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Project Fedena and Why Ruby on Rails - ArvindArvind G S
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Project Fedena and Why Ruby on Rails - ArvindArvind G S


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Fedena is an open source school management software based on Ruby on Rails framework. It is a web 2.0 web application being developed by Foradian Technologies. Fedena is currently in closed beta. …

Fedena is an open source school management software based on Ruby on Rails framework. It is a web 2.0 web application being developed by Foradian Technologies. Fedena is currently in closed beta. Visit or more info.

The first part is about the birth of fedena. And why we chose Ruby on Rails for its development. My team was not experienced in Ruby on Rails. Actually they had no experience on practical programming skills other than the textbook knowledge on C and C++ that they get from and Electronics and Communication degree. They are now experienced programmers in ROR and are actively involved in various opensource ROR projects.

The second part is about our experience on ROR and the advantages and disadvantages we felt while coding and deploying. The third part of the talk is about why we are giving fedena as opensource to the community. The business model of opensource software.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Project Fedena and   Why Ruby on Rails  ARVIND G S CTO Foradian Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • 2. What is fedena ?  •  Fedena is an Open Source school/campus management system •  It is the first Open Source School ERP based on RoR •  It is a web 2.0 application being developed by Foradian Technologies
  • 3. Evolu:on of Fedena  •  Many schools/colleges in India approached foradian to provide them an exact solution for managing their data. •  Foradian’s thought of providing an efficient, user friendly school management system to the universe •  A system that should make the user feel that the real power is in their hands •  Cannot find an exact open source solution for this till date
  • 4. Start of Project Fedena  •  Project Fedena started with two new fresher as developers and a designer for designing the UI of the application •  Developers started learning Ruby language and RoR framework which was an entirely new platform to foradian •  The development got started in parallel with the learning process •  When we were able to generate the desired output, the management team planned to release the system as open source
  • 5. Why Ruby on Rails  •  Foradian’s desire to learn a new language/technology •  Ruby is a powerful scripting language •  Adhered to OOP principles •  Code Maintainability •  DRY principle •  Increased Productivity •  It allows us to work with minimum confusion
  • 6. Fedena System 
  • 7. Highlights of the System  •  Eye Catchy UI Design •  User Friendly •  Easy Navigation •  Any one with basic knowledge in computer and internet can easily operate fedena
  • 8. Architectural Overview  Users HTTP Request Browser Apache/Nginx Web server Forwards Delivers Mail HTML Output Request passenger/mongrel/ dispatcher fast cgi Loads Active Record Action View CRUD Renders Response Renders Passes Controller Data Query Delivers Action Mailer Database mysql Fedena Application (RoR)
  • 9. Architectural Overview  •  Ruby version used - 1.8.6 •  Rails version used – 2.3.5 •  Database used is mysql •  Web Server used is Apache •  Deployment Techniques Used – Passenger/Fast CGI
  • 10. Gems and Plugins Used  •  Prawn – for pdf generation •  Declarative Authorization – To implement authorization mechanism for different users •  Open Flash Chart – For graphical representation of student’s progress report •  Fckeditor – used for adding rich text contents in the news section of the system
  • 11. Rails Advantages  •  Powerful •  Readable •  Convention Over Configuration •  Inbuilt security improvement techniques •  MVC architecture •  DRY principle •  RESTful architecture •  Code Reusability •  Active community ready to help at any time
  • 12. Rails Disadvantages  •  Rails applications are comparitively slow •  Deployment is a bit tougher and the support is less for this •  Increased hosting cost
  • 13. Project Fedena – Challenges Ahead  •  Rails testing to be started •  Choosing the appropriate deployment method •  Cache Mechanism to be implemented •  More Performance and Security improvement methods to be incorporated •  Scalable architecture to be implemented
  • 14.  •  Developer’s area for contributing to project fedena •  Features: 1. RoR developers can join and start contributing to the project 2. Source Code Download 3. Installation Instructions 4. Bug Submission 5. Bug Tracking 6. Community Forum
  • 15. Fedena License - Fedena is licensed under Apache 2.0 -
  • 16. More Links  •  Website – •  Test Fedena Application – •  Video Tutorials –
  • 17. Thank You