Tier 1 UK Visa Points Based Systems


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Tier 1 UK Visa Points Based Systems

  1. 1. Tier 1 UK Visa Points Based SystemsTier 1 – Highly SkilledThe applicants with the required job skillsTier 1 General visa: for highly skilled migrants seeking employment in Great Britain, immigrant self-employed or starting a business,Tier 1 Investor visa: For those who invest large sums in the UK developedTier 1 Entrepreneur visa: ideal for those setting up or taking over the running of businesses,Tier 1 post study visa: If you are studying now or have in the past in the UK studied the route is suitable foryou. http://www.global-migrate.com/Tier-1-General-Visa.phpApplicants can apply for themselves and will be assessed against a points system to a number of criteria. Withthe Tier 1 visa applicant is an option to remain indefinitely or have left a permanent resident in the UK is.You need 75 points to qualify for a Tier 1 visa. The new points system is designed for non-EEA nationals,most will contribute to the economy in order to allow entry into the United Kingdom.Tier 2 - Work permitSkilled workers with an offer of employmentStage 2 consists of a points-based system to system, which evaluates a number of criteria. You need 50 pointsto qualify for a Tier 2 visa, and a level of English is required.
  2. 2. The responsibility of the employer:Employers must have a sponsorship certificate of title and to show that the salary offered is suitable, and therole of such a position is at or above NVQ3.Tier 3 Low skilledTemporary, low-skilled workersTier 3 is for low-skilled workers come to the UK, to do jobs such as fruit picking.Tier 3 visas are currently suspended because the British government believes that it is sufficient to take care ofworkers from the EU entry for this type of taskTier 4 StudentStudents in the UKThe Tier 4 will give focus to foreign students, the entry permit in the UK study. Students are divided into threecategories when applying for UK visas at this level;General Student:Students in the United Kingdom at or above grade level in a publicly funded institution, or to study in morethan 15 hours per week. In this category is the work for 20 hours per week increased to allow full-time hoursduring holiday periodsSchool:Students in full-time study at a private school until the age of 18 years. Working hours are the same as thegeneral student category.Studies by the work:Students on courses of work experience or internships. The working hours will be the same as the other twocategories.The educational institution must have a sponsorship certificate to the students, which provides guarantee forthe ability of students.Tier 5 - Working Holiday (Youth Mobility Scheme)You can stay and work in the UK up to 24 months.The Tier 5 is designed to migrate to two different groups of people to the United Kingdom on a temporarybasis - to include Youth Mobility Scheme and temporary work.Youth Mobility Scheme:
  3. 3. Available to applicants from participating countries aged 18 to 30 of the UK for a maximum period of 24months in power. You are on a number of points scored - your nationality, age and whether you are capable ofself-financing funds in the UK.Working time:Creative / Sporting: (maximum 12 months)For creative artists, athletes or entertainers providing that a sponsor has been organized.Sponsors must be ableto confirm that applicants pose no threat to the domestic workforce and will engage only in the specifiedactivity.Volunteers: (maximum 12 months)Sponsorship of a charity or benevolent organization is necessary for applicants in the United Kingdom on thisroute. Sponsors must be able to demonstrate that the activity is directly relevant to the organization and that itnot be permanent.Religious: (maximum 24 months)With the exception of the minister of a faith that operate in a preaching and pastoral capacity, religious workersVisitBritain, if they are sponsored by the faith of the community.Exchange: (maximum 12 months)Entry into the country as part of an accredited exchange, development or knowledge sharing scheme is underconsideration by the sponsoring organization is the control issue.International agreements: (maximum 12 months)In some cases the UK is obliged to make certain categories of immigrants into the country to work.Ancestry - British born grandparentsEnables citizens of the Commonwealth countries to work and settle in the UK if they have grandparents bornin the UK.A visa allows you to descent in the United Kingdom and work without restrictions. It is normallyvalid for five years and as many times as you want to be renewed.Commonwealth citizens aged 17 years, the grandparents in the United Kingdom (born or the Republic ofIreland before 31 March 1922), are also eligible. They must also demonstrate that you want to show work inthe UK.You can not apply for a visa coming from the United Kingdom, although extensions may be granted by theHome Office.Requirements:
  4. 4. Can prove that you are a grandparent, that in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man wasborn. You must be able to support themselves without access to public funds. You must apply in your homecountry or the country where you reside legally for tier 1 visa.