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The Quicken Loans Carrier Classic took place on Veterans Day 11-11-11 aboard the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier in San Diego. This inaugural event featured UNC vs Michigan State in an E$SPN televised LIVE nationwide event to honor our troops.

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Carrier classic 11 11-11

  1. 1. Quicken Loans Carrier Classic 11-11-11Sponsored by:
  2. 2. Early renderings showing what a basketball court on an aircraft carrier might look when finally constructed
  3. 3. A stadium was envisioned with 7,000+ seats for Military personnel, school supporters, media, etc.
  4. 4. This is what was ultimately constructedwhich was extremely close to the original vision
  5. 5. A variety of construction cranes were required to lift the thousands of tons of material from the pier to the flight deck of the USS Carl Vinson including refrigeration for the Hospitality Tent and Musco Sports Lighting
  6. 6. A stairway was built on one of the ship’s elevators to allow lucky ticket holders to climb to their seats on the flight deck. Production trailers were hoisted aboard and hospitality tents constructed.
  7. 7. Hundreds of production staffand volunteers set out toconstruct the stadium to getready for the first ever VeteransDay NCAA Basketball Game onthe flight deck of an activeaircraft carrier.
  8. 8. ESPN Sports Center Turntable is constructed at one corner of the court. Carrier Classic Program. ESPN HD and 3D satellite transmission trucks arrive on site.
  9. 9. The actual court arrived on pallets in 280 sections assembled like ajigsaw puzzle. Foam is laid down first and then section by section of hardwood is connected together creating a perfect court.
  10. 10. This American Airlines Yellow Ribbon 737 aircraft, honoring our troops, is one of the charter planes used to transport the teamsfrom their home State to San Diego. At left is a water cannon send off for the UNC basketball team as they depart Raleigh Durham.
  11. 11. The teams arrive in San Diego and immediately come to the Naval Base to see the completed court and stadium on the flight deck. Practicing multi-branch presentation of colors.
  12. 12. The teams posed for pictures at half court and practiced some shots to get used to the outdoor arena. Specialuniforms were created with camouflagepatterns and the only name on the back of all jerseys was “USA.”
  13. 13. Both team’s Athletic Directors , Head Basketball Coaches, the Navy and Morale Entertainment were beamingthat this event had finally materializedafter many years. Jack Arute broadcast his Sirius XM Satellite show from the flight deck for several days.
  14. 14. As the Title Sponsor, Quicken Loans was prominently displayed throughout the event, on the pier and on the flight deck.
  15. 15. Branding of the “Carrier Classic” was widely marketed forvarious purposes.
  16. 16. Virtually all4.5 acres of themassive flightdeck were usedto stage thisevent.
  17. 17. The USS Carl Vinson was docked at the North Island Annex of the Naval Air Station, Coronado,California directly across from San Diego. Private vessels sailed by with American Flags flying and a floating security perimeter was set out with vessels patrolling the waters around the carrier.
  18. 18. Sixty six special seats (Section 700) were set up atcourt side for the President and First Lady, WoundedWarriors, Active Service Military, Veterans and other personnel from all branches of the Military.
  19. 19. The basketball hoops were rolled into position, scoringsystems checked, ESPN cameras mounted, scorekeeper andofficials tables positioned plus seating for the White House Press Corp and the national media.
  20. 20. Two giant Jumbotrons were hoisted into position. These allowed everyone to have a view of the game score and to view special videos that had been uniquely created for the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic.
  21. 21. A dinner was hosted on Thursday evening at the San Diego Air andSpace Museum by Mark Larson for both teams, their boosters, the Secretary of the Navy, Military personnel and special guests.
  22. 22. Jay Farner,President ofQuicken Loans(above) beinginterviewed by aLos Angeles Timesreporter.
  23. 23. USS Carl Vinson’s crew was thrilled to be the host for thisone of a kind sports event. Theyproudly displayed their souvenirs for sale which helped raise money for Morale Welfare and Entertainment for all sailors.
  24. 24. As the crowds boarded theflight deck, the excitementstarted to rise. WestwoodOne interviews MagicJohnson. Col Ed Shock withMario Lopez who was filmingan episode of EXTRA.
  25. 25. The national media was extremely interested in gaining access tothis unique Veterans Day opportunity. Here in the Press Tent, the first formal Press Conference kicks off.
  26. 26. Athletic Directors, Head Coaches, Admiral Denny Moynihan, USS Carl Vinson Captain Bruce Lindsey and Head of Morale Entertainment Mike Whalen,express their heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity to participate in this amazing game.
  27. 27. Future Naval Sailors were proud to have the opportunity to attend thisunique game with the President and Secretary of the Navy in attendance
  28. 28. James Worthy was theHonorary Captain for theUniversity of North Carolina.Here the Chapel Hill radiostation interviewed Jamesprior to tip off.
  29. 29. This unique trophywould be presented to the winning team. Here it is being transported carefully from the pier to the flight deck.
  30. 30. Game balls being delivered to the flight deck. James Worthy was asked to sign numerous autographs.
  31. 31. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus inspects the flight deck and stadium, meets the troops and is interviewed on a radio network also feeding Armed Forces Network globally
  32. 32. USS Carl Vinson top Officers describe for Secretary Mabus every aspect of how the day’s events will unfold
  33. 33. Ray Mabus and Jay Farner talk about what this means to the country and how the Quicken Loans Carrier Classic may begin to shift how Veterans Day is viewed
  34. 34. Mike Whalen and MoraleStaff developed a closeworking relationship withWhite House personnel andthe Secret Service as plansprogressed for thePresident’s visit onVeterans Day 11-11-11
  35. 35. The stage is set, James Worthy signing autographs for the sailors and the teams arrive on the court
  36. 36. A Navy Rock and Roll Bandentertained the crowds as they arrived on the flight deck.
  37. 37. The President would have an extremely busy day,starting in Washington, DC,traveling across the country for the Carrier Classic and finally traveling to Hawaii.
  38. 38. Air Force One lands at the Naval Air Station after a low level approach over San Diego Harbor
  39. 39. The red carpet is rolled out and Navypersonnel take their positions to greet the President and First Lady
  40. 40. Barack and Michelle Obama first visited the teams together to give them a Presidential pep talk. Then, right onschedule, they enter the stadium at the beginning of the ESPN broadcast.
  41. 41. Saluting the official welcome party.
  42. 42. The President greetednumerous troops to lift their spirits on Veterans Day
  43. 43. The Navy Band played “Hail to the Chief” and many other Military songs throughout the game.
  44. 44. During the National Anthem
  45. 45. B Taylor was formerly in the Navy andlater became a Hip Hop artist. He sang the National Anthem a cappella.
  46. 46. B Taylor is ecstatic to have been selected to sing the National Anthem on this Veterans Day during the Centennial of Naval Aviation.
  47. 47. The ship prepared all the appropriate flags for thisPresidential visit. This Section 700 check-in table was for the special guests selected to sit with the President. Barack Obama speaks to the nation on Veterans Day.
  48. 48. Ball presentation includes Michigan State Honorary Captain Magic Johnson, Wounded Warriorand former Morale Entertainment Tour Participant Ryan Kules, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, Quicken Loans President Jay Farner and UNC Honorary Captain James Worthy
  49. 49. Medal of Honor Recipient John Baca was honored to be in attendance.He inspired many people at the game who had the chance to meet himpersonally. He was selected by the White House to be seated next toPresident Obama for the entire game.
  50. 50. Magic Johnson and his trademarklaugh and smile. Colors arepresented. The President lovedbeing back at an NCAA basketballgame.
  51. 51. Special guest Bob Gilliland, SR-71 Chief Test Pilotwith his son Rob and Briana.
  52. 52. Two Hospitality Tents are decorated, catered and prepared for our VIP’s and sponsors
  53. 53. Phenomenal game highlights are captured by the national media against one of the most unique backdrops in sporting history.
  54. 54. Magic was constantly being interviewed
  55. 55. Coach RoyWilliams andStaff wearMilitary stylefootwear inhonor of thisgame
  56. 56. As the sun set over San Diego Harbor and the Carrier Classic, spectacular colors lit up the night sky. The photo on the following slide captures the magnificence of the entire breathtaking experience.
  57. 57. Several celebrity guests attended this Veterans Day event.Here Pamela Anderson spends time with the troops whowere thrilled to have a photo taken.
  58. 58. The President and First Lady with Wounded Warrior Rafael Machuca
  59. 59. Magic and The President exchanged some thoughts about the game
  60. 60. Admiral Denny Moynihan has a laugh with CoachesTom Izzo and Roy Williams
  61. 61. The game gets intense for coaches and avid basketball fans!!!
  62. 62. Brooklyn Deckernot only attended the game, but also played her heart out during the Half Time Game called by Dick Vitale
  63. 63. The State Farm Half Time Game was a game of “HORSE” changed to spell“V-I-N-S-O-N” included B Taylor, Brooklyn Decker, James Worthy and volunteer service members as ball boys
  64. 64. Nov. 11, 2011 - During the State Farm half-time show, Michael Tipsord, State Farm Vice Chairman and COO, awarded $111,120.11 to Scholarships for Military Children.State Farm sponsored the half-time events and post-game concert at the first Carrier Classic.
  65. 65. At the game’s conclusion, both coaches were exhilarated by theopportunity to play in the fulfillment of a long held dream.
  66. 66. “Thank you Mr. President“ for traveling from Washington, DC toraise the awareness of this Inaugural Veterans Day Carrier Classic event for our Nation and to speak to its greater meaning while lifting the spirits to our troops and Veterans around the world
  67. 67. This 85 pound trophy was uniquely designed and cast by Newport NewsShipbuilding that also built the USS Carl Vinson and many other Naval vessels
  68. 68. The trophy is prepped andcarefully rolled into position in center court
  69. 69. It’s time for the trophy presentation. Roy Williams is elated.
  70. 70. Team members give theirjerseys away to deservingtroops in the stadium
  71. 71. President Obama congratulates winning Coach Roy Williams. TheCoaches give a final interview on the Westwood One Radio Network. The media cover the trophy presentation.
  72. 72. Naval personnel were incredibly happy tohave been given the opportunity to host thegame on the USS Carl Vinson. B Taylor giveswords of encouragement to Billy Currington.
  73. 73. The Carrier Classic was front page news around thecountry andappeared onhundreds of web sites.
  74. 74. The Carrier Classic wasseen in newspapers aroundthe world. This articleappeared in the Gulf Newsin the Middle East onNovember 13th, 2011
  75. 75. For more informationPlease