Paritosh Sharma on Making SEO, PPC, SMM & Mobile Work Together


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Paritosh Sharma on Making SEO, PPC, SMM & Mobile Work Together

  1. 1. SMM and Mobile 2.0 Paritosh Sharma (SMM Evangelist, OMLogic Consulting) May 23, 2009
  2. 2. What are you searching for?
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Where to START from?
  5. 5. SMM – ohh! what is that?
  6. 6. Otto Rohwedder First 15 years it was a failure Message and the Medium?
  7. 7. Wonder Bread : Knew how to spread the word!!
  8. 8. “ If you want to cause a change, you have to know how to spread the idea”
  9. 9. Message and the Medium?
  10. 10. Interruptive Marketing v/s Relevant Brand Positioning
  11. 11. Customer is the king, hold his throat and bombard him with messages till he buys! Interruptive Marketing... johny its long gone
  12. 12. A broad level strategic process for the creation of the right message to engage your customers Be in the listening of your consumer! Understand his buying behavior.
  13. 13. Creating custom designed messages to engage your customers into meaningful conversations POSITION your BRAND right
  14. 14. I got it, its easy -
  15. 15. I know all of these...Is this SMM?
  16. 16. Hmmm... Yes, BUT
  17. 17. Make your client INTERACT with you on your web site… hold him there! Give him engaging content, Relevant content
  18. 18. Great, so I know the medium... How do I design the right content?
  19. 19. I’d like to report a crime...and I’m thirsty, so let me find the next coke vending machine! Clients on Social Media are NOT foolish It’s all out there in the OPEN
  20. 20. Understand this Consumers _________________ about you at all
  21. 21. Understand this Consumers DONT CARE about you at all
  22. 22. Do you know your market?
  23. 23. S T O P They are NOT listening! They Don’t care
  24. 24. These are the passionate community who would talk about you! Go find them on Social Media
  25. 25. Ohh….WOW …look a COW
  26. 26. Chances are…you would STOP ….Look… Go! But, if its a Purple Cow...
  27. 27. You have a great product… you have identified the target market… … and wallah… People are talking about you Before the fizz goes out You need to make your consumers feel that your product is REMARK-ABLE!
  28. 28. Community...yeah I know RELEVANT Community... is the key It says: 3,435,949 fans
  29. 29. Virality Going... going ... gone
  30. 30. Brand Reputation Management One Size Fits All?
  31. 31. Brand Reputation Management The riskiest thing that you can now do for your brand is be safe
  32. 32. Build COMMUNITIES ….focused groups!
  33. 33. I dont want Email ... I want Me Mail Mobiles are penetrating the market much FASTER
  34. 34. Is already here with the REAL MOBILE 2.0
  35. 35. Thank You! Email: [email_address] | Phone: +91-9999 765 121 Ready to realize the full potential of Online Marketing? Twitter: paritoshsharma | Blog: | LinkedIn: paritoshsh