Drupal Hosting on Ægir and Nginx

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barcamp yangon 2013

barcamp yangon 2013

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  • 1. mspiral creative media Drupal Hosting on Ægir and Nginx a brief overview Thomas Feichter ICT Consultant mspiral.com
  • 2. mspiral Ægir creative media• Drupal Hosting System – A Drupal Site to manage Drupal Sites – Create, disable, delete sites – Backup, restore – Clone, migrate, update – Deployment• Built on Drupal, Hostmaster, Drush, Provision
  • 3. mspiral Drush creative media• Drupal shell – Command line shell scripting interface for Drupal• Control your Drupal sites from a terminal – Download, (un)install, enable, update, disable • sites, modules, themes • Dependency detection and handling – …and much more • Commands provided by core and contrib• Works in Linux, OSX and Windows
  • 4. mspiral Nginx creative media• Web Server and Reverse Proxy• Open Source• High Performance• Lightweight• No .htaccess – Performance – Write directives in config
  • 5. mspiral BOA creative media• Barracuda B A – Master Installer• Octopus – Satellite Installer O … O A A• Aegir – Drupal Hosting System• omega8.cc Site … Site Site … Site – Development and SaaS
  • 6. mspiral Barracuda creative media• OS Environment Installation and Configuration• Simple Installation – boa in-stable public srv.example.com me@example.com o1 max – Installs Barracuda and Octopus• … and Upgrade – barracuda up-stable• High Performance• High Security
  • 7. mspiral Barracuda creative media• System – Debian and Ubuntu – Nginx – MariaDB or Percona – PHP-FPM with APC, phpredis – Firewall (csf/lfd) – Apache Solr – Webmin – New Relic
  • 8. mspiral Octopus creative media• Aegir Satellite Instances – boa in-stable public srv.example.com me@example.com o2 max• Simple Upgrade B – octopus up-stable all A – octopus up-stable o1• High Performace O O• High Security … A A• Virtual chroot/jail – per Aegir instance Site … Site Site … Site
  • 9. mspiral Servers creative media• Drupal Nodes• Database Server• Webserver – Apache – Nginx• Multi-Server
  • 10. mspiral Platforms creative media• Drupal Nodes• Install Profiles – Prebuilt, Custom• Drupal Multisite – Shared Code … …
  • 11. mspiral Sites creative media• Drupal Nodes• Instances of Platforms – Clients – Cron interval – Domain and Aliases – Redirects – CDN
  • 12. mspiral Tasks creative media• Drupal Nodes• Performing Actions on Sites – Run in Queues – Verify – Backup, Restore, Disable – Clone, Migrate – Clear Cache – Reset Password, …
  • 13. mspiral Site Detail View creative media
  • 14. mspiral Resources creative media• drupal.org• omega8.cc• groups.drupal.org/boa• drush.ws• groups.drupal.org/drush• community.aegirproject.org
  • 15. mspiral creative media Demo Thomas Feichter ICT Consultant mspiral.com
  • 16. mspiral creative media THANK YOU Feel free to ask questions Thomas Feichter ICT Consultant mspiral.com