
      • Monthly Performance management systems including Stack Ranking
      • Client Feedback (VOC) Mechanism
      • Operational Dashboards
    • High-quality management team
    IBM Daksh IBM’s Global BPO Delivery Vehicle
  • 14. Business Learnings…
    • Focus on Scalability
    • Focus … Focus …. Focus – ignore the media/hype
    • Recruit the best talent … that is culturally & value aligned
    • Adequate management bandwidth
    • Centralization vs De-Centralization
    • Deliver “good enough” and capture profitable market share
    • Throw your best resources on your most promising opportunities, not your most pressing problems
    • Focus on Longevity
    • Differentiate on performance: Pay for Performance
    • Build a strong culture & value system
    • Prices leader = loss leader (once a Tier 2 price player, always there)
    • Corporate governance, WYSIWYG – live the value system
    • Invest in people…bring in work life balance to reduce burn out
  • 15. Business Learnings…
    • Surviving the Recession
    • Strategic execution … seeing round the corner
    • “ It is my neighbors problem”
    • Hitting the brakes on expense
    • Knowing what to continue to invest in (People)
    • Growth leaders vs Cyclical leaders vs Commodity business leaders
    • The power of communication
    • Organizational value system and culture
    • Frugality starts at the top
  • 16. Leadership is all about …
    • A strong value system
    • Never compromise on your integrity
    • Clarity of goals, short term as well as long term
    • Being balanced
    • Being patient, instant gratification is a recipe for failure
    • Not being afraid of failure
    • Being humble
    • Continuous learning
    • Openness to feedback ( 360 degree )
    • Respect for people
    • Having a long term perspective
    • There are no shortcuts, be ready to slog
  • 17. Thank You “ If things seem under control, you’re just not going fast enough” Mario Andretti