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Conversion Rate Optimisation Psychology
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Conversion Rate Optimisation Psychology


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Understanding the psychology of highly converting websites is incredibly important in order to grab attention and build your brand online. …

Understanding the psychology of highly converting websites is incredibly important in order to grab attention and build your brand online.

With 3 seconds to convince someone to stay, read and understand what you have, is not enough to consume paragraphs of information, thats why the Psychological triggers are very important.

Find our top secrets to reducing your bounce rate, and smashing your ROI goals with supreme conversion rates!

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business

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  • 1. 1 The psychology of highly converting websites
  • 2. 2 Joel Hauer @JoelAmigoHauer ThunderMetric & WeCo 23.04.14 |
  • 3. 3 The bounce rate Is higher than I’d like it to be!
  • 4. 4 My PPC campaigns are ineffective!
  • 5. 5 i don’t think i’m hitting average conversion rates for my industry!
  • 6. 6 what’s wrong with this site?
  • 7. 7 Most pages have 30-60 links to various parts of the website
  • 8. 8 we’re addicted to choice
  • 9. 9 completing a single business-driven objective.
  • 10. 1. It's sexy (and on target) ! 2. Validated by great companies ! 3. Value prop answers ‘what is it?’ and ‘why should I care?’ ! 4. Engaging, relevant and demographically appropriate testimonials with images. ! 5. CTA is low risk, and subtext reduces perceived risk
  • 11. make the brain light up instantly!
  • 12. 12 psychology design Social Proof Loss Aversion Anchoring Foot-in-the-Door Encapsulation
 Contrast & color Directional cues White space
  • 13. 13 social proof
  • 14. 14 reviews
  • 15. 1. Google reviews (ppc)
  • 16. 2. on the landing page
  • 17. Variation ! 34% increase in sales VariationOriginal
  • 18. more than social proof This is the social proof GOLD for B2B businesses. ! Make sure it stays up to date and represents your defined personas.
  • 19. 19 loss aversion
  • 20. f.o.m.o
  • 21. adding enough time pressure Example: One of the easiest tricks of the book. Deals or offerings that are limited in time. iBood has 1 offer available per day.Take it or leave it.
  • 22. adding enough time pressure Urgency can be blocked
 by your customers’ minds
 if you don’t give them specific instructions on how to solve the problem.
  • 23. 23 anchoring
  • 24. discount by showing the original price = Refers to discounting, bonus’s and new bundled offers. ! Zappos have also experimented with ‘surprise shipping upgrades’. ! Try the concept of surprise and delight to gain further customer loyalty after the sale
  • 25. 25 foot in the door
  • 26. ask for something little A like or a tweet may seem like a simple act but it does something greater. ! ! It primes a customer for engagement on a deeper level at a later stage
  • 27. ask for something little This is where ‘lead nurturing’ comes into play. ! Build your relationship with prospects slowly over time. ! Average consumer takes 7 marketing touch points to convert.
  • 28. 28 psychology design Social Proof Loss Aversion Anchoring Foot-in-the-Door Encapsulation
 Contrast & color Directional cues White space
  • 29. encapsulation
  • 30. encapsulation Encapsulation refers to the use of a container to highlight what’s inside.
  • 31. i dare you to click anything but the moon
  • 32. Make it jump off the page. ! Use a single colour (with a variety of tones) for your entire landing page – except for the CTA. contrast and colour
  • 33. colour studies
  • 34. Directional cues Guides a users eye to the desired action.
  • 35. Directional cues Arrows let you say, “Ignore everything else and pay attention to this please.” ! Why? Pathways are representations of real- world wayfinding avenues that trigger our brains into thinking we need to follow them
  • 36. Your eye automatically follows the direction of the arrow which suggests further suggests what action to take Directional cues
  • 37. Watch out as arrows that are confusing actually reduce conversions. Directional cues
  • 38. white space removing the clutter can focus someone’s attention on what matters most.
  • 39. white space
  • 40. Bonus round: Copywriting The headline The subheading Introductory paragraph Benefits/feature bullet points The form header Call-to-action copy Privacy statements Testimonials
  • 41. Use AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) to tell a story that leads through your page to a CTA Attention, Interest, Desire, Action
  • 42. need better landing page copy? our crafty copywriters help transform hundreds of sites just like yours, instantly. Just have a look.
  • 43. HEADLINE: a clear relevant message conveying the value of the offer Formula 1 The Only Way to [Do Something Desirable] Without [Doing Something Undesirable] ! Formula 2 [Do Something Hard] in [Period of Time] or [Promise] ! Formula 3 [Do Something Desirable] Like [an Expert] Without [Something Expected & Undesirable]
  • 44. Submit >
  • 45. No More ‘Submit’ >
  • 46. The all important cta What is my prospect’s motivation for clicking this button? ! What is my prospect going to get, when he/she clicks this button?
  • 47. benefits statement 1. List all of your product’s features. Narrowed down to the features that are most likely to hook your prospect ! 2. Examine what each feature does, or why you’ve included it ! 3. Take your list of what your features do and ask yourself how they connect with your prospect’s true desires ! 4. To get to the bottom of each feature’s true benefit, keep asking the question “What does this mean for your prospect on an emotional level?”
  • 48. persuasive copy You Free Because Instantly New Because these 5 new words will instantly help you, for free! Sign up for your 30 day trial ! Also try, ‘My’ Free trial Free eBook Free Chocolate Trusted by over 50,000 customers like you, because of our 99.9999% up time. Instantly download this free eBook Used to establish freshness and encourage early adopters
  • 49. recap: process
  • 50. No More ‘Submit’ >
  • 51. 52 don’t forget my details Joel Hauer @JoelAmigoHauer ThunderMetric & WeCo 23.04.14 |
  • 52. 53 QUESTIONS? and possibly some answers too We’ll put these slides up on Slide Share in the next 48 hours ! For upcoming classes visit
  • 53. What Is A Good Conversion Rate?