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Inovation in education
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Inovation in education


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Innovation in college education

Innovation in college education

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Accelerated Student Teaching Thomas J. Vogel Hyles-Anderson College
  • 2. Mission Give Education Majors • 4 years of academic study • 2 years of Student teaching • 2 years of on-line studies All in a 4 year undergraduate program
  • 3. Vision Education majors will graduate with a four year degree and that includes two years of guided teaching.
  • 4. Vision Continued Education majors will graduate with two years of time on task, the most valuable part of learning.
  • 5. Concept • Education majors are assigned teaching coach. • The teaching coach monitors and coaches the student’s progress through the first two years of college.
  • 6. Concept (Cont.) • The teaching coach communicates on a weekly basis. • The teaching coach works with the student to schedule their on line classes throughout their four year degree.
  • 7. Concept (Cont.) • The teaching coach communicates on a daily basis as is practical during student teaching. • The teaching coach is a life coach and mentors throughout the entire education process.
  • 8. Concept (Cont.) •The student teachers will have a 3 credit seminar class to discuss their progress and select teaching issues that are really only understandable to someone who has some experience teaching.
  • 9. College Responsibilities The college must provide... • Intensive counseling service, • Active and consistent mentoring, • Continuous communication • Evaluation and accountability.
  • 10. The coach mentors the student through every phase of the education Traditional Classes On Line Classes Student Teaching Student Teaching Seminar
  • 11. The student has many people who influence them Teachers On Line Teachers Master teachers Seminar Leaders Coach
  • 12. Coaches and students will meet weekly to discuss pertinent education topics.
  • 13. Sample Student Teaching Activities 1. Seminar Meetings 2. Student teaching assignments. 3. Specialty workshops 4. Guest speakers
  • 14. Accountability Program is monitored through timely reporting on the Learning Management System
  • 15. Students and teachers have instant communication and chat capabilities
  • 16. “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin