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ThomasNet reviews - stories from management Read more here

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ThomasNet reviews - stories from management

  1. 1. Stories from Management"When I search for companies it is ThomasNet that I use. I also receive emails from ThomasNet that alertme to the manufacturing news I need to know about, as well, industry news that helps me stay on top ofeverything on a daily basis."Roma ChandoolManagerJ & F Mfg. South Inc.We sourced for: Steel "I had a request for a non-magnetic RCM flow gage. I looked every where without success. While browsing a list at I noticed a company who carried RCM flow gages. I called with a part number and they had it in inventory. I was able to place my order and buy the gage. Thanks ThomasNet!!" Kenneth Blevans Manager KMB Expediting co. We sourced for: Valves, Flowmeters and Cutting Tools "We do custom fabrication and often need hard-to-find parts, products and services. is our go-to source. We needed a particular aluminum extruded tube, difficult to find, but we located it through" Martha Emrey Owner Topco We sourced for: Parts, Products and Services "We were desperately looking for sources in the U.S. for IQF freeze systems for non- standard applications. After an intensive search, facilitated by very effective equipment categorizations, we have found our preferred sources. Now, we regularly go to to be seen and to do business." Kumar Sujan CEO and Managing Director Mazda Specialty Machine Systems We sourced for: Industrial equipment for our fruits, vegetables,
  2. 2. food and processing projects"My Company name is ODD Parts Fabrication....... Daily, I source the most unusual, rare, esoteric, and"obscured-by-their-normal-purpose" parts and materials using Where would YOU findcarbon sealing vanes for "non-rebuildable" oiless automotive smog/air pumps in three hits?? I did."James SimpsonOwner/OperatorODD Parts FabricationWe sourced for: Antique and classic car parts and materials; which is- a very wide topic-as the robots we call automobiles embody nearly every animal, vegetable, mineral, as well as theethereal."With I am able to not only find sources faster, but to get more information about thatparticular company. Using the internet there are many search engines, but ThomasNet focuses on thecompanies I would more than likely use. Its geared toward a strong industrial base. Whenever I am tryingto find a source for a product it advises me if they are a manufacturer or a distributor. This in manyinstances directs me to a facility that will also do custom product to something similar they manufacture.Just about six months ago I was able to use this situation to resolve a problem with very few extra costsdue to that modification. Thanks ThomasNet."Frank MancarusoOwnerRob n Caruso Sales AssociatesWe sourced for: MRO "It provides insight and overview of trends and issues with business which broadens my information and understanding when making decisions and thereby improves my decision making." David Fuller Director Pacific Garden Mission We sourced for: Electrical, lighting, plumbing, specialty equipment "We are always looking for suppliers for our little manufacturing company. ThomasNet has been helpful in quickly locating certain types of supplies and services. Typically you can spend weeks going thru ads and trying to find vendors for specific products like adhesives, PC board companies, machining, custom enclosure companies, and so on. Thomas has saved me time and grief with their quick searches. Actual names and contact phone numbers. Invaluable for small companies like mine. The time translates money saved for me. We cant afford to go to every
  3. 3. trade show in every category. Plus there is a greater likelihood of finding reliable resources and not just more "vaporware"." Ronald Holmes Owner Holmes Engineering We sourced for: Adhesives, General Machining and Custom Enclosures"There have been so many of our vendors in Michigan that have gone under. We have been strugglingtrying to find a plastic resin company to provide material. Your listings have given me three (3) newvendors and I also have been able to work out competitive pricing. This will definitely help to keep ourdoor open in 2010!"Christine ArciniagaPresidentJMA Tool CompanyWe sourced for: Resins