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Micromold Expands into International MarketsNew Site Contributes to 12 Percent Sales Growth inDistributor SalesBackgroundM...
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ThomasNet review - Micromold Products


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"We were trying to work on export business. And I would say all of our export business, including companies in China, Singapore, South Africa, England and so forth, we wouldn't have had a prayer without ThomasNet." Thomasnet review - Micromold Products

Micromold, Inc.
Manufacturer and fabricator of plastic fluid flow products.

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Transcript of "ThomasNet review - Micromold Products"

  1. 1. Micromold Expands into International MarketsNew Site Contributes to 12 Percent Sales Growth inDistributor SalesBackgroundMicromold Products, based in Yonkers , New York manufacturers plastic fluid handling products forcustomers in the process industries , including chemicals , food , dairy and beverages , paper, -- -pharmaceuticals , power, and semi-conductors . "Our companys reputation in the industry-to both end users and distributors-has been dramatically enhanced because of ThomasNet." Art Lukach Micromold PresidentChallengeArt Lukach, President of Micromold Products, never expected the Web to have such a profound impact onthe industrial marketplace , let alone his business. As the internet became more pervasive, Micromoldestablished a "placeholder" website because "we really didnt know what to do," said Mr. Lukach. Butthere were problems with this site , because the unstructured content wasn t searchable through the Web.Micromold didnt know how all the product information they had on paper could make its way to a newwebsite , and if it could be done with a limited marketing budget. The company-with only a small insidecustomer service/sales force-was eager to find a way to turn print materials into online content , ensurethat it was easy to access and most importantly , appealing to their prospects and customers , and helpful to their distributors .SolutionHaving worked with the former Thomas Register since Micromolds inception , it seemed natural to contact ThomasNets consultants to helpMicromold modify its current website and all of their documents , and organize important information in a compelling , attractive manner. Mr. Lukachwas amazed at how actively and closely ThomasNet worked with them to identify a solution. "They were really a dumping ground for all the piecesof paper that we could produce and give to them , and they sorted it all out," he said . "They blew my mind."Together , ThomasNets Web Solutions team of engineers and industrial sales experts set out to make the site more than a simple transfer ofinformation . For Micromold , it was also essential that distributors and end users could easily navigate the site and find the products they need. Withthat in mind, ThomasNet added an online catalog to the site , which better structured Micromolds product-oriented content. And to support thecompany s goal of increasing international business , ThomasNet made the new site multilingual.The highly specific site content also made it easier for qualified prospects to find Micromolds site through w w w . t h o m a s n e t . c o m and moregeneral search engines . To ensure the site continued to provide new and accurate information for sales, ThomasNet added their content managementsystem to Micromolds website . Mr. Lukach was able to manage and update all their content , which is something he "never thought was possible orwould be easy and efficient to maintain." "A custom order from a major U.S. manufacturer for $250 1000 was a direct result of the new website." Art Lukach Micromold PresidentResultsSince launching ThomasNets online catalog in early 2007 , Micromold has expanded at a phenomenal rate. They re averaging two to three inquiresfrom the website each day , and about $1 ,000 per order. "A custom order from a major U.S. manufacturer for $250 ,000 was a direct result of the newwebsite ," commented Mr. Lukach. "This opportunity would not have come to us in any shape or form if it wasnt for the web ."The company s typical growth rate for sales through distributors has increased from about five to six percent , to a rate of about 12 percent a year."We attribute this increase to ThomasNet ," Mr. Lukach said.Proven Results that Positively Impact Business