Digipak analysis task 4


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Digipak analysis task 4

  1. 1. Digipak Examples Task 4- To annotate some examples of digipaks that are not genre specific.
  2. 2. Distorture This Digipak first appealed to me seeing as it has the same colour same that I can see my album artwork incorporating; it blends the Swiss graphics well and this is because everything on the Digipak is either a shade of white red or black. I like this because it is clean cut. It is though, not the route I can see my Digipak going down as it is a completely different genre and embodies too many connotations of death and horror. I like the fact that although the design is very simplistic it is very clean and still appealing to its demographic. The dark and harsh tone that is behind the Digipak though is somewhat frightening so will help thematic. I think that what I could take away from this design is the approach to try and explore thematic on the front cover, so that it gives an insight into what the artist and the Digipak is about.
  3. 3. Rhianna : “Loud” Rhianna’s Digipak for “Loud” is very clean cut and consistent in the red coloring. I feel that although Rhianna is far more mainstream then the artist I plan to create, she still does have her own edge about her. The consistent red coloring in the background and the front ground also means that she is sexualized and objectified as an item of pleasure. The clean cut and capitalized font also works well with the imaging as, it is easy to read and stands out; once again creating cohesion with the clean cut and specific font. I like the fact that inside the Digipak she takes up three of the inside panels and this is all one image; this is not something that I would personally incorporate and this is because I feel that style is very mainstream; more focused on Rhianna's image as oppose to the music.
  4. 4. Take that ; “Beautiful World” The take that Digipak for “Beautiful world” seems very focused on Take that’s image throughout the whole of the Digipak and this is because they are on every panel of the Digipak including the side panel. This could be because they are a band and this is usually the route that bands go down seeing as they make their image very beautiful; something that females can indulge into and therefore can then sell merchandise off of the back off of it. Although, they are the main focus of every image that they are in, they are in locations that correlate to the album title, helping to create cohesion as the settings are natural so are involving the world and they are rather utopian meaning they are beautiful. Although, I am not going creating a brief for a band I do think that this Digipak artwork is something in which I can take into consideration as the Digipak: clearly shows who the artists are and creates cohesion from the title and the images displayed.
  5. 5. Florence and The Machine The Digipak design for Florence and The Machine is beautiful and I feel that out of all the digipaks so far, this is what I would most likely create seeing as it has this very mystical and fairy tale essence that surrounds it. The fact that the images are superimposed would have worried me on any other design, but I feel that it works well here as every other component keeps in contact with the glamorous mystical feel of the cover. The fact that the cover is in keeping with another period of time is also nice, I feel that this cover is keeping with the 80’s especially seeing as her hair is the main selling point of the album as it takes up the majority of four of the six panels. I love the fact that this cover doe have continuity, but to create this continuity the cover has avoided having the same design and layout in every single panel. Instead, the cover has different toned photographs, cutting out repetition I feel is very important as if the cover is too repetitive no-one will feel the need to read into it.
  6. 6. Norah Jones : Take me Home An in depth analysis is available on the next blog post (A scanned in essay)