PR in a digital age with Bournemouth University

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  • [twitter]Just kicking off a presentation at Bournemouth Uni. These tweets are for the benefit of those at the event #BourneDigi[/twitter]
  • [twitter]If you want to chat more after the talk you can contact us via @threepipe or me via @beth_carroll #BourneDigi[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Want to know more about where I believe social media should sit? Read this: #BourneDigi[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Here’s some more on how we tackle measurement at @threepipe #BourneDigi[/twitter]
  • [twitter] The goal posts may have shifted by the remit for PR remains the same #BourneDigi[/twitter]
  • [twitter]PR today is characterised by immediacy, interactivity and variety. #BourneDigi[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Instead of speaking at your audiences you’re now speaking with them#BourneDigi[/twitter]
  • [twitter]Half of the UK is now on Facebook. That’s a lot of people. #BourneDigi[/twitter]
  • [twitter] The tools at your disposal have two primary uses - outwardly contributing and inwardly receiving #BourneDigi[/twitter]
  • [twitter] We believe social media is about conversations, collaboration and content #BourneDigi[/twitter]
  • [twitter] You can find loads more of our case studies here:[/twitter]
  • [twitter] Take your time, be you, learn from your mistakes and be disciplined with time management #BourneDigi[/twitter]
  • [twitter] Get out there, help where you can and pick some areas to own #BourneDigi[/twitter]
  • [twitter] For those not at #BourneDigi today, sorry for all the tweets. I’ll shut up soon! [/twitter]


  • 1. PR in a digital age#BourneDigi
  • 2. Hello.
    @Beth_Carroll #BourneDigi
  • 3. What we do
    Three_D is the digital, social and conversation division at Threepipe.
    Three, because we believe success is about connecting brands with people
    through influencers.
    D is for digital, but you probably already got that.
    To build awareness, advocacy and loyalty, brands need to listen, engage,
    contribute and talk to people.
    We help our clients develop integrated digital and social media strategies
    that help them to engage their audience and grow their business.
  • 4. Where does social media sit?
  • 5. Return on Investment
    Social Sherlock, our in-house evaluation system, helps us to set clear objectives that
    make sense for your business. It provides us with clear evidence of the value of each
    campaign, at the click of a button.
    The system also helps us to hone and tailor your social media strategy as your
    presence grows, providing you with weekly reports tracking development.
    The system helps us to track:
  • Making sense of social media
  • 11. New media / technology, same job?
    This is the crux of this whole presentation.
    The goal posts may have shifted by the remit for PR
    remains the same.
    Before we can explore this, we need to understand
    what PR really is…
  • 12. PR simply involves…
    …getting the right message, to the right people, in the right place at the right time.
  • 13. The social shift
    Today’s PR channels and tools hardly bare any resemblance to those used when I started
    ‘Olden days’
    The present is characterised by immediacy, interactivity and variety.
  • 14. The game changer…
    It’s hard to pinpoint one particular moment that
    spurred this change.
    But, there is now doubt which has been the most
    impactful development: the explosion of Social Media.
    Let’s take a look at what has been called the biggest
    movement since the industrial revolution…
  • 15. A fundamental shift
    Instead of ‘speaking at’ your audience(s)…
    You’re ‘speaking with’ them
  • 16. Today’s landscape
    Paving the way for increased ‘engagement’ and
    ‘participation’ with you (and your brand)
    It’s about having conversations, engaging and
    connecting online
    (And hopefully translating that into ‘offline’
  • 17. Why go social?
    57% of people talk to people more online than they do in real life
    Facebook is now the most searched term on the web
    48% of 18-34 year olds check Facebook when they wake up
    20 million people like brand pages every day
    48% of 18-34 year olds find out about news through Facebook
  • 18. Push vs Pull
    The tools at your disposal have two primary uses:
    Outwardly contributing
    Inwardly receiving
    The benefits of both are very even.
    Let’s look at some of the tools / platforms that are
  • 19. Channels
    Owned channels
    Borrowed channels
  • 20. Our approach
    Social media is:
    We adopt the following model:
  • 21. Social media in practice
  • 22. Rachel's
    We are responsible for managing the Facebook community on behalf of
    Rachel’s, the organic dairy brand.
    Since launch, we have consistently grown the community by engaging with
    the fans, sharing recipes, promotions and seasonal tips.
    This has lead to a consistent growth in the number of likes the page has
    received, translating in to a steady increase in brand awareness.
    Branded Facebook tabs featuring recipes and specific promotions provide
    additional content making sure the fans to return to the page.
    Rachel’s reports the activity has resulted in a significant and sustained sales
    Uplift of 16% year on year.
  • 23. Stella artois cannes film festival
    To help Stella Artois amplify their title sponsorship of the Cannes Film
    Festival, we are supporting their search for a new film star.
    Using a microsite linked to the Stella Artois website, entrants are being
    asked to upload a video of themselves for the lead role of fictional character
    Jacques d'Azur.
    The winner and his short film will make its premiere as the first show to be
    shown at this year’s Cannes festival.
    Threepipe was tasked with developing a launch strategy, combining
    social media and blogger outreach. In just the first week of the campaign
    launch, we have driven over 100,000 consumers to the website.
  • 24. World of Difference
    World of Difference is Vodafone’s flagship corporate responsibility
    programme, providing funding for people to spend time working for a
    charity. Vodafone tasked us with launching the campaign.
    A dedicated Facebook page was created as the hub for the campaign,
    with other social media channels (Twitter, university blogs, charity blogs)
    used to promote awareness of the campaign launch. Post-launch, with
    500 winners having been selected, we profiled each winner to maximise
    general consumer awareness of the initiative
    More than 130,000 people joined the World of Difference
    Facebook community.
    11,000 applied for the programme, with 500 chosen for
    volunteering placements.
  • 25. Some tips
  • 26. My advice…
    Take your time - the hardest one for me as I'm so incredibly impatient, but like anything new, absorb as much as you can and then gently enter
    the fray when you're more confident in what you're saying / doing
    Be you - so simple, but there's no point in adopting a 'persona' that isn't you - I'm interested in what people are saying / sharing, not how they do
    it or how they'd like to be 'positioned' - and showcase your personality, robots are boring, 'real' people are great
    Learn from mistakes – we’ve all done things that have made us shudder, but the key is trying not to repeat those mistakes
    Keep (and absorb) good stuff - so many helpful / useful bits of information are shared everyday, but are forgotten just as quickly - Twitter's
    'favourites' button is great for this - go back and read them over again when you have more time
    Be disciplined with your time management - it's so easy to spend hours digging and digging because their is no 'bottom' - allocate your time
    (if you can) and use a client like Hootsuite to schedule your tweets during the day
  • 27. Yes there’s more…
    Talk back - its a conversation medium so respond to people who make an effort to talk to you, or at least acknowledge them when you can
    Get out there - the best things I've learnt have been over a coffee or a drink with people who know more than me - convert the social
    introduction made online into a social relationship
    Help where you can - I think social media is bringing about a renaissance in 'sharing' - and its great - if you can help someone with a query /
    question, do just'll help build relationships and your reputation
    Pick some areas to 'own' - I remember being told as a kid 'don't just say something for the sake of it' - I think the same applies here, talk about
    things that you have knowledge about but try and make it about 'value' not 'volume‘
    Write yourself some guidelines / a strategy - 'failing to plan is planning to fail' - same goes here, give yourself a bit of structure and it'll focus
    your energy in the right places
  • 28. Some useful tools
  • 29. Questions (let’s hope this works)
  • 30. © SAP 2009 / Page 26
  • 31. Three_D is A division of Threepipe
    43 Drury Lane
    Covent Garden
    WC2B 5RT
    +44 (0) 20 7632 4800
    Thank you.