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Member's Handbook: Get to know what TiE is, what are the activities that we do an how a member can leverage the most of their membership.

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Members Handbook

  2. 2. TiE Delhi-NCR Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  3. 3. TiE Delhi-NCR Welcome Note • Saurabh Srivastava - Chairman Emeritus • Deep Kalra – President • Geetika Dayal – Executive Director TiE and Global Initiatives • About TiE, Genesis of TiE • Mission & Objectives of TiE • Iconic TiE Charter Members • Global Events & Initiatives TiE Delhi - NCR • About TiE Delhi – NCR • Achievements • Initiatives • TiE Delhi-NCR Board • TiE Delhi-NCR Presidents • SIG Chairs • TiE Team Membership & Benefits • Membership Types & Benefits • Testimonials Leveraging the Network • How to maximize the Benefits of being a TiE Member Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally M E M B E R S H A N D B O O K
  4. 4. TiE Delhi-NCR Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  5. 5. TiE Delhi-NCR WELCOME NOTE Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  6. 6. TiE Delhi-NCR Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  7. 7. TiE Delhi-NCR Dear Friends, I am delighted to extend to you a warm welcome to our family of entrepreneurs. I take this op-portunity to share with you our pleasure of receiving the award for “The Best TiE Chapter” globally for the year 2012-2013. Hopefully, over the last 13 years, our endeavour to contribute has brought about a change in the lives of our members. TiE is a platform which brings together all the stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem- Academia, Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, Banks, Incubators, and Corporates together and makes them accessible to entrepreneurs. TiE has continuously taken the lead and hopes to build on its strengths to create an increasingly positive ecosystem for entrepreneurs. Remaining true to our core cause, ‘helping start-ups, start-up’, we continuously thrive to experi-ment and contribute to the entrepreneurial growth of our members. With the same enthusiasm and passion to keep contributing, on behalf of the Board and Secretariat of TiE Delhi-NCR, I would like to welcome you, dear members, to the family. We stand to ensure that you win the game of entrepreneurship. Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally With regards, Saurabh Srivastava Chairman Emeritus TiE Delhi-NCR
  8. 8. TiE Delhi-NCR Dear Members, On behalf of TiE’s 16,000 members in 18 countries worldwide, it’s a privilege to welcome you to our family. We hope that by concerted efforts of our team, we will be able to contribute to you individually and to your organization as a whole. TiE Delhi-NCR is among the largest and most vibrant chapters across the vast TiE network. In the last 13 years, it has lived up to its mission of fostering entrepreneurship and has emerged as a progressive organization itself. From being a member since 2001, to winning “TiE Lumis Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards” in 2008 till becoming the President of the Chapter in 2013, it has been a long & satisfying journey personally of significant associations. TiE Delhi-NCR strives to provide the best service through mentoring, networking and education to each member. I hope to be able to connect with you at various levels and be a part of your success story. Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally With regards, Deep Kalra President TiE Delhi-NCR
  9. 9. TiE Delhi-NCR Dear Members, TiE is an organisation created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Incredible individuals, inspira-tional ideas, infectious energy and everlasting bonds are a hallmark of the TiE family. I take this opportunity to welcome you to dive into this pool of intellectual capital and make the most of it. On behalf of my team, I sincerely hope to deliver to you a structure that would stand as a back-bone to your journey as an entrepreneur. We take pride in being the leader of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Delhi-NCR. TiE Delhi-NCR has become an excellent platform for entrepreneurs, professionals, industry leaders and inves-tors to interact with one another and forge long lasting relationships. We conduct various events every year covering key aspects of entrepreneurship leading to personal & professional growth. Individual mentoring sessions and networking opportunities are available in abundance. We continuously experiment to add value to the entrepreneurial journey of our members. We urge you to be proactive in your engagement with TiE and derive maximum value from it. The TiE team is available to you at all times for any support that you may require. With the hope of making a difference to you individually and to your organization, I welcome you to our family. Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally Warm regards, Geetika Dayal Executive Director TiE Delhi-NCR
  10. 10. TiE Delhi-NCR Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  11. 11. TiE Delhi-NCR TiE & Global Initiatives Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  12. 12. TiE Delhi-NCR Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  13. 13. TiE Delhi-NCR About TiE TiE is recognized as a global organization that fosters entrepreneurship through mentoring, net-working and education. The purpose of TiE is to encourage and nurture the next generation of en-trepreneurs and add to the virtuous cycle of wealth creation spurring development and economic growth of the world. Founded in 1992 in Silicon Valley by a group of successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives and senior professionals with roots in Indus region, TiE has strived to be the forum of choice for entre-preneurs, investors, incubators and business professionals over the years. There are currently over 16,000 members including over 2,500 charter members in 62 chapters across 18 countries. The Genesis of TiE The concept of TiE was born at the end of 1992 at a lunch meeting of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs & professionals. The idea originated with the objective of sharing & giving back to the society. Initially this small group of individuals launched monthly activities which, in turn, attracted more members. By 1994, TiE had become a formal organization with a larger group of members and participants. TiE remains a unique volunteer driven organization, with the single-minded focus on its objectives. Mission & Objectives of TiE TiE’s mission is to foster & advance entrepreneurship across the globe. Its principle objective is to provide a platform on which people with entrepreneurial spirit and the ones interested in creating economic value can come together to share ideas. TiE endeavours to cultivate and nurture the eco-systems of entrepreneurship & free-market economics everywhere as it sees this to be the single most powerful instrument of prosperity. The Mission Statement The mission of TiE is to foster entrepreneurship globally through mentoring, networking & educa-tion. The Vision Statement The vision of TiE is to be recognized as the global organization fostering entrepreneurship The Purpose • The purpose of TiE is to encourage & nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs • Dedicated to the virtuous cycle of wealth creation, TiE Charter Members (accomplished en trepreneurs & businessmen) aim to give back to the community mentoring aspiring entre preneurs • TiE aims at spurring development & economic growth in vibrant economies as well as un-der- developed regions Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  14. 14. TiE Delhi-NCR TiE Chapters across the world Some iconic TiE Charter Members Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  15. 15. TiE Delhi-NCR TiE Global Events & Initiatives TiE International Business Plan Competition TiE International Business Plan Competition is in 2 tracks now. It provides Graduate-level University students and their teams a chance to compete in World’s largest and most successful Busi-ness Plan Competition at Rice University in Houston, Texas. The program has been expanded in 2013 to give non-student teams a chance to compete for cash prizes and the opportunity to pre-sent in front of a panel of experienced investors. Eligible chapters, Asia Region: Dubai, Hong Kong, India (Bhubaneswar, Coimbatore, Delhi, Hy-derabad, Kerala, Kolkata, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Rajasthan, UP), Pakistan (Islamabad) Chapters produce - • A Minimum of 1 team for the Rice Track • 1-3 teams for the Investor Track Winning teams from each participating chapter compete at a Regional Final either in front of the Investor Panel or Rice Judging Panel. TiE Annual Global CM Retreat The Annual TiE Global Retreat is an exclusive networking meeting For TiE Charter Members or successful business leaders. The Global CM Retreat facilitates professional networking as well as informal mingling within our network of 2,500 TiE Charter Members from around the globe. It also serves as an excellent way to foster closer ties amongst the CM community, and thereby furthers the mission of our organization. TiE Global online Forums There is a great deal of value that CMs derive by increased CM-to- CM connections across the globe. These forums are intended to be a Charter Member driven on-line communities for a specific topic of in-terest. The topic of these forums could be business, personal or social in nature, anything that you are passionate about, and that you be-lieve other CMs are also interested in. Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  16. 16. TiE Delhi-NCR TiE Global Annual Report The TiE Global Annual Report captures the highlights and achieve-ments of the TiE Network - from Global programming to Local Chapter innovations. Learn about TiE activities and programs promoting networking, mentoring, startup investments, and ed-ucational initiatives taking place all around the world. View pho-tos from the exclusive Charter Member Retreat and from local Chapter events. Speaker’s forum TiE Global has facilitated the much-awaited - “Speakers Forum”, a platform where Chapters can share and seek “Speakers”. The new “Speakers Forum” features prominent personalities from around the world who have graced TiE events in the past. These outstand-ing speakers have the power to inspire and educate. It is a platform whereby all TiE Chapters in the Network can collaboratively share their relationships, and deliver power and meaning to this project. Mentoring TiE was founded on the belief that nurturing entrepreneurs will lead to the virtuous cycle of wealth creation, and encapsulates the true spirit of giving back to the community. It was late C.K. Prahalad, Chief Mentor of TiE who said, Mentoring is an essential part of building an entrepreneurial culture. More importantly, it is a true reflection of the spirit of giving by charter members. There are several Mentor-ing programs at TiE Chapters – both Group mentoring and Personal one-to-one sessions with seasoned entrepreneurs. These include “TiE Institute”, “My Story Sessions”, “Business Builder Breakfast”, Mentoring at “Business Plan Competitions” and many more. TYE – Global Program - (TiE Young Entrepreneurs) The TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) Program is aimed towards the future generation of entrepreneurs. TYE focuses on teach-ing entrepreneurship to young people and helping them dis-cover the rewards and challenges of becoming an entrepreneur. TiEQuest Business Venture Competition TiEQuest is an annual business venture competition held in To-ronto to encourage entrepreneurship, engage emerging entrepre-neurial talent and to create an ecosystem of entrepreneurship. The mission of TiEQuest is to connect entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts with the private equity and venture capital industry. Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  17. 17. TiE Delhi-NCR TiE Webcast TiE Webcast’ provides an opportunity for all TiE Chapters to showcase their prominent events to a worldwide audience. These live webcast sessions bring the TiE Network together for an on-line showcase - featuring thought leaders, TiE stalwarts and prominent guest speakers. - helping to create a sense of community within our ecosystem. SEBI Registered Portfolio Management Company Contact: V.P.Rajesh/ Jeevan Palani Email: / +91-11-46066687 /+91-9560021124 D-51, Ground Floor, Gulmohar Park New Delhi 110049 Website: Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  18. 18. TiE Delhi-NCR Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  19. 19. TiE Delhi-NCR TiE Delhi - NCR Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  20. 20. TiE Delhi-NCR Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  21. 21. TiE Delhi-NCR About TiE Delhi - NCR TiE Delhi – NCR is the largest and the most vibrant chapter across the vast TiE network. In the last 14 years, it has continuously taken the lead and hopes to build on its strength to create an increasingly positive ecosystem for the entrepreneurs and investors. With a strong mentor support base, vari-ous events throughout the year covering various aspects of entrepreneurship, expanding into new geographies and business & organization management and multiple opportunities to showcase and network, it has emerged as one of the biggest platform supporting entrepreneurship. Achievements of TiE Delhi – NCR • TiE Global Award for “Best TiE Chapter Globally“ –2012-2013 • TiE Global Award for “Best TiE Chapter Globally” –2011-2012 • TiE Global Award for “Best TiE Chapter Globally” –2010-2011 • World SME Conference “Excellence Award for Exemplary Work in Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystem for Small Businesses” –2009-2010 • “Successful Collaboration with Other Chapters & Other Entities” – 2009-2010 • “Continuing Growth, Innovation and Consistent Performance” –2008-2009 • “Chapter Performing Consistently at “The Highest Level” – 2007-2008 Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  22. 22. TiE Delhi-NCR Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  23. 23. TiE Delhi-NCR TiE Delhi – NCR Events & Initiatives The chapter conducts close to 100 events throughout a calendar year to fulfil its mission. Some marque events are listed below: Annual Events SmashUP! Smash Up! It’s India’s premier start-up conference – a giant mash up of creative energy, product showcase, networking opportunities and insightful agenda which cover start-up issues. India Internet Day Launched in 2012, iDay is India’s most exciting gatherings of the internet community. It’s a platform for global internet players to come together and create present value, while defining future opportunities. TiEcon Delhi It is an annual flagship event celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurship, bringing together successful entrepreneurs from India and around the world. It attracts CEO’s, Industry Pro-fessionals, investors, incubators, students from across the world. In addition to providing in – depth, up-to-date content, TiEcon serves as a powerful networking forum. HR Summit It’s India’s premier start-up event in the HR domain. It’s a platform for start-ups to gain insights and listen to experiences from experts. SME Conclave SME Conclave is a focused event to support & discuss various trends in SME Community, break the existing barriers and create new paradigms. Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  24. 24. TiE Delhi-NCR Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  25. 25. TiE Delhi-NCR Special Interest Groups (SIGs) – SPECIFIC EVENTS SIGs: Education & Training Healthcare Cleantech Social Retail Telecom Infrastructure Sports & Fitness Internet Food & Food Services Women Entrepreneurs TiE Institute Mini MBA for entrepreneurs! The endeavour of TiE Institute sessions is to cover tangible, specific subjects of daily interests to entrepreneurs, something they cannot obtain else-where and provide detailed information and practical tips from practitioners. Each session is conducted by a panel of experienced VCs, entrepreneurs, angel investors and domain experts. Charter Member Face to Face Interactive session on a particular domain in the office of a Charter Member, CM Face to Face gives opportunity to members to learn from experiences of senior entrepreneurs. Leadership Series Interactive session on a particular domain in the office of a potential Charter Member, Lead-ership Series provides insights on the life and experiences of a business leader. Seminars/Workshops Half/Full Day programmes conducted by industry experts covering various issues of the entrepreneurial community. Knowledge Series Knowledge Series entails one domain expert of really high quality or consultant who pre-sents an overview of a sector or landscape. Round Table Discussions One industry expert per table interacting with a small group of entrepreneurs, round table discussions are of great value to members Retail Walkthrough Started with a vision of providing practical knowledge to entrepreneurs, we take members to shop floor, offices/warehouses of experts and learn from their experiences. Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  26. 26. TiE Delhi-NCR Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  27. 27. TiE Delhi-NCR SPECIAL INITIATIVES TiE International Business Plan Competition Delhi Chapter of TiE holds TiE International Business Plan Competition for students of and around Delhi-NCR. It provides Graduate-level University students and their teams a chance to compete in World’s largest and most successful Business Plan Competition at Rice University in Houston, Texas. The program has been expanded in 2013 to give non-student teams a chance to compete for cash prizes and the opportunity to present in front of a panel of experienced investors. Each Chapter produces - • A Minimum of 1 team for the Rice Track • 1-3 teams for the Investor Track Winning teams from each participating chapter compete at a Regional Final either in front of the Investor Panel or Rice Judging Panel. Power to Empower TiE Delhi-NCR partnered with National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC), Ennovent and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) launched Power to Empower, India’s first skills enter-prise plan competition. It aims to identify the most innovative for-profit enterprises contribut-ing to widespread skills development in India. After two intensive rounds of mentoring and screening, the best skills development solutions are selected with the support of sector experts. Winners are selected in 5 regions across India (East, West, North, South and Central) with one overall winner. Winners are given the oppor-tunity to showcase their solutions to impact investors and experts in order to spur the growth of their enterprises over the long-term. Spirit of Manufacturing It’s a first-of-its kind of initiative is aimed at applauding innovation and entrepreneurship in the manufacturing domain. The award will provide a platform to showcase some of the most promising start-ups in the manufacturing domain across the country. The awards aim to en-courage innovation and entrepreneurship in the country and provide the necessary visibil-ity, ecosystem and mentorship for these start-ups to scale their operations in the sector. The nominations for the awards will be open from October 2013- March 2014. Companies that are less than 5 years in operation are eligible to file their nominations. The companies would be required to highlight the innovation in their organization and how it has helped the company to carve a differentiated positioning. The application will go through two rounds of evaluation leading to the declaration of the finalists; it will be conducted by a renowned jury, experts and industry veterans. Post this; the finalists will undergo a mentoring program to help them pre-pare for a final round of presentation in front of the jury. The winners will be announced in a gala event in the month of April 2014. Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  28. 28. TiE Delhi-NCR Runway to Success Runway to Success is a TV series by Lufthansa, TiE Delhi-NCR and ET NOW, The reality show that recognized SMEs with the most powerful business case. Spread over 11 episodes in which a shortlist of 27 entrepreneurs competes for a Grand Prize that empowers them to take off – quite literally – on the ‘Runway to Success.’On air, the first 9 episodes of Runway to Success showcase the untold mantras of industry icons who charter a new flight path to success. In each episode, 3 entrepreneurs make their best business pitch to the icon, amongst which is picked a winner with the help of our business experts. Each episodic winner wins a Business Class Ticket to Europe and a TiE mentorship. The 9 episodic winners compete in the Semi-finals for a spot among the top 3 who battles it out in the Grand Finale and win: • A Lufthansa Business Class ticket to Europe • A sponsorship to an entrepreneurial programme at Cambridge • A TiE mentorship • A 3-month open office mentorship from Canaan Partners TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) A global program for school students, classes 9-12. Through this program, TiE fosters entre-preneurship among the youth at an early age. The program consists of 2 months of class room sessions (Sunday, 1/2 day) on Entrepreneurship and various aspects of setting up and run-ning a successful business venture. The classes are conducted by professionals & successful Entrepreneurs, followed by students brainstorming a business idea & preparing a business plan for a Business Plan Competition. Each team is assigned a mentor who is a CEO/ Senior Professional from the Industry. The Chapter level business plan competition is followed by a global competition. Start-up Accelerator: A 2 weekend curriculum program with IIT-D (FITT) aimed to equip entrepreneurs with the nec-essary skills and insights to accelerate their entrepreneurial journey and build & scale for suc-cess. The program delivers tangible insights, and provides detailed information and practical tips from practitioners – experienced entrepreneurs, VCs, angel investors and domain experts. The program also covers critical aspects in areas such as business models, fund raising, sales management, marketing, and finance etc. The sessions cover the basics and deliver practical and tangible insights for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship Nurturing Program The Entrepreneurship Nurturing Program helps member to make better – informed decisions, to help scale their business, provides networking opportunities across the global community. Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  29. 29. TiE Delhi-NCR • NAAC Accredited, ‘A’ Grade • Category ‘ A+ ’ I nstitution by SFRC, Govt of NCT of Delhi. • Highest Category ‘ A ’ by Joint Assessment Committee of GGSIPU & DHE, Govt. of NCT of Delhi. Institute of Advanced Studies Website : Approved by AICTE, HRD Ministry, Affiliated to G.G.S. I.P. University, Delhi PPllaacceemmeennttss 22001144 To contact Training and placement team, email at: Quality Education Over 50 Guest speakers from Industry 30+ Industry Visits RDBV RDCECN RDPS Rohini RDIAS RDPS Pitam Pura RDPS TDI City Kundli RDLKK RDIT Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally NNAAAACC AAccccrreeddiitteedd ''AA'' GGrraaddee “ Very impressed. Please keep it up. Good activities. Nice library” Category ‘A+’ Institute “Very much impressed by the quality of students and good infrastructure.” Seth Pokhar Mal Educational Society (SPMES) Mr. Prabhu Chawla Editorial Director, The New Indian Express Mr. Subhash Lakhotia Tax Guru, CNBC Awaaz “I congratulate the college for taking initiative for bringing research centre within the college. This will certainly help them in providing quality education to the future generation. I wish them all success” Prof. D.R. Bandyopandhyay Ex-Vice Chancellor, GGSIP University An ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Institute Judged by SFRC, Govt. of NCT of Delhi SAMPURNA NGO Prof. (Dr.) Raman Garg Chief Mentor R , ukmini Devi Group of Institutions Ph.D : (Computational Nano-technology) University of Manchester U.K. Mr. K.C Garg Chairman, RDIAS Founder President, SPMES Imparting to aid Sustainable development from kindergarten to Post Graduate Level 141 companies visited Campus Over 260 final placements Annual package: 2.75-5.5 lakhs 250+ internships offered in Internship fair 2014 To contact corporate Relations manager, email at: OOuurr SSoocciiaall rreessppoonnssiibbiilliittyy Institutions under Seth Pokhar Mal Educational Society RDC Engineering RDC Education KINDER GARTEN SCHOOLING Post GRADUATION Ph.D PROGRAMME UNDER GRADUATION VOCATIONAL EDUCATION SPMES
  30. 30. TiE Delhi-NCR Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  31. 31. TiE Delhi-NCR MEMBER ENGAGEMENT TiE Helpline This is an online platform that answers the queries and needs of our members. Start a discussion and get them answered by your peer group. Also, participate and solve queries of fellow mem-bers based on your experience! My time with TiE ‘My Time with TiE’ is an initiative that helps TiE members connect with the TiE Delhi-NCR team. TiE office welcomes the members on 1st Monday of every month to share their expectations & business requirements, give us ideas, suggestions and valuable feedback. Member Mixer Plus Member Mixer Plus is an opportunity for members to meet the co-members and let themselves be known to them. It is focused on finding what members are looking for and find it within the group just as they help others find what they are looking for. It’s a 2-round event where in 1st round members talk about what they do and what they are looking for whereas in the 2nd round they talk about how they can contribute to the other member’s request. “TiE Connect” Program Using its networks of connections in major emerging countries, the TiE Country Connect pro-gram introduces members to development in these countries. Mentoring Sessions & Clinics Mentoring is a key value proposition of TiE and TiE Delhi chapter provides mentoring on an on-going basis, throughout the year, with mentors from India as well as the international com-munity. Company Showcase and Deal Flow Meetings (DFMs) Through these sessions, TiE facilitates value added interactions between entrepreneurs & VCs. TiE Delhi consistently brings over VCs and business delegations and conducts DFMs/Company Showcase every year. Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  32. 32. TiE Delhi-NCR Current stage of your venture (Idea stage / Early stage / start – up /scaling) Current strength of your team / no. of people employed Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally Mentoring Form Mentee Name Email – id Company Name Phone Number Year of incorporation of the company Brief overview of venture Industry Sector Food & Drink Healthcare Hotels, Catering & Leisure Banking & Financial Services Construction Fashion Textile Technology – Hardware BPO Others HR/Recruitment Media, Arts & Entertainment Retail Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Education Property Telecom Technology – Software Logistic Current revenue size (in INR)
  33. 33. TiE Delhi-NCR What is your mentoring need? Starting up / scaling up Strategy, Marketing & Sales HR Challenges Financial Management Corporate Formation & Legal Issues Raising Fund Others What kind of support are you looking for in a mentor? Do you have a business plan (on paper)? If yes, please email plan to Highlight the top 3 issues / challenges that you are facing & need mentoring on What are the short term & long term goals for your enterprise in terms of your growth, vision etc? Describe top 3 Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  34. 34. TiE Delhi-NCR Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally Interest Form Name Designation Organization Email-id Contact Number Date of Birth SIG Interested in: Education & Training Cleantech Retail Infrastructure Internet Women Entrepreneurs Interested in: Mentoring Networking Events Education Connect How did you get to know about TiE? Family/Friend Internet Social Media others ___________ Healthcare: Social Entrepreneurship Telecom Sports & Fitness Food and Food Services Visibility through Partnerships Raising Funds Showcase Opportunities Special Initiatives
  35. 35. TiE Delhi-NCR 2760 sq.ft. of Luxury 3 BHK Lifestyle apartments at Greater Noida. starting from 1.05* Crores Elegant spaces of 2760, 2740 & 2670 sq.ft. Overlooking Yamuna Expressway - 5 mins. from Pari Chowk High-end Specifications with Designer Fittings Ultra Modern Amenities To Visit Sample Flat & Site Call:+91-11-43368282 Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally A Project by : Kamrup Housing Projects Pvt. Ltd. TM * T&C Apply
  36. 36. TiE Delhi-NCR TiE Delhi – NCR Board Members TiE Delhi-NCR Presidents Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally Alok Mittal Managing Director Canaan Partners Ashish Gupta CCO and Country Head, Pvt Ltd Subinder Khurana Founder and CEO BankSmarts Solutions Atul Dhawan Partner Deloitte Haskins & Sells Bobby Bedi Managing Director Kaleidoscope Entertainment Deep Kalra Founder & Group CEO President, TiE Delhi-NCR Pradeep Gupta Chairman & MD CyberMedia Group Raman Roy Chairman & MD Quatrro Pramath Sinha Founder & MD 9.9 Mediaworx Sanjeev Bikhchandani Vice Chairman Gita Dang Founder Director Talent Advisory Dr. Saurabh Srivastava Chairman Emeritus TiE Delhi-NCR Pramath Sinha Founder & MD 9.9 Mediaworx Dr. Saurabh Srivastava Chairman Emeritus TiE Delhi-NCR 2000-2009 Pradeep Gupta Chairman & MD CyberMedia Group 2009-2011 Deep Kalra Founder & Group CEO 2013-Present Sanjeev Bikhchandani Vice Chairman 2011-2013
  37. 37. TiE Delhi-NCR Share Ideas Event Promotion Interactive Animation Motion Graphics Video Marketing A video is an online face of your brand. Make it worthwhile. Experience the World of Indulgence in the Lap of Luxury! Introducing, India’s rst curated luxury lifestyle destination launched in partnership with MasterCard International. Get a preview of luxury lifestyle and indulge your senses with our signature & bespoke holiday experiences or even own a piece of some of the world’s best luxury brands at never-before prices. Don’t just Indulge…Luxeindulge!!! Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally Social Sharing Youtube Advertisement Entertain Your Audience Funny Stick Figure Animation Whiteboard Training Character Animation 2.5D Animation Video for Website Investor Presentations Solly Animated Explainer Videos Labs +91 800.677.1188
  38. 38. TiE Delhi-NCR Special Interest Groups (SIGs) Chairs SIG Chair Co-Chair Education & Training Vivek Agarwal, CEO, Liqvid Sandeep Sinha, MD, Lumis Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally Partners Healthcare Om Manchanda, CEO, Dr. Lal Path Labs Vikas Kuthiala, Country Head & MD, Falck Group Internet Mahendra Swarup, Chief Mentor, IVCA Telecom Kunal Bajaj, Socworx Abhinav Mathur, Chief Technology & Strategy Officer, Spice Global Cleantech Pankaj Sehgal, Director Tech Investments, Sun Group Kalpana Jain, Senior Partner, Deloitte Reji Kumar, MD, Magnetar Venture Pvt. Ltd. SIGWE Dr. Shikha Sharma, MD, Nutri-Health Infrastructure Vineet Singh, EVP & Business Head, Paramjit Sahai, MD, EPA Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. Retail Arvind Singhal, Chairman, Technopak Social Vishal Mehta, Co-Founder & Partner, Lok Capital Advisory Services Prabhat Agarwal, MD & CEO, Parsec Technologies Sports & Fitness Sudha Sastri, Founder & CEO, Inputs India Ashish Gupta, COO & Country Head, Evalueserve Food & Food Services Ashish Kapur, MD, Moods Hospitality (Yo!China)
  39. 39. TiE Delhi-NCR TiE Delhi – NCR Team Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally Amit Verma Manager Gautam Mondal Accounts Manager Varkey CM Accounts Manager Geetika Dayal Executive Director Nitin Agarwal Director Tanisha Pandey Management Trainee Shradha Sanal Management Trainee Ruchita Agarwal Director Upasana Sharma Director Digbijoy Shukla Supporting Evangelist™
  40. 40. TiE Delhi-NCR Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  41. 41. TiE Delhi-NCR TiE Delhi-NCR Membership & Benefits Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  42. 42. TiE Delhi-NCR Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  43. 43. TiE Delhi-NCR Charter Members TiE Charter Members (CMs) are high profile entrepreneurs, professionals and thought leaders from diverse industries. There are 2,500+ Charter members in the TiE ecosystem. Members TiE Members are entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs, professionals or students. There are 8,500+ members in TiE ecosystem. Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally Global Benefits • Global visibility across 61 TiE Chapters • Global and National CM Retreat Global Benefits • International & national networking • Member Database Give Back • Mentoring of young entrepre neurs • Investment Op portunities Give Back • Access to top mentors (Mentor panel, one on one sessions) • Mentoring Opportunities Showcase • Speaker Opportunities • Featured mentors • CM Face to Face • Media Visibility Showcase • Social Media, newsletter and other forums • Forums at TiEcon & SmashUP Organization Benefits • Access to vendor list • Offering of services • Employee Training Benefits Organization Benefits • Access to pool of experiential knowledge • CM Face to Face • Focussed SIGs • Business Builder Other Benefits • Exclusive CM Events • Networking with other CMs Other Benefits • Discounted ac cess to events • Access to special member events (Helpline, Member Mixer Plus) • Preferred service providers
  44. 44. TiE Delhi-NCR How to maximize the Benefits of being a TiE Member TiE Delhi-NCR website : TiE Delhi-NCR SIG website : Use of Websites • Utilize the Entrepreneur’s Corner to learn more from our pool of established mentors. • The Program section of the website also offers an in depth information on what TiE brings to its members monthly. • If you are looking for a place to compete nationally, our website is the place to search for more information. • Our page also offers exclusive coverage of our annual events and sessions at the click of a button. • The TiE helpline is also at your dispense through the website. • Reach out to TiE Global Community. • Feature your classifieds on TiE Delhi-NCR website and SIG website to reach out to the world. • Read through our resource and archive centre to know more about us. Use of Social Media • Reach out to an online community of over 16,000 Professionals & Entrepreneurs through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube etc. You can send messages, post updates and statuses and connect with the relevant community • Benefit from various LinkedIn groups and reach out to your target market • Use of #tiedelhi will populate the post you make on Facebook on Twitter Others • Visit TiE Delhi-NCR office anytime and discuss about your issues/queries • Get Mentored by Industry Luminaries: Fill up the Mentoring Form online at http:// Note: In case you forget Login Password, follow these simple steps: Go to ‘Login’ Click on ‘Request new password’ Enter Email – id New password will be sent to you. Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally
  45. 45. TiE Delhi-NCR TESTIMONIALS “I feel that the events organised by TiE Delhi are very relevant for any entrepreneur due to the con-tent, the quality of the speakers/ guests and the opportunity the events provide to network with key people in the industry. Apart from this, I also believe that the support which TiE provides to its members is also invaluable and some of the initiatives which TiE undertakes such as the start-up showcase at SmashUP and IID provide a very good platform for emerging start-ups to gain rec-ognition and visibility” – Ankit Mehrotra, CO-Founder & CEO, “TiE stands heads and shoul-ders above an entrepreneurial support structure present and I appreciate the time you spend with your members and provide them necessary guidance and mentoring.” – Abhishek Sharma, Qsquare Technologies “It was great attending the ex-tremely well organised TiEcon. Amongst all the seminars I have attended, this will probably rank as amongst the best one. Con-grats”. -Viren Malhotra, Mera Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally Vikas TESTIMONIALS “Our interaction with the mentor panel in the past few months has been instrumental in shap-ing the overall product strategy and market fo-cus for Flushrooms - A cloud based solution for small hotels to help realize more room sales. The direct and hard hitting questions in every meet-ing, were something which not only helped us plug the gaps in product features but also be more confident about our offering and value proposition. A very important aspect was the personal con-nect with the members of the mentor panel. As we progressed along several discussions, every member panel came forward to help us in their own personal capacities. The mentor panel mem-bers helped us connect with some well known people in the hospitality domain, who too were generous enough to share their experiences and advice to help shape the product. Overall, we feel our association with Tie and hence with the mentor panel, has been a great learning experience and a key contributor to the overall development and progress of the project. As we approach the Beta launch of the product and prepare ourselves for feedback and product validation from some real clients, we look for-ward to a deeper and a long lasting association with the mentor panel - seeking their help at various stages along the life cycle of Flushrooms” Sankalp Goel, Sr. Consultant Business Development & Innovation Kranti Software Solutions To write a testimonial for TiE Delhi-NCR, Please visit
  46. 46. TiE Delhi-NCR Refer other Friends/Family/Colleagues Name Email-id Contact Number Organization Relationship Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally Name Email-id Contact Number Organization Relationship Name Email-id Contact Number Organization Relationship To refer more people, please email the details to Amit at or Tanisha at
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  48. 48. TiE Delhi-NCR TiE Delhi - NCR UNIT NO. 1102, TOWER-A, ADVANT IT PARK, PLOT NO. 7 SECTOR-142, EXPRESSWAY NOIDA-201305 Tel.: +91-120-4066500 Website: Facebook: Twitter: Fostering Entrepreneurship Globally