Draft Outdoor Events Australia instructions partial operations set 3 22092011


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Draft Outdoor Events Australia instructions partial operations set 3 22092011

  1. 1. Inflatable Screens and MovieShows: Screen OperatingInstructions V 21092011
  2. 2. Getting Your Screen Up
  3. 3. Getting the Screen UpPutting a screen up is a matter of skill and practice.These instructions should help you put your screen up, but it may not happenon your first attempt.
  4. 4. Step 1. Preparation• Unroll the screen, face up.• Ensure the foot of the screen is towards theaudience.•Undo the ropes attached to the bottom of thescreen. (The air vents, zips and blower sleevesare at the bottom.)• Peg out the base, i.e. put your pegs intolocations as shown below, then tie the ropes atthe bottom of the screen to them. Vertical view (looking down from above the screen when it is up) - Peg 1 positioning your pegs. Peg 2 Screen from above Peg distance from screen is approximately the height of the Fasten Base Ropes screen, front and back. Peg 3 Peg 4
  5. 5. Step 2. Attach the blowersPosition the blowers, and tie themouth of each blower to itsblower sleeve, using the tapeprovided.To secure the blower, use gaffatape around the sleeve to attach itto the blower as well.To power the blowers, run the electrical lead to each blower. Use a power box (toisolate the circuit if required, and to allow other equipment to be plugged in).Ensure all electrical leads run under ropes, so they do not get lifted when thescreen goes up.
  6. 6. Step 3. Fold the screenUndo the ropes attached to the top of thescreen, and lay them out to the front andback respectively (front ropes to the front,back to the back). Base rope Top ropeFold the screen in half, folding the top towardthe bottom, so the screen face is now in themiddle.Step 4. Check AirflowsCheck that the zipped vents at the bottom have beenzipped closed.Check all blower holes are either attached to a blower,or tied off.Check that, as the screen goes up, it will not twist theblower sleeve and strangle the air supply to the screen.
  7. 7. Step 3. Fold the screenUndo the ropes attached to the top of the screen, andlay them out to the front and back respectively (frontropes to the front, back to the back).Fold the screen in half, folding the top toward thebottom, so the screen face is now in the middle.Tie off the rear top ropes, with at least the height of thescreen plus a margin of 25% (experiment to get whatyou find works.) If you have spare staff, have one ateach back rope ready to let off more rope, or pull onrope.Have a holder for each of the two front ropes (initially,until you have mastered it! )Then turn on the blowers.
  8. 8. Whilst inflating, ensure the front of the top of the screen remains slightly in front of the bottom of the screen. Pull top front rope as required to keep the top in front of the bottom. Allow slack in the rear ropes (if fastened vs having it held). Bottom rope fastenedBottom ropefastened Sometimes when the screen is partly up it helps to push here.
  9. 9. Once the screen has “popped” up, rearrange the ropesuntil it is vertical.
  10. 10. For screens with a back frame.Follow these instructions, for unfolding and laying out thescreen , and pegging the bottom ropes, then inflate (no toprope work required.)
  11. 11. Trouble Shooting Problem Possible Cause CorrectionScreen is not popping up Lack of air 1. Check blower is fastened pressure 2. Check blower sleeve is not twisted/blocked 3. Check vent zips have been closed 4. Check a blower is attached to each sleeve.
  12. 12. Trouble Shooting Problem Possible Cause CorrectionCannot keep the top in Back top ropes Increase the length of the backfront of the bottom fastened too ropes. short. Problem Possible Cause CorrectionScreen falls backward/ Bottom of Check bottom ropes are tied andforward even when the screen insecure tauttop ropes are held steady
  13. 13. Getting Your Screen Down
  14. 14. Getting Your Screen DownGetting your screen down is relatively simple.1. Turn off the blowers2. Try to get screen to come down so the face is upwards3. Untie ropes and pull out pegs4. Open the air vents and remove the blower5. Ensure screen is face up.6. When deflated, remove any plant material leaves etc, and dry screen face if possible. (prevents stains and mould).
  15. 15. 7. Wind up ropes and put in towards the middle.8. Fold from bottom to top. Repeat until screen is folded to approximately 1.5 meters wide9. Fold each end towards the middle.10. Roll up, taking time to allow air to escape.11. Tie up