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  • 1. The thought of writing a resume sends shivers down many peopleÂ’s spines.Fortunately writing a resume does not have tobe that difficult and yes, you can do it yourself without the help of a professional resume writer. However, you want to avoid the bigmistake that most people make when starting to write a resume.job application tips
  • 2. If you want to land a job interview you obviously must have awell-written resume Unfortunately the thought of writing a resumesends shivers down many peoples spines Personally, I do not knowanyone who actually enjoys writing a resume In fact, writing aresume is such a dreadful task that many people would rather hiresomeone to write the resume for them which can be quite costly
  • 3. Fortunately writing a resume does not have to be that difficult andyes, you can do it yourself without the help of a professional resumewriter However, you want to avoid the big mistake that most peoplemake when starting to write a resume Whats the mistake? Themistake most people make when writing a resume is that they doNOT create a resume that is job specificÂ…in other words theirresume is way too general They try to take the easy way out bycreating a generic resume that they can use for a number of differentjobsÂ…a one-size-fits-all resume
  • 4. This is a mistake However, it is also good news for you Sincemost of your competition job application tips will be writing genericresumes, you will have a much better chance of making your resumestand out by creating one that is specific for the job you want Sohow does one create a job-specific resume? EasyÂ…start bycreating a few simple lists with pen and paper
  • 5. Here are the three lists you should create BEFORE you actuallystart writing a resume: 1 Before writing a resume make a list of allthe requirements for the particular job you are seeking ThatsrightÂ…you want to gear your resume to the specific job you areapplying for That means if you are applying for several differentjobs you will be making several different resumes
  • 6. 2 Make a list of any and all RELATED experience Unrelatedexperience is not necessary to put in your resume and can actuallybe a distraction so make sure your list is exclusive to relatedexperience This includes internships, volunteer positions,leadership activities, and, of course, paid work experience
  • 7. 3 Make a list of your own personal strengths Keep in mind thatemployers value qualities like teamwork, leadership, and goodcommunication skills These are the skills you should bring to light inyour resume
  • 8. Once you have created your lists of the job requirements, yourrelated experience, and your own personal strengths you can thencreate a brief, but powerful, description of each piece of relatedexperience mentioned in list #2 In each description try to match yourown personal strengths with the requirements for the job Basicallyyou are combining your three lists into short and powerful statements For example, "Kitchen Manager: Effectively used communicationskills to manage a 7-person kitchen staff for upscale ItalianRestaurant" Once you have these well-crafted descriptions you cango ahead and start plugging in each description in separate sections
  • 9. under suitable headings, such as objective, education, experience,skills, extra curricular activities, and references
  • 10. This is where you can use a resume template to help guide youFortunately for you most people writing a resume will not take thetime to properly prepare their descriptions By creating a list of allyour strengths and experiences that specifically match therequirements for the job you are seeking it will be much easier foryou to create a resume that is targeted for a specific jobÂ…a resumethat will clearly stand out amongst all the other resumes ArticleTags: , , ,
  • 11. job application tips