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  • Promote a safe and responsible use of the internet
  • The INSAFE Network

    1. 1. The Insafe networkThe Insafe network
    2. 2. 30 Awareness Centres 29 Helplines 30 National Youth Panels 1 pan-EU Youth Panel Promote a safe and responsible use of the internet and mobile devices to young people. A European project by nature
    3. 3. Consortium of 31 education ministries Works with 100,000+ schools in EU Conducts 30+ projects for EC Empowers citizens via ICT
    4. 4. Insafe & EU Safer Internet programme 2009 to 2013 - €55 million on 4 key areas of action 1) ensuring public awareness 2) fighting against illegal content/tackling harmful conduct online 3) promoting a safer online environment 4) establishing a knowledge base.
    5. 5. An expanding networkAn expanding network •Started in 2004 with 9 AC. •Today, 30 AC in Europe and beyond – Iceland, Norway and Russia. •2010: year of transition. From 19 to 26 helplines. •29 soon. Existing helplines Helplines in the process of being set up
    6. 6. Safer Internet DaySafer Internet Day 8 February 20118 February 2011 « It’s more than a game, it’s your  life » SID committees in 35 non-EU countries
    7. 7. What is a Safer Internet centre?What is a Safer Internet centre? Helpline Hotline Youth panel Info & practice sharing Campaign implementation Impact assessment For report/take down of illegal content Consult young users to customise campaigns, promote peer advocacy Info & advice to young people (& parents/teachers Co-funded by EC
    8. 8. Sectors cooperating within Insafe? Tertiary education Media Sector Content providers Broadcasting Government Rights Protection Sector Telecom ISP
    9. 9. A Systemic Approach • Each element impacts the others within the network • AC, HL, YP and HT work together towards the same objective and constitute an organisation, the SIC. • No seamless service possible without this cooperation. • Within this system, Insafe’s role: Facilitate and strengthen interactions. Ensure a common framework of standards/principles.
    10. 10. A Learning Community • Learning from each other and building knowledge together is central to the existence of the network. • What Insafe does: – facilitates innovation and collaboration through common tools (online community), resources, monthly meetings (general training meetings, specific clusters), regular bulletins; – promotes knowledge-building and best practice transfer: mentorship programmes, resources cluster meetings… – enhances synergy and visibility; – produces European added value.
    11. 11. Online professional development
    12. 12. Role of the Insafe coordinator towards the Helplines – provide knowledge-building support to keep helplines updated with the latest news/trends – ensure a seamless service by fostering the development of common principles, standards and guidelines; – track trends through helplines statistics in order to adapt training to emerging needs and implement preventive measures whenever possible; – listen carefully to young helplines customers.
    13. 13. Helplines at the frontline of online safety issues Heavy increase in the number of IT-related contacts (relationships, bullying, threats…). See report The Children, BRIS and IT, 2010.
    14. 14. The online dimension What does that mean to be online? • Use the power of the web 2.0 to provide additional communication channels for children: email, chat, forum… • Set up an attractive and informative website. • Conduct innovative communication campaigns (e.g. organisation of competitions on video sharing platforms, presence on SNS). Create online tools (e.g. interactive and participative platform on video games in France with tests & advice)
    15. 15. Challenges New threats have emerged and need to be addressed: Misuse of pictures/videos: 35 hours of video uploaded each minute to YouTube, 73% of under 2 year-olds have a digital presence in EU5 (UK, France, Germany, Italy & Spain) Sexting Privacy / data protection on SNS
    16. 16. Concluding remarks • No single approach relying on a single set of actors can address the challenge in the evolving environment that is the internet. • Internet = system for change and response, feedback and transformation. To ensure real impact Insafe evolves along with the internet, meeting new trends and incorporating new practices within a learning community.
    17. 17. Thank you for your attention For further information contact
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