How to Drink Water for Optimum Health


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How to Drink Water for Optimum Health

  1. 1. alkalife® Natural Alkaline Water 1 How to Drink Water For Optimum Health Without water we have no life, deprived of water we cannot survive and yet many live a partially, or seriously, dehydrated life and never feel the benefits of a fully hydrated body. Do you know the benefits of drinking water, how much you should consume on a daily basis or that the type of water you drink and when makes a significant difference? Let’s take a look at the key things you need to know about drinking water so that you can live a healthy balanced life full of energy.
  2. 2. alkalife® Natural Alkaline Water 2 The general starting point for water intake is 2 litres a day per adult person to account for water loss through natural processes like urinating, perspiring and sweating. However other factors need to be taken into account as the ideal daily intake of water is different for each individual. Your ideal daily intake of water depends on: • Activity level – active people lose more water; • Body mass – the bigger you are the more water you need to function at optimal level; • Environment – if you work or live in a hot climate you will lose more water through sweating that needs to be topped up. Remember: After only 1% reduction of hydration your brain function is affected, imagine if you are never fully hydrated how it is influencing you every day! Daily Water Consumption
  3. 3. alkalife® Natural Alkaline Water 3 Most of us know that our bodies lose more water during exercise through sweat but it is not just drinking more water after exercise that will keep you hydrated. Try these tips: 1. Drink 2 glasses of water prior to working out; 2. Drink 1 glass 15 minutes before commencing and 3. Drink the equivalent of a glass of water every 15 minutes during your workout. Drink even more if you are in a hot environment. Where possible, drink an alkaline water as opposed to spring or tap water to help reduce the effects of lactic acid build up after your workout. Most spring water is acidic and tap water contains chemicals that add a toxic burden on your body. Drinking Water & Exercise
  4. 4. alkalife® Natural Alkaline Water 4 There are times during each day where drinking water will be better for you. DO: 1. Drink at least 2-3 glasses when you wake up. It helps flush toxins, wakes your organs and gets them ready to take in food. 2. Culturally we drink with meals. It is better to drink a glass of water before you eat to help you digest your food. If you drink water with or straight after your meal you dilute important digestive fluids. Wait until an hour after a meal to drink water to help your body absorb nutrients. 3. We lose fluids when we sleep, drink one glass of water before going to bed. 4. Drink water before, during and after exercise. 5. Drinking water before a massage or bath to help your body release toxins and lower your blood pressure. 6. Drink sip water throughout the day to help you focus. DON’T: 1. Drink during meals. 2. Wait until you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated if you wait until you are thirsty to drink water. When Is The Best Time to Drink Water?
  5. 5. alkalife® Natural Alkaline Water 5 Some of us struggle to drink enough water for various reasons, use these handy tips to make sure you are drinking enough water: 1. Always carry water with you wherever you go. 2. Make drinking water a conscious habit – post reminders in obvious places. 3. Drink great tasting water with a mineral content between 250 and 500mg per litre. 4. Dilute fruit juice using 50% water. 5. Continuous sips at home and work. 6. Consume fruit and vegetables with a high water content. Ways to Increase Your Water Consumption
  6. 6. alkalife® Natural Alkaline Water 6 Bad news for those that love their water icy cold. Drinking cold water is not the quickest way to hydrate your body because it shocks your body. The reason it takes longer for your body to absorb cold water is that it has to expend energy to adjust the water to body temperature to be able to absorb it. On the other hand drinking hot water has a tendency to cause your pH levels to slightly drop towards acidity. Ideally to maintain optimum pH levels in your body and for quicker hydration it is best to drink alkaline water at room temperature. For Those That Love Cold Water
  7. 7. alkalife® Natural Alkaline Water 7 The average human adult is approximately 70% water, with our brain consisting of around 90% water. These water levels need to be maintained for you to function at your best and feel well. Many ailments that make us reach for medication can often be cured by simply drinking water. A few benefits of water are: 1. Assists overall health. 2. Increases energy. 3. Boosts mental focus and moods. 4. Maintain healthy weight. 5. Enhances immune system. 6. Helps digestion. 7. Relieves headaches. 8. Stops cramps and sprains. 9. Improves skin complexion. 10. Assists weight loss. The Additional Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water There are added health benefits when you drink alkaline water above simple hydration and they are: 1. Neutralises acidic waste and effectively flushes it out of your body. 2. Supplements your diet with vital alkaline minerals such as calcium and bicarbonate. 3. Contains antioxidant properties for cleansing, fighting disease and reducing the effects of aging. The Benefits of Drinking Water
  8. 8. alkalife® Natural Alkaline Water 8 Are you worried about the potential negative effects from bottled Water? You are safe if the plastic bottles of the water you buy are BPA and phthalate free. If you want to be extra safe, store your water away from sunlight. Is Carbonated Water Okay to Drink? Moderation is the key with carbonated water – it is certainly a good step away from soft drinks and sugary fruit juices but it has some negatives as well. • Carbonated water contains high levels of carbon dioxide and carbonic acid that make your body more acidic. In the process of working to neutralise acid, our body will leach calcium and other necessary minerals from our bones. Long term, this can mean a lower density which can cause many health issues, especially when we age. • Carbonated water is harder for our kidneys to process. Is Bottled Water Harmful?
  9. 9. alkalife® Natural Alkaline Water 9 When you are ill, it is even more vital to drink plenty of water. Drinking water will help you recover and stop you from getting worse, especially if you have excessive sweating, vomiting or diarrhoea. When you are unwell, plenty of water can help you by: 1. Reducing fever – drink ample water if you have a fever to prevent dehydration; 2. Reduces secretions – hydration stops secretions becoming thick and make them easier to expel such as when you have a cold; 3. Rehydrating – it is easy to become dehydrated when you are ill especially when you are vomiting. Follow These Tips for Drinking Water When You are Sick
  10. 10. alkalife® Natural Alkaline Water 10 Drink water and stay hydrated. Alkaline water is better for you because of its alkaline and mineral content to balance your body – and naturally pure alkaline water helps neutralise acidity that can cause disease in your body. Ensure that you have enough water every day for natural health and wellbeing, energy and mental focus. Be Water Wise for a Healthy Life
  11. 11. alkalife® Natural Alkaline Water 11 As you can see there’s more to drinking water than meets the eye. Simply switching your drinking water can make a huge difference to your long term health. and find out how you and your family can benefit from drinking alkaline water. alkalife® is the leading brand of natural alkaline water in Australia for over 12 years. Bottled at the source in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, alkalife is rich in alkaline forming minerals that help flush out toxins, leaving you feeling revitalised and refreshed. alkalife is available for home delivery in Sydney or can be purchased in Woolworths supermarkets. Call us on 02 9380 9977 About alkalife® Want to Find Out How Alkaline Water Can Benefit You?