How Thrifty Wrench drives revenue for you


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Learn how Thrifty Wrench can drive revenue for you helping find customers in need of your services, build trust, and grow your business!

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  • Potential customers see real reviews from real customers for your shop
  • Starts with trustFair PriceReviewsReferrals verifiedMore cost-effective than traditional forms of marketingTargeting the 3%Only pay for referrals you chooseTailored to your repair shop
  • The average shop is missing out over $100,000 in revenue a yearAccording to ASA “Increasing PM penetration is the quickest way to grow your business” Average customers served per month (500) x increase in PM penetration rate (5%) x average spend by car owner ($100) x months (12) = $30,000 in additional revenue“How’s Your Business? 2011” report that showed the average ASA shop was only getting 39 percent of its work from maintenance services (AutoInc., December 2011). The report went on to say that 57.4 percent of vehicle owners are performing regular preventive maintenance on their cars.Average number of appointments per year (6,000) x average PM rate of 39% = 2,340 Average number of appointments per year (6,000) x average customer PM rate = 3,444Average missed PM opportunities (1,104) x average cost of opportunity ($100) = What’s your current PM penetration rate?What marketing tools do you use to drive your PM penetration rate?You do X customers per monthWhat do you charge for a standard oil change & tire rotation?How much additional revenue would you see from increasing your PM penetration rate by 5%
  • Average customers served per month (500) x increase in PM penetration rate (5%) x average spend by car owner ($100) x months (12) = $30,000 in additional revenue
  • How Thrifty Wrench drives revenue for you

    1. 1. Thrifty WrenchFind. Engage. Grow!
    2. 2. Overview• Find new customer• Engage at the perfect time• Grow your business
    3. 3. Find Customers that Need You• Drive revenue by connecting customers that are in need of your services• All customer information is: – Verified for accuracy – Screened by an ASE certified mechanic• Build trust by providing preliminary estimates – Referrals are recent & limited to 3 repair shops – All vehicle details are easy to see
    4. 4. Example
    5. 5. Provide Estimates to Customers You Repair Shop A Repair Shop B
    6. 6. Build Trust. Engage with PM.• Car owner sign up for personalized PM alerts – Opting in – Expected engagement• Notified when PM is needed – Based on context• Easy to act – 2 clicks to schedule an appointment – No coupons, deals, or discounts need for action
    7. 7. Example
    8. 8. Never Miss Another Opportunity• …. because your service advisor “forgot” or was “too busy”• Save Time – Appointment requests delivered automatically to your inbox – Includes all the important details• Flexible times to meet your work flow
    9. 9. Grow your business• No setup/ monthly / annual fee• Pay for performance not hype – Highly qualified referrals: $4-$19 – Guaranteed appointments: $2-$4 per action
    10. 10. Questions? Call 715-316-4459 orEmail