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Introduction to Thomsons Online Benefits
Introduction to Thomsons Online Benefits
Introduction to Thomsons Online Benefits
Introduction to Thomsons Online Benefits
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Introduction to Thomsons Online Benefits


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. THOMSONS ONLINE BENEFITS is the world leader in global benefits management and employee engagement, with our proprietary software, Darwin™. Total DarwinTM clients: 300+ companies Number of countries where Darwin™ is used: 64 Number of languages on Darwin™: 16 Total number of awards: 71 JN0826 US Event Ad Flyer-215x279-V5-SINGLE PAGES.indd 1 12/03/2014 09:57
  • 2. Engaged Employees Darwin™ provides a variety of modules to promote employee engagement by putting them at the centre of their reward experience, including: • An intuitive employee benefits portal, accessible via tablet, making reward comprehensible and enrolment straightforward, empowering employees. • Automated, personalised and targeted online communications. • Integrated video and text help content which de- mystify benefits. • Your reward brand reflected in all communications and throughout the employee experience. Controlled Costs Darwin™ gives you all the data you need for more efficient benefits spend, and better understanding of one of the largest of your business costs, providing: • A single source of truth for your benefits data. • Better return-on-investment for your benefits spend. • The data you need to empower you to challenge brokers and providers. • Dynamic Total Reward Statements, so that your employees understand and appreciate your benefits spend. Reduced Risk By creating a centralised, encrypted data hub, Darwin™ gives you superior control over your sensitive employee information so that: • Records of all employees’ benefits transactions can be accessed instantly. • A full audit trail of all benefits transactions is automatically generated. • You can define how benefits data can be accessed. Streamlined Benefits Administration Darwin™ gives you greater accuracy and enables more streamlined benefits by: • Creating automated links with benefit providers, HR and payroll systems, enabling more secure data provision. • Freeing up HR teams from employee queries. • Automating reports, freeing up time for value- adding tasks. • Facilitating benefits management, either locally or via shared services centres. Darwin™ is cloud-based global benefits management and employee engagement software, used by some of the world’s most innovative companies like Samsung, Cisco and Microsoft. It leads to: Cash Entitlements 22.06% Core Benefits Total 2.94% Notional Salary 73.53% Benefits Allowance 1.47% PNG format 240(w) X 118(h) pixel ideally client logo (branding) PNG 740 (w) X 118 (h) pixel JN0826 US Event Ad Flyer-215x279-V5-SINGLE PAGES.indd 2 12/03/2014 09:57
  • 3. The Challenge As a recently merged and fast-growing business, bwin. party recognised the need to build a universal global reward infrastructure that would enable rapid staff integration following prior and future acquisitions, encourage organisational agility and global mobility, and deliver a universal reward scheme across seven countries with different languages, employment law, tax and culture. chose to work with Thomsons Online Benefits and use their Darwin™ software to create one platform that delivered their pay, benefits, share and recognition schemes. Prior to the launch, employees had received little or no benefits, and even where benefits were provided, they did not match the demographic profile of employees or offer any choice. It was imperative to engage the very young, extraordinarily IT-literate workforce at with a reward stategy that delivered to their individual needs. The Solution In close collaboration, and Thomsons created an exceptional solution: a global, harmonised, branded reward scheme with the same look, feel and structure internationally, which catered for local variations appropriate to each region. ‘just.rewards’ initially launched in the UK and Gibraltar in April 2012, utilising innovative, unique communications distinctive to each location. Every employee was reached through a combination of on and offline material, and face to face communication, drip-fed in the weeks prior to launch. The scheme was then rapidly rolled out to India, Bulgaria, Austria, Sweden and Israel and at every stage the global team sought input from the local HR Business Partners who were able to ‘localise’ the global approach with best of breed solutions. Importantly, Darwin™ was flexible enough to link all of the global rewards strategy systems (TRS, flex and voluntary benefits selection, global share plan and recognition scheme) maximising value to employees by offering choice, innovation and flexibility. The Result has seen many benefits as a result of implementing “just.rewards”. By standardising their reward approach, global mobility has significantly improved with a 50% increase in relocations. Employee engagement and participation was also very high with login rates of up to 98%. In addition, the use of Darwin™ generated cost savings on existing reward administration systems in excess of $500,310, and created the capacity to administer the new flexible reward scheme without having to increase staffing levels. Case study “We’re absolutely delighted that ‘just.rewards’ has been recognised as “International Project of the Year” at the Pay and Benefits awards 2013. We have seen phenomenal employee engagement with the scheme, and it has enabled us to deliver a truly global reward strategy. As well delivering many business benefits and generating cost savings, ‘just.rewards’ supports the continued global expansion of” Kathy Swindley, Group HR Director, Key Statistics Over $500,310 saved on existing licence fees for reward admin systems. Employees saved $126,415 in tax, a staggering $3,145.28 per benefit member. High engagement and take up across all countries: • 96% of employees in the UK logged into the site, with an average of 1.5 flex selections per employee • 94% of employees in Gibraltar logged into the site, with an average of 1.4 flex selections per employee • 98% of employees in India logged into the site, with an average of 1.5 flex selections per employee JN0826 US Event Ad Flyer-215x279-V5-SINGLE PAGES.indd 3 12/03/2014 09:57
  • 4. JN0826 US Event Ad Flyer-215x279-V5-SINGLE PAGES.indd 4 12/03/2014 09:57