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Whether you’re looking for a new job, freelance work or just a place to file your inspiration, developing your brand identity is key to finding fulfillment, creating opportunities and making a meaningful contrbution. - Jam-packed with solid, sensible advice on branding yourself.’ helpful to people at all levels in business

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  • We are all brands in our own right. What are you doing to manage your brand?
  • Your brand should be designed for the life (or career) that you want, not the one you currently have.  Focus your brand image on long-term aspirations and you will attract opportunities that will propel you toward that lifestyle and systematically eliminate those that don’t.
  • EXTRACT - Unearthing Your Unique Promise of ValueYour vision and purpose, Your unique strengths and , Your values and passionsYour vision is external. It is the essence of what you see possible for the world. Your purpose is internal. It is the role you play in supporting that vision.
  • Key QuestionsWHAT Am I Known For... What are you offering? What is your market looking for? Can the two be aligned? What needs to change?
  • “...I’m a corporation!” – Mariah Carey“...I’m a business, man” – Jay ZThey” aren’t in charge of our careers – and by extension our lives – anymore. We are.
  • Your Brand is What People Say About You When You’re Not in the Room. Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon
  • Building Your Personal Brand - Thumiso Maaoha

    1. 1. Building Your Personal Brand
    2. 2. THE BIGGEST PERSONAL ENTERTAINMENT BRAND Great brands = Identifiable icons , simple connections
    3. 3. Brand: Ryan Seacrest
    5. 5. Big Companies, Big People Great brands = Identifiable icons , simple connections
    6. 6. Branding is a Modern Day Necessity • “About two years ago I realised I was no longer a person but a brand” – Martha Stewart  Its up to YOU to create your BRAND and build up your career.
    7. 7. Branding Makes You Recognisable • “Your Brand is your FLAVA. It’s the Essence of who you are” – Ana Carrilho • Brand discovery is about figuring out what you want to do for the rest of your life
    8. 8. Branding Makes You Desireable  “They can’t hire you if they don’t know you exist” – Ana Carrilho  Give the world a clear and precise picture of who you are
    9. 9. Branding Creates Opportunity  Some people set trends, others follow trends” – Ana Carrilho  Your competition is BUSY managing their brands. Are YOU in control?
    10. 10. Branding Puts You In Control  “If you don't brand yourself, you can rest assured that others are branding you. And letting others brand you can be risky business.” – Ana Carrilho
    11. 11. Who are you?
    12. 12. Motivation Questions • What am I passionate about? • What are my personal values? • Where do I see myself in 5 years? • What is important to me? • What motivates me? • How would I like to see the world? • What contribution would I like to make?
    13. 13. Brand Audit Tool - DESIGN – D – Dreams, Passions, Calling, Purpose – E – Experiences, Influences, Life Lessons – S – Strengths, Skills, Knowledge – I – Internal Beliefs and Values – G – Goals, Priorities, Vision – N - Natural Gifts and Abilities
    14. 14. Who am I? • Create a PERSONAL STATEMENT of 8 Words – “If you can’t describe your position in eight words or less, you don’t have one” – Seth Godin • Do a VISION BOARD – Create a visual picture of your ideal career
    15. 15. What do you have to offer?
    16. 16. Positioning Questions • What’s my current reputation? • What’s my greatest strength? • How am I different and how am I valuable? • What characteristics make people intersted in me? • What’s my greatest accomplishment?
    17. 17. What do I have to offer? • Update your CV – My CV has improved from last year on this date in the following [...] ways – My primary “CV enhancing activity” for the next 90 days is [...]  Create a ONE PAGE AD for yourself - Imagine people are shopping for your services
    18. 18. How do others see you?
    19. 19. Connection Questions • Who do I know who can help me reach my goals? • Who needs to know me so that I can reach my goals? • What can I do to rapidly expand my professional network? • How can I add value to the members of my network? • How can I connect different members of my network for mutual value? • What can I do to nurture my network regularly?
    20. 20. How do others see me? • Build up your Industry Network - Database of industry professionals, promoters and bookers – Important additions to my network in the last 90 days include [...] • Create your Online Platform – LinkedIn page, Facebook page, Tumblr blog, MySpace, Twitter, Instagram account – My fanbase in the last 90 days has grown by [...]
    21. 21. PLAN For Your Success • Brand YOU Objectives – Be SMART • Brand YOU Strategies – Review your options and possible barriers • Brand YOU Implementation Plan – Commit to, track, monitor, and adjust your action plan?"
    22. 22. Plan of Action • Shoot showreels in different genres to showcase your versatility • Offer to MC at your local social gatherings, friend’s parties and church and get it recorded • Start a blog or website to journal your experiences on set, show recommendations • Record informational, inspirational segments for new recruits at your workplace • Create your own “show” and broadcast it on your own YouTube Channel
    23. 23. Building Your Personal Brand Thumiso Masoha Marketing Consultant 076 912 2325 011 022 2223