Childrens use of mobile phones - Infographic


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Childrens use of mobile phones - Infographic

  1. 1. Children in amobile world 73% of childrenThe GSMA and NTT docomo’s who use the mobile internet use socialMobile Society Research Institute networkingare investigating the growing useof mobile phones by childrenaged eight to 18. 19% of children have completely open social networking profiles 69% of children use mobile phones 40% of children access the internet from mobileMobile phone ownership phones14% children in Egypt have of 80% of smartphones, 11% in India, 12% in Paraguay and 9% in Japan18% Egyptian children use tablets, of children with mobile 6% in India and 2-3% in Japan and Paraguay phones own new Parental concerns handsets and mobile safety 74% parents are concerned about ofMobile phone use their child’s privacy on mobile phones, regardless of age55% f 15-year-olds send six or more o text messages a day Mobile internet 60% families have agreements or of rules about their children’s mobile59% f Indian children do not send o 18% Japanese children use the mobile of phone use text messages internet at least 11 times a day and 34% at least six times a day 52% parents whose children use of51% children use a camera, of mobile phones felt safer in an 44% use a music player and 70% children in Paraguay and Japan of emergency 26% use a movie player on a use the mobile internet for more mobile phone than 30 minutes a day 56% children with smartphones in of Japan use it as the primary deviceUse of social networking services to access the internet, 42% in Indiaon mobile phones and 41% in Paraguay72% f 12-year-olds who access the o 30% Egyptian children use a games of mobile internet already use social console as their primary device to networking services access the internet — only 3% of children with smartphones use it as43% f parents who access the mobile o their primary device for the internet internet use social networking on This is the third study into children’s use of mobile their mobile phone, significantly less phones conducted by the GSMA in partnership than the 73% of children with NTT docomo’s Mobile Society Research Institute. This study investigates 3,528 pairs of children and parents in Egypt, Japan, India and Paraguay. Download the full report from
  2. 2. Children in amobile worldThe GSMA and NTT docomo’sMobile Society Research Institutehave partnered to investigate thegrowing use of mobile phonesby children.The Children’s use of mobile phones — An international Supporterscomparison 2011 report provides a detailed picture of mobilephone use by children from the age of eight to 18, comparinguse across geographically widespread markets at differinglevels of development.New research has been conducted with more than 3,500pairs of children and parents in Japan, India, Paraguay andEgypt. Now in its third year, it builds on the previous two studiesconducted in Japan, India, Mexico, Cyprus, China and Korea.The research is sponsored by mobile phone operators in eachcountry, and has covered more than 15,500 pairs of childrenand their parents.Research focusTo enable year-on-year comparisons, standard questionswere posed to children and their parents, including:• Age of first mobile ownership• Reasons for getting a mobile phone• How they feel about their mobile phone• Parents concerns over their children’s use of mobile phones.Additional topics for the 2011 survey included:• ocial networking S• rivacy P• ervices and mobile application use S• martphone and tablet usage. S Get involvedFurther information To take part in theTo learn more about this growing cohort of junior mobile next report on children’sphone users, download the Children’s use of mobilephones — An international comparison 2011 report at use of mobile phones, please contact Sarah Gaffney at