Managing, Monitoring, And Coaching Your Team


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Managing, Monitoring, And Coaching Your Team

  1. 1. Managing, Monitoring, And Coaching Your TeamManaging, monitoring and coaching your team; most lead agents have challenges with all three ofthese activities. All three of these are important in building the sales production of your buyersagents. When building your team, you will not be able to do all three well immediately. You need toevaluate which of these is first priority then second and then third. The right steps in the wrong orderstill lead to failure. I want you to rank the importance from one to three in your view.Managing _____Monitoring ____Coaching _____I have asked this ranking question numerous times, and I rarely get the right order from lead agents.Most feel that management is number one. We need to manage people well for them to be moreproductive. I view that activity as the least valuable of the three. If you have hired properly, a highcapacity individual or future Champion, management is the easiest of the three.The most important one initially is monitoring: establishing a set of monitoring benchmarks, in termsof the activities they need to do, creating a daily and weekly reporting system, and setting standardsto compare activities to results. Identifying minimum standards that the buyers agents must maintainto remain with the team is vital. These standards of sales activities in their prospecting, leadgeneration, lead conversion, presentations, showings, closing the prospect to a contract, and serviceto closing must be monitored for improvement to happen.Creating and using monitoring systems will enable you to compare, evaluate, and improveperformance faster if you have more than one buyers agent or showing agent. The truth is you wontknow the how and the what to manage and coach this buyers agent on specifically without a wellimplemented and executed monitoring system; thats why monitoring comes first.Coaching is the second priority. It links with monitoring to build constructive accountability. We allneed coaching; the only question is who will provide it. Being able to evaluate your buyers agentsperformance ratios and design strategies and action plans for them to do singularly and jointly withyou or another team member raises their performance quicker.Managing is the least important of the three. When you have selected a person with strong characterand self-discipline, the job of managing them becomes routine.Click Here to Get Free Daily Bulk Email Leads List Download