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Re shooting our opening title sequence
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Re shooting our opening title sequence


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  • 1. FILMINGWe thought that it was a good idea that we re-filmed some of thescenes of our opening title sequence with me acting in themas personally they did not look adequate enough to give offthe sophisticated impression of an opening title sequenceand this meant that they looked no where near an existingproduct. In the first case I dont feel I was completelycomfortable acting so before we even started the mind setwas not fully there. But, instead of analysing mistakes wethought go with the same impression but, like our feedbackstated make the opening titles funnier as it was too seriousfor a comedy.We re-filmed the opening title sequence essentially by gettingDaisys brother to play the spy and this worked really well.Our first idea was that Sam would walk behind a car andthen when walking from the other side his clothes changedto a suit. As suit is a iconographical convention of a spy sworked very well and I feel that us having the suit to usewas great as it meant that it fitted the genre more as beforenone of the suits worn were black they were either dark blueor grey.
  • 2. MORE DESCRIPTIONI think also that the idea of using a car gives the spy more of asense of power as it essentially meant hat the spy wasempowered as he had a sense of transport. The foundationof the small narrative anecdote through film was a verygood idea on behalf of Daisy as it gave the impression of asense if secrecy as the change was behind an obstacle- italso initiates enigmas to why this has happened in the firstplace which is quite interesting.We also added scene which replicated the conventional style ofJames Bond by having Sam sat at a table and then drinkfrom a martini lass which gave he impression of wealth anda sense of empowerment over females. Unfortunately nonef the females would parlay the female maid part becausethey didnt feel comfortable but, this would have workedwell at indicating a male gaze if it did happen. The fact atthe soy winks with the glass gives the impression ofhumour almost like he is laughing at the expense of savinglifes.thing hat was lacking before is now there which was the actingand scenes and locations as well as se props. I feel alsothat without even knowing todays filming was much betteras there was less of an urgency to fit it into a certain smalltime as we spend hours filming things over again until theywas entirely prefect.
  • 3. CARRIED ON….Like Miss Whittaker suggested that he should be more foolishwe did try this especially when he was heading after avillain and then hid behind a thin tree, this made himseem rather foolish and stupid and this is exactly whatwe set out to do when Ms Whittaker suggested the thenimprovements. We also made sure that thee was more ofan impression of a villain as in any spy film there is abinary opposition to the saviour which is the villain. Forthis exact reason I strangled him and Nicola opposed asa threat by trying to shoot him.We also tried to keep shots that our inspirations had such asshots of him turning with a gun but, we made sure thatwe had enough of those so that some indicated a senseof comedy and some professional. I hnk that the gun forthese scenes worked really well as it shined in the light.
  • 4. SUMMARYOverall, I feel that the filming was a success. For one it was out of schooland this meant that it did not replicate corridors, it also meant that thething hat was lacking before is now there which was the acting andscenes and locations as well as se props. I feel also that without evenknowing todays filming was much better as there was less of anurgency to fit it into a certain small time as we spend hours filmingthings over again until they was entirely prefect.