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F It!

  1. 1. HOME WELCOME WHAT IS EMPOWER NETWORK? VISION LEADERSHIP SYSTEM Subscribe to RSSGET MONEY CONTACT THOMAS AMAL THOMASAMAL.COMF It!by Amal | on June 21, 2012 0 Tweet F It!How often does a person say “F it” in a given day? What could possibly be the reason thatsomeone would be so disgusted or develop a I don’t care attitude then conclude it by saying ”Fit”? There are millions of reasons that you or I could come up with to use that language to Go Daddy!express ones self. converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  2. 2. A day or so ago I looked at a Jeeps grill and it had a bird literally stuck in it. I had to do a doubletake because I’ve never seen that before. Evidently the bird wasn’t fast enough to get aroundthe truck, but my first thought was “Dang, I guess that bird had a bad day”. Yes that wascold, but I could only imagine what the other birds were thinking when they recognized hewasn’t in the mix with them but was beak first into a Jeep Liberty’s grill.People have bad days everyday, some worse than others, but the goal is to live for another daywith hopes that tomorrow won’t be as bad as today. You may actually reach your goaltomorrow but you have to get through today to get there. It’s simply logical but idioticallycomplex. Does “F It” Empower You? Posts Look Who’s Telling Big Brother Enough Is Enough Is Philanthropy The End Result Of Wealth? Only For The Wealthy.. Ideas Of What Not To Do In Order To Have A Productive Day Online Shopping, Its Advantages And Why It’s Become So Popular Ways to Obtain Money Fast With The Use OfThe Urban Dictionary says “F it” has a few definitions consisting of it being an The Internet While At Homeexpression or to not do anything anymore due to being fed up and giving up, thefeeling of hopelessness. All of these definitions ring the bell, I’m sure we can attest to eachand everyone given.Situations can arise be it family related, your job, relationships or anything that can cause you to Get Started Now!say “F it”! Eventually a person becomes tired of not being appreciated or being used and that *Emailperson hits the tipping point and comes to the conclusion that “no more”. There it is, the switchwas flipped and the power has been restored with in you. You have drained the power away andplaced it where it should be. start nowThis is why I absolutely applaud the marketing campaign by Southwest Airline, “You Wanna GetAway”, because it lends to reasoning of withdrawing from the current status because there is abreak in reality. This is another way of saying “F it, I’m up”.Maybe We Should Say “F It” More Often, It’ll Be Our InternalRefresher…I’ll start it off by saying “F it, I’m making myself RICH beginning today”…now it’s yourturn.Everyone has an opinion or like to speak about a particular topic. Well, why not makemoney while doing just that, click here. Can you believe that saving money is thiseasy? See what I did and what you should also do, here. Is there anyone thatdoesn’t shop? Does anyone like to make money? How about shopping andmeanwhile make money? This is unbelievable, check it out here.This entry was posted in Empower NetworkTags: F it« Previous Post Next Post » converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  3. 3. About The Author: Amal A former latchkey kid leading to being INDEPENDENT, self-reliant, DEDICATED follow er in my belief, FATHER of 3 men, HUSBAND, somew hat EDUCATED, filled w ith HOPE, GRATEFUL for life, HUNGRY for SUCCESS, alw ays w illing to give a helping hand, community facilitator, school board member, experienced in various industries, ENTREPRENEUR and a MAN STILL ON THE GRIND. 0 comments Sign in 2 people listening + Follow Post comment as... Newest | Oldest Powered by Livefyre Company: Products: Support: The Vision, The Corporate Team World class training, from people who Got Issues? Contact us. You can Badass Compensation walk their talk, real people getting put in a support ticket here, and we’ll Want to work for us? results in their marketing, now, and answer your questions, live : Get Money Here. you can click here for proof. Simply Call: 1-888-262-1934Copyright © 2010-2012 Empower Network. Income Disclaimer | Terms & Conditions | Refund | Privacy | Contact Us | Support Desk | Member Login ShareIf you have any billing questions please contact our billing support team. Monday thru Friday 9am-5pm (EST) at: 1-888-262-1934 converted by Web2PDFConvert.com