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Nawbo University Social Network Marketing
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Nawbo University Social Network Marketing


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Lisa Bhella and Kristin Slice presented for the Phoenix Chapter of NAWBO. This is a two part social media program. Come out to part two in November!

Lisa Bhella and Kristin Slice presented for the Phoenix Chapter of NAWBO. This is a two part social media program. Come out to part two in November!

Published in: Business
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  • Kristin & Lisa – Introduce ourselves to the groupKristin- Why this presentation personal background
  • Kristin
  • Kristin
  • KristinWhat do we mean when we say social media? The change from using the internet for singular one way. All social media platforms have the same basic structure
  • KristinThe big three or traditional social media sites are built on the same format were it get: Terminology
  • Kristin
  • Kristin
  • Lisa- Social Media Myths
  • Lisa- Social media myths continued… Many…Evolving…Start simple…Don’t be overwhelmed –Lay the foundations – A bit like working out!Be prepared to adjust strategy if one method does not work
  • Lisa - What social media marketing must do.
  • Lisa:The Importance of having a strategy & factors to consider.
  • Lisa – Social media voice and branding go hand in hand. Be consistent.
  • Kristin
  • Kristin- So once we have a strategy what day to day actions do you need to takeDetermine where you are on the spectrum and then take 3 simple steps:
  • Kristin
  • KristinStep Two – Build Create a Communications Calendar Connect to top 20 contacts (or entire contact list) Plug into your real life community Build in your marketing (email signatures, office signs, announcements)
  • KristinStep Three – Maintain and Adjust Post regularly: education, value and relationship Login to each account (20 mins/day) Comment on others’ posts and share expertise Respond to all comments Lead by example 
  • Kristin and Lisa- Examples Moxie Girl (B2B) Sonoran Studios (B2B) House of Tricks (B2C)
  • House of Tricks – Example
  • Kristin and Lisa- What have you been doing on social media that you find works well? What are some of the challenges that you face?
  • Kristin
  • Lisa
  • Kristin: Next time. SEO WEBSITE EMAIL, SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION, blogging, email marketingStrategically building relationships with individuals through interactive social media platforms.What Social Network Marketing™ is NOT - Another websiteSeries of postsOne-way conversationShort-term money makerMagic bulletHuge responsibilityJust something your kids do 80% of all small business owners/execs use social mediaThe Difference Between Social Media and a Website
  • What is next for you – What is the one thing you will commit to starting on MondayWe are here all morning – ask us questions and follow up
  • Transcript

    • 1. DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGIES © 2012 Three Dog Marketing FOR YOUR BUSINESS: SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIONS Presented by: Kristin Slice, MA & Lisa Bhella
    • 2.  More than half of Facebook users (900 million) log in every day – more than 400 million people.  More than 80 percent of all Americans use a social network.  23 percent of time online is spent on social networks. Understanding and strategy are keys to success and effectiveness.© 2012 Three Dog Marketing
    • 3. TODAY’S GOALS Provide basic mechanics of social media and real action steps to strategically use digital marketing strategies to build your business. Plus, key strategies for successful Social Network Marketing™ campaigns.© 2012 Three Dog Marketing
    • 4. SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM Your Profile General Info Wall Events Applications© 2012 Three Dog Marketing
    • 5. SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM Profile Wall Kristin Slice Connection Connection Wall Profile Applications Applications General Info General Info© 2012 Three Dog Marketing
    • 6. SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM Status Update / Tweet Kristin Slice Profile Profile Wall Direct Message —Using @ or Wall Post Applications Public General Info Direct Message / Message Private© 2012 Three Dog Marketing
    • 7. Social Media Myths Social media is free One-way selling conversation More is more! You should post on ALL social media sites Auto post everything Social media doesn’t work Shout to be heard Short-term money maker Magic bullet Huge responsibility Something your kids do
    • 9. Social Media MarketingStrategically build relationships withindividuals through interactive social mediaplatforms.Must align withoverall companyobjectives & goals.
    • 10. Create your strategy Who is your target market? Where are they talking online? Connect & engage What resources do you have? Is your website up to date/EFFECTIVE? Integrate your online wheel Drive web traffic with a call to action Where are your competitors talking online? How does social media support marketing & sales? What are your specific objectives for Social Network Marketing™?
    • 11. What is your social media voice? It is your online:  Content  Attitude  Branding  Frequency  Interaction with others
    • 12. THE POWER OF ENDURANCE Small businesses with three or more years of experience in social media marketing are seeing the greatest results. There’s clear evidence that those who commit at least 6 hours per week will see significant rewards. - Merchant Circle, 2012© 2012 Three Dog Marketing
    • 13. © 2012 Three Dog Marketing
    • 14. BASIC SNM™ STRATEGYStep One – Create• Create policy• Create a Google Alert• Install Google Analytics• Create and optimize profiles and pages• Create aggregator• Establish goals © 2012 Three Dog Marketing
    • 15. BASIC SNM™ STRATEGY Step Two – Build • Create Communications Calendar • Connect to top 20 contacts • Plug into your real life community • Build into your marketing© 2012 Three Dog Marketing
    • 16. BASIC SNM™ STRATEGYStep Three – Maintain and Adjust• Post regularly - education, value, relationship• Login to each account• Comment on posts and share expertise• Respond to all comments• Lead by example © 2012 Three Dog Marketing
    • 17. © 2011 Three Dog Marketing
    • 18. © 2010 Three Dog Marketing
    • 19. READY, AIM, SOCIALIZE!  Key Strategy – Claim your space (blog, video, Google places, Yelp)  Key Strategy – Who do you know?  Key Strategy – Create/schedule posts  Leverage your content! Be realistic and get help.© 2012 Three Dog Marketing
    • 20. ADVANCED STRATEGIES AND TOOLS Sales campaigns Video marketing Engagement Pinterest Tools:  Mashable  Merchant Circle  WordPress  Mail Chimp © 2012 Three Dog Marketing
    • 21. READY…AIM…SOCIALIZE! TM Social Network Marketing is a huge opportunity for your businesses.  Lay the foundations  Connect  Draft your strategy  Engage  Adjust SHOW YOUR PASSION!© 2012 Three Dog Marketing
    • 22. © 2012 Three Dog Marketing
    • 23. Next StepsLet’s connect:Three Dog MarketingEmail: socialmedia@ThreeDogMarketing.comCall: 602.476.4509Facebook: @INBOX2OUTBOXLinkedIn: Strategic - Authentic - Results