Measuring Multiscreen Marketing

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Measuring Multiscreen Marketing



Multiscreens aren’t new but we're now looking at multiple devices each day. Research that begins on one screen may end with a transaction on another…or at a physical location. How are marketers ...

Multiscreens aren’t new but we're now looking at multiple devices each day. Research that begins on one screen may end with a transaction on another…or at a physical location. How are marketers measuring and addressing attribution across screens in the multiscreen world?



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  • Multiscreens aren ’ t new. 43 years ago... Popular Science magazine. How many screens have you looked at today.1 - phone2 - TV (computer)3 - tablet4 - other laptop5 - desktop (2 screens)
  • Screens and devices: tablets, phablets, phones, games, goggles, etc. People online using an increasing number of multi-screen products and services Searches on multiple screens are on track to account for over a third of all Google searches by the end of 2013 Videos Searches and videos Products - measurement, data, products and tools Websites catching up
  • Click to call / touch to call Click to download (iTunes or Google app stores) Click to video (e.g., YouTube) Click to map- Click to interstitial (custom experience) Click-to lead formReach Your Customers
  • Striving for: Coherence, Device Shifting, Synchronization, Screen Sharing, Complimentarity, Simultaneity -Coherence : Digital products/services look and behave differently across screens; features should be optimized for device characteristics and usage scenarios -Evernote, Dropbox - Synchronization : Devices, no matter what the screen are always in sync - Amazon Kindle: reading position, bookmarks -Complementarity: Devices complement one another -Screen Shifting: Actively shifting content from one screen to another -Air Play to shift video from a tablet to a big screen, from a phone to an Apple TV, etc.
  • - Phone: $0.30 - Tablet: $0.46 - Computer: $0.56 (Source: Kenshoo Global Search Advertising Trends) - Worldwide mobile phone sales in 2012 75 billion units in 2012, a 1.7 percent decline from 2011 sales, according to Gartner, Inc. Smartphones continued to drive overall mobile phone sales, and the fourth quarter of 2012 saw record smartphone sales of 207.7 million units, up 38.3 percent from the same period last year. (Gartner, 2012 ) - Today, the U.S. consumer spends an average of 2 hours and 38 minutes per day on smartphones and tablets. -80% of that time (2 hours and 7 minutes) is spent inside apps -20% (31 minutes) is spent on the mobile web. ( Flurry, 2013 - ) -Reference: (IAB, 2012 - )
  • Does a visit to the Contact page make it more likely for a shopper to follow you on Twitter and later come into a store to purchase? Allocation of Budget modeled customer level data: Store Locations Seasonality Brand / Non-brand Search Economic conditions Example customers - multiple treatments: catalog, email, purchase - Create a purchase-intent index for actions being tracked - Use on-site behavior to inform site content and marketing tactics- Become friends with analytics!
  • Given you may already know the value of multi-screen actions and that you ’ re generally awesome at optimization -- Universal Analytics basically allows you to collect data directly in an App easier than it was in th past. - for the purposes of this presentaiton it is directly from your own company's app. You ’ ve integrate calls and offline conversions with website-based conversions and have calculated marketing costs per goal. You ’ ve gone beyond the Default GA segments and established custom segments using regular expressions to filter traffic on subdomains, across domains, logins and devices. Filter for Tablets: Filter 1: include > Mobile? = YesFilter 2: Exclude > screen resolution = 1024x768|2048x1536|1280x800|768x1024|1536x2048|800x1280 Or segment tablet from mobile using: (1\\d|[7-9])\\d\\d+x.* You might even have a data warehouse. The element of time- Causation :: Time-series can establish both- Correlation- Time precedent: one action preceeds the other to be causalUsually it is lag, of one kind or another. Some lag effect: tn ... tn+1 Dynamic models: change over time. Filter out noise... any two trending time-series will correlate. Weight over time and income over time. Multi-Channel Attribution, Online to Store (MCA-O2S) Multi-Channel Attribution, Across Digital Channels (MCA-ADC) “ Perhaps the only exceptions to the "its almost impossible" scenario would be companies that service customers who are mostly logged in (think Amazon, NY Times [Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook]) across all four screens all the time . ”
  • Views (videos, pages, ad impressions) Traffic sources to screens Landing pages, keywords, bounce rate, speed, goal flow Cost, sales, Leads CallsDemographics (who are the mobile visitors?)InteractionsEventsAwareness (e.g., new product or service, video, promotion) When Microsoft ’ s mysterious black tent was opened and the next revolution of Xbox was announced, 8.4 million people were ready to sneak a glance. The event rivaled as one of the top-streamed events of all time; its viewership rate surpassed the 2010 World Cup, the 2011 Royal wedding, and even the 2012 presidential election night coverage. Without customer level data, It at least involves filtering noise, finding correlation and using time precedent Over time, using time as a common denominator to align events we might know are connected; i.e. launch of a responsive site, TV ad, YouTube promotions, promoted Tweet, SEO audit, site migration, etc. App downloads and activity;
  • Data and devices are complementary. -Smartphones, tablets, laptops, phablets, desktops and TVs are not usually used independently of each other. -Smartphone searches lead to tablet, laptop and desktop searches. - Limitations of multi-screen searching shorten many keywords. - Increased adoption of voice search is lengthening queries. - Always... Consider your business goals. New analytics tools bridging the offline/multi-screen gapEncourage customers to participate in multi-screen challenges...How do I appeal to multi-screen searchers?Get to the point! Answer a Query!Search, “ Direct ” and Attribution are often contributors to conversionCreate appropriate call to action across devicesPlan for short spans of attention across multiple screens -Consider how your brand can become a resource -Consider how you are using video across screens -How do Internet users learn about your business? -Create a dialogue with multi-screen users Voice search is here. Really.

Measuring Multiscreen Marketing Presentation Transcript

  • 1. SMXSource: Popular Science, June 1970Measuring Multiscreen Marketing: ROI & Video the GoThomas Ciszek Co-founder, ProductsTwitter @t1c1 #smx #11C
  • 2. Why is 2013 Getting Weird and Different?Source: Reddit /r/battlestations, May 2013Screens and devicesPeople onlineSearchesVideosMeasurement, data products and toolsWebsites catching upMOAR!#smx #11C @t1c1
  • 3. #smx #11C Source: Microsoft Cross-Screen Engagement:, 2013@t1c1Multi-screen usage is about context, andultimately about convenience.:
  • 4. Multi-Screen AttributionDigitalAdvertisingVideoSearchE-CommerceDemographicProfilesBehavioralProfilesAnalyticsTelevisionGamesPhone TabletsPoints of SaleInfrastructureDesktop/LaptopAttributionSource: Bootstrap Master, 2013#smx #11C @t1c1
  • 5. Multi-Screens Conditions•Wifi and Ethernet•Battery and Outlet•Data PlanMarketingemail, news, radio, TV, word of mouth,billboards, magazines, stores, etc.Apps, Sites, Chat, Call, Maps, PhotosVideo@t1c1#smx #11C
  • 6. The number of smartphones soldglobally in Q4 2012 (Gartner, 2013).207.7MAverage time a U.S. consumer spentper day on smartphones and tablets(Flurry, 2013)2.5+hoursLittle Screen NumbersCPCs and MAUs by SCRN U.S. Q1 201353% more cost than phoneSource: Kenshoo Global Search Advertising Trends, 2013221 Million MAUs 224 Million MAUsCPC: cost per click (avg. US)MAU: monthly active userSCRN: screenThe number of tablets sold in Q4 2012,includes 22.9 million iPads (IDC, 2013)52.5M@t1c1#smx #11C
  • 7. Big Screen NumbersSource: IAB - The Multiscreen Marketer, 2012Impact of Features Expected in Future TelevisionsSource: Boston College Flickr: #11C
  • 8. Screens and Video Go Hand-in-HandEven if you are integrating messy multi-channel data:email, call center data, in-store, computer and mobileconversions to calculate a marketing cost per goal...There is not an easy way toidentify the most profitablecombinations of screens!Video is a commondenominator acrossscreens.@t1c1#smx #11C
  • 9. Video Across ScreensSources: Morgan Stanley via Business Insider (1/31/2013); YouTube Sidebar (2013); Business Insider March Madness on Demand Player (2010)@t1c1#smx #11CYouTubeNCAA Boss Button
  • 10. Even if you have rock solid abs, Universal Analytics,mobile segmentation, MCFs, integrated data, ANDyou’re making awesome videos...Source: Avinash Kaushik, ‘Multi-Channel Attribution: Definitions, Models and a Reality Check’, April 2012; Google Universal Analytics, Google Analytics@t1c1#smx #11CNOTE: Mobile Traffic INCLUDES Tablet TrafficNo one said figuring out ROI would be easy.Multi-Channel Attribution :: Across Multiple Screens (MCA-AMS)Multi-Channel Conversion VisualizerNeed for Custom SegmentsUniversal Google AnalyticsOrganic SearchDirectReferralSocial Network
  • 11. @t1c1#smx #11CAcquisitions, Customers, Engagement, OutcomesTranslated: Traffic, Visitors, Visitors/Traffic, ConversionsWhat can we measure right now?Source: Xbox Live Streaming, May 2013; Omniture; Google AnalyticsMonitorResolutionsUniqueVisitors%UniqueVisitorsVisits % Visits Units %UnitsNot Specified 108,386 37% 127,417 39% 9,965 42%1024 x 768 42,528 15% 44,669 14% 1,795 8%1366 x 768 36,946 13% 40,085 12% 3,554 15%1280 x 800 15,925 5% 17,675 5% 1,097 5%1280 x 1024 14,874 5% 16,108 5% 1,142 5%1600 x 864 14,282 5% 15,536 5% 1,597 7%1400 x 864 10,513 4% 11,555 4% 902 4%1920 x 1080 9,630 3% 10,553 3% 632 3%1280 x 768 7,886 3% 8,484 3% 793 3%1680 x 1050 5,183 2% 5,505 2% 354 2%800 x 600 5,255 2% 5,425 2% 154 1%Monitor Resolutions Report MCF - AssistedConversions8.4 million peoplestreamed the Xboxunveiling
  • 12. Remember: A large portion of searches tend areconsumptive rather than aspirational.Consider action, context, time, location, and mood.Segment everything, build models, execute andexperiment within and across channels and screens.What is a multi-screen searcherdoing right now?Are you measuring that?@t1c1#smx #11CBecome one with analyticsEmbed intent in messagingKeep the multi-screen in mindSource:
  • 13. @t1c1#smx #11C @t1c1#smx #11CThank You!Thomas Ciszek Co-founder, ProductsTwitter @t1c1 #smx #11CSource: