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  • 1. LetÂ’s say youÂ’ve had a great conversation with a prospect. TheyÂ’ve shared their problems and seem genuinely interested in what you have to offer. YouÂ’re excited about following up withthem – but your calls arenÂ’t returned. WhatÂ’s happening?shared web hosting
  • 2. Well, the only way to find out the truth of the situation is to ask them Butbefore you do, letÂ’s stop and consider some important points You mustapproach this in a way that invites trust and diffuses the barriers to comfortablecommunication  Here are 7 important steps to follow: 1 Dont assume thesale  Prospects are used to the traditional buyer-seller relationship Theyassume youÂ’ll pressure them So they may decide not to tell you things thatmake them vulnerable to pressure Until youÂ’re sure you know the completetruth, you can never assume the sale is yours
  • 3.  2 Keep making it easy for potential clients to tell you their truth  Towardthe end of your conversation, ask, “Do you have any more questions?” Ifthe answer is no, follow up with the 100-percent-final truth-gathering question:“Now, are you 100 percent sure that thereÂ’s nothing else that I can do onmy end to make you feel more comfortable with this situation?” YouÂ’ll beamazed how often people reply, “Well, actually, thereÂ’s one more issue” And itÂ’s at this point that you really start to hear their truth 3 Call back toget the truth, not close the sale  Most potential clients who suddenlydisappear expect you chase them down
  • 4. They expect you to call and say, “Hi, I was just wondering where things areat?” Instead, eliminate all sales pressure by telling them youÂ’re okaywith their decision not to move forward, based on their not having called youback  In other words, take a step backward Most of the time itÂ’ll open thedoor to a new level of trust-filled communication 4 Reassure them that youcan handle a “no ” Of course weÂ’d rather hear a yes But the only way tofree yourself and your clients from subtle sales pressure is to let them knowthat itÂ’s not about the sale – itÂ’s about the best choice for them And if thatmeans no sale, itÂ’s okay with you  5
  • 5. Ask for feedback  Whenever prospects disappear, call them back (e-mailonly as a last resort because dialogue is always better) And simply ask,“Would you please share your feedback with me as to how I can improve fornext time? IÂ’m committed to understanding where I went wrong ”  This isnot being feeble or weak ItÂ’s being humble And this invites the truth 6 Donttry to “close” a sale
  • 6.  If your intuition tells you that the sales process isnÂ’t going in the directionit should be going (which is always toward greater trust and truth), then trustthose feelings  Make it safe for prospects to tell you where they stand ItÂ’ssimple All you have to say is, “Where do you think we should go fromhere?” But be prepared You might not want to hear the truth of how theyÂ’refeeling You can cope with this by keeping your larger goal in mind, which isalways to establish that the two of you have a “fit ”7 Give yourself the lastword
  • 7.  Eliminate the anxiety of waiting for the final call that will tell you whether thesale is going to happen shared web hosting Instead, schedule a time forgetting back to each other during your conversation  This eliminates chasing Simply suggest, “Can we plan to get back to each other on a day and at atime that works for you? Not to close the sale, but to simply bring closureregardless of what you decide IÂ’m okay either way, and thatÂ’ll save us fromhaving to chase each other ”Youll find that these suggestions make sellingmuch less painful because you stay focused on the truth instead of the saleAnd the truth is, the more we release the idea of needing to make the sale, themore sales weÂ’ll likely see
  • 8. shared web hosting